Vaping in Public: Dealing With Etiquette While Satisfying Cravings

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The good news is you’ve been successful in staying away from cigarettes. The bad news is those nicotine cravings remain. What do you do when those nagging, persistent cravings strike and you want to exercise your right to vape? Is it okay to use your device in a restaurant bathroom or crowded subway? Here’s how to deal with cravings while being a well-mannered member of society.

Find the Primal Scream Location

Is it okay to make a loud and obnoxious scream? Some believe such is beneficial to one’s health while others may object to hearing a primal scream. The right location, however, makes certain behaviors acceptable. So, if you have that craving that won’t go away, find an appropriate location to take a few puffs – in your car, a few yards into the woods, behind a building, etc.

Use Restraint in Crowds

Quitting nicotine is about making sacrifices. It’s great that you don’t smoke cigarettes but it doesn’t give you license to use your vape device wherever and whenever you choose. Use restraint when riding in a crowded bus, standing in a subway, or waiting to sit in a crowded restaurant. Unless an establishment and its occupants clearly invite the behavior, don’t vape in public.

Apply a Range of Settings at Home

Vape fumes are not similar to those emitted from a cigarette and those who vape do not adopt the smell of chosen liquids. Be judicious, however, when at home whether you’re entertaining others or entertaining the notion of having a guest over later. While staying away from cigarettes deserves celebration, a date or spouse may not appreciate the fact that you regularly vape. Vape at will but be sure your home smells clean and fresh to visitors and other occupants.

Be Smart in the Car

Could you take a quick hit and still drive safely? Nine times out of 10, it’s okay to do so. There’s also a chance of driving by a police person, another driver reporting suspicious behavior, or filling the car with vaping fumes to the dismay of other occupants. Be smart in the car, especially when driving with others. Also, serve as a role model to kids.

Avoid Risky Business

Is it normal to feel nervous before a job interview? Sure, but it’s not normal to take your device along, sort through your favorite cheap eliquids, and take a few puffs in the waiting room in front of your potential boss’ secretary. Avoid risky behavior in business settings. Even if you’re interviewing for a job to work in a vape shop or for an online supplier, don’t assume the person interviewing you won’t pass judgment on your choice to vape in the building.

Ask a Seasoned Vaper

It doesn’t hurt to ask someone who has been vaping for some time. Also, you could consult your favorite vape site’s FAQ section; you may find answers to common questions there. Otherwise, do your best to exercise good judgment as you learn to deal with your cravings with a sharpened etiquette.

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My name is Cooper and I finally stopped smoking cigarettes a few years back thanks to vaping. It took multiple tries of course, but as bigger and better devices came out the more I found myself smoking less. I want to try to help as many I as can in the fight against tobacco!

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