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Top Rated Mini Vape Mods For 2018

Mini vapes are one of the most popular vaping device styles this year. These little vape mods are both powerful and convenient, making them a favorite for many causual vapers. Their ultra-portable size can easily fit into any pocket or purse and are perfect for stealth vaping. Don’t let the size fool you, a good mini vape can blow some think clouds, if you get the right one. This type of vape is made primarily for portability and active lifestyles. Take a look at the best mini vapes below and find one you like.

Aspire Breeze 2 Review

One of a kind mini vape "pod" that can be used with nic salt e-juice or regular e-juice. Tiny and super portable, this is a must have for any vaper who wants more nicotine content but doesn't want to fill the room with vapor. Easy to use, fill, and pack around, this mini mod is perfect for the casual vaper.

2 Smok AL85 Mini Vape Review

Smok AL85 Mini Vape Review

Considering how well-received the Pico was, it's no surprise that Smok would introduce their own version of the popular device. But instead of being a mere copycat, the Smok AL85 manages to introduce a few welcome improvements to an already excellent design.

3 Vogue Review

Vogue Review

Great device for beginners who want to make a jump into vaping or for those who use smaller vape pens and want more power, without the complication of worrying about settings and adjustments. Perfect for a pocket or purse, this device is compact and stylish. Simple, easy, and portable! This complete starter kit come with all you need to start vaping, including a free bottle of 30ml e-juice! Coming in 5 colors with matching tanks, you are sure to find one that fits your style.

4 Vaio Mini Starter Kit Review

Vaio Mini Starter Kit Review

The VAIO Mini has all the ingredients for a great vaping experience for beginners and veteran mouth-to-lung fans. It's compact, durable, and easy to maintain, not to mention the strong battery life make it one of the stronger contenders available in the market yet. Backed by Vaporfi's solid warranty, this is a safe choice for those looking for a "stealth" vape. 

5 Vaporesso Target Mini 40w Box Mod Review

Vaporesso Target Mini 40w Box Mod Review

Vaporesso is bringing back the classics with their latest miniaturization of an old, yet tried and tested device. The Vaporesso Target Mini is everything that its bigger and older brother was but packed with the same features, vaping performance, and attractive styling.

6 Smok Priv V8 Kit Review

Smok Priv V8 Kit Review

Smok continues its vaping dominance with their latest mini vape. The Priv V8 combines a smooth vape with mid-level cloud production thanks to a solid 4.2volts output pumping into in one of the best vape tanks on the market. This mini mod has very few flaws...if any!

7 Cuboid Lite Review

Cuboid Lite Review

Joyetech continues to push the vaping envelope and their latest mod - The Cuboid Lite - does not disappoint! This kit comes with one of the best vape tanks - the Exceed - helping this vape kit to make our favorites list. With it's 80 watts of power, this mini mod is one of the most powerful devices in it's category. One of the coolest things about this mini is that is comes in some really fun colors. Perfect for a fashionable stealth vape! It's a bit more cost, but the convenience and power of this little mod is worth it.

8 Reactor Mini Review

Reactor Mini Review

The perfect combo of mod and tank. The Reactor Mini by Halo is one of best setups we've had the thrill of reviewing. This small vape is extremely easy to use and thanks to its top-fill tank that it comes with is easy to refill. We love the simple functions and ease of use. Recommended for anyone wanting a nice basic device! Coming in sharp cobalt blue, steel silver, and gunmetal gray. Extremely pocket and purse friendly! This mini mod not only looks slick but vapes beautifully.

9 Kanger TOGO Mini Review

Kanger TOGO Mini Review

An ergonomic masterpiece, the Kanger TOGO all-in-one mini vape is extremely one of a kind. With its leak-proof tank and tiny stature, this mini vape is just freaking cool. Easy to use and good for intermediate vapers, the TOGO rocks.

10 Mini Volt 40W Mod by Council of Vapor Review

Mini Volt 40W Mod by Council of Vapor Review

Council of Vapor cut its vaping teeth with well-crafted mech mod builds and precision designed tanks a few years back and they continue this impressive lineup with their Mini Volt. This extremely small box mod is in a class all its own when it comes to the amount a vapor a mod this size produces.


What is a Mini Vape?

Without beating around the bush, a mini vape is a compact electronic cigarette, usually designed for ease of portability. These easily fit into the palm of your hand, and are very pocketable. More often than not, mini vapes are also simple to operate as they usually forego the more advanced features or vaping modes which larger box mods are equipped with.

With the huge amount of choices available for any budding vaper, one of the greatest distinguishing characteristics of a mod is its size. After all, you’re going to be lugging your mod around with you the entire day regardless whether you want to or not.

Bringing along a more powerful device might be a promising option due to its versatility, but many overlook the comfort and ergonomics involved when vaping for long periods at a time, especially on the go. So let’s dive down into the details of small form factor mods or mini vapes, why they might be a good idea, and why getting one can be ideal for you.

You Should Opt for a Mini Vape If:

  • You’re always on the go and tend to pack light.
  • Don’t enjoy fiddling and getting to know how to operate your mod.
  • You’re on a budget and would like to start vaping with little impact on your finances.
  • You’re thinking of quitting cigarettes, but still look forward to a similar experience or feel close to what cigarettes offer.

A Mini Vape Probably Isn’t For You If:

  • You enjoy tinkering with all your gadgets and have the patience and time in learning how to use your device to its utmost capacity.
  • Are interested in vaping tricks, or would simply like to create bigger clouds when you vape.
  • You’re in the line of work where you don’t have to move around much so getting a bigger and heavier device shouldn’t be much of a discomfort or hassle.

Advantages of Owning a Mini Vape

More Portable

Obviously, the first pro when it comes to mini vapes is their smaller form factor design. This makes them less cumbersome to take with you on the go and makes for easy storage in pockets or smaller carry bags or purses. This is ideal for the type of vaper who doesn’t carry around large bags. The diminished weight also makes a large impact on comfort when walking around with a device in your pocket or satchel, and makes it possible to bring the mod along even when rigorous activity is involved.

Easy to Use

Aside from being comfortably tiny, mini vapes also have the benefit of being relatively easier to use compared to larger box mods. Many manufacturers tend to stray away from complicated features that might act as a barrier for potential beginners to get into vaping.

The general idea behind this is to create a no-frills device which closely mimics the simplicity of lighting up a cigarette. This is why most compact devices often offer single button operation where you simply press a button to start vaping.

Lower Cost

Compact mods also often have the advantage of being cheaper than more full-featured box mods. Thanks to fewer materials being used, and an overall simpler design, it’s easy for manufacturers to release mods which are inexpensive and very accessible price-wise to anyone who wants to quit smoking and get their first device.

Disadvantages of Mini Vapes

Shorter Battery Life

Due to size constraints and the current state of battery technology, mini vapes only offer a fraction of the total battery life that bigger devices like box mods or vape mods have. So for vapers who tend to chain vape, it’s very common that a compact mod will need recharging at some point before the day is over if you want to get through the entire day vaping. While many mods have the advantage of using replaceable batteries, which let you carry multiple fully charged batteries and swapping them out as the need arises, the extreme end of compact devices (really small mods) don’t offer this feature and require internal charging through a micro USB cable.

iCare Mini Vapes

 Not as Powerful

While many vapers find satisfaction vaping at sub 100 watts or even sub 50 watt settings, there will always be a small niche of vapers that like to push the boundaries in terms of how far they can go when it comes to vaping. This is where compact mods fall short as most mini vapes can only generate up to a maximum of 50-75 watts of output depending on the model. While most vapers will never find themselves vaping at 100 watts or more comfortably for any length of time, cloud chasers might find the capabilities of compact mods to be rather limiting.

Lack of Features and Vaping Modes

It’s often assumed that many beginners value ease of operation more over a broader and more complete feature set, it can’t be denied that there are also those that enjoy tinkering with their mods.

Some advanced users might opt to fully explore the features and vaping modes that their mod possesses in order to get the most satisfactory vaping experience in line with their preferences. Features such as temperature control, TCR, pre-heat, and memory modes are often excluded in smaller devices, although this is slowly changing as the technology progresses with more and more compact devices offering similar customizability as their larger counterparts.

Should you get a Mini Vape?

We’ve already outlined the pros and cons when it comes to choosing a compact mod, but how do you decide if you really prefer the comfort and ease of use of a small form factor mod over the flexibility and raw power output of a standard box mod?

So there you have it! We’ve shared our knowledge on the topic and hope that it helps you come to a conclusion on whether small form factor mods are the way to go for you.

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