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Top 10 Highest Rated Box Mods

Box mods are the most popular vape mod styles around. They offer the best blend of power, control, features, and portability of any mod. Use almost any tank to customize your perfect setup. Many box mods have removable batteries that may not come with the device, so make sure you get extra batteries and some e-juice while you are shopping. Choose any of the box mods below to get started.

SMOK Mag Kit 225W Review

This box mod is just simply fun to vape with - period. The trigger button works easily regardless of how you hold it and the push-button battery mag drop out at the bottom is really cool. 225w, this box can bring it and then some. The Prince tank is extremely well crafted and blows some very smooth clouds every time.

2 SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod Review

SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod Review

Arguably one of the best box mods on the market because this mod combines all the options that experienced box mod users have grown accustomed to, including full temperature control for those who crave that deep, warm vape. Also packed with one of the best LCD screen readouts that we have had the pleasure of using. This screen gives you just about every detail you would need to help dial in that perfect vape setting(s), including volts – amps – ohms – watts and even the temp of the motherboard ALL AT ONCE!

3 Sigelei Top 1 230w Box Mod Review

Sigelei Top 1 230w Box Mod Review

If you're in the market for a unique-looking and high-quality mod that doesn't skimp on features or power flexibility, the Top 1 is surely the way to go. Everything from the excellent circular screen and dashboard design to its strong vaping performance and craftsmanship, this box mod just screams “quality”.

4 VOX 60W TC Starter Kit Review

VOX 60W TC Starter Kit Review

The Vox 60w TC is a massive upgrade from their first shot at a box mod (the Vox 1) which now is extremely versatile regardless of how you choose to setup your device.

5 iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Box Mod Review

iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Box Mod Review

This complete package is ideal for those looking to push their vape game to the max. Blasting out 234watts of power, strapped with a cutting-edge sub-ohm vape tank that smoothly delivers the most out of any juice, the iJoy Diamond PD270 deserves only the highest marks.

6 Aspire Speeder 200w Review

Aspire Speeder 200w Review

The Speeder 200w by Aspire is a great device. This beast of a box mod hits like nobody's business and fits in your hand like a glove. Capable of firing up to 200 watts, and powered by 2 18650 batteries in series, it’s a device that can power up any type of build. From discreet high ohm setups to extremely low ohm cloud chuckers, it’s a device that promises to do it all. For this complete kit coming in under $75, this is a great device for those looking to take their vape game to a higher level.

7 Reactor Mega Box Mod Starter Kit Review

Reactor Mega Box Mod Starter Kit Review

The Reactor Mega is one of the most popular devices to date. Utilizing a battery with a whopping rating of 5000mAh, the Reactor Mega possesses one of the largest internal batteries on the market today. Although designed as an easy to use device, the Reactor Mega doesn’t compromise on features, boasting a vaping output of 80 watts. This kit comes complete with a tank and a bonus bottle of vape juice of your choosing. All under $75, this box mod kit easily makes our top ten list.

8 SMOK Procolor 225W TC Vape Starter Kit Review

SMOK Procolor 225W TC Vape Starter Kit Review

The SMOK Procolor 225W TC Vape Starter Kit comes with a tank and a mod rocking 225w. This mod stands out thanks to its brand new UI along with color LED shield surrounding the screen. If you are interested in buying a high power mod that can make a statement while you are in public, this amazing SMOK ProColor 225W Kit can be just the best thing you might be searching for.

9 The Vaio 80 TC Starter Kit Review

The Vaio 80 TC Starter Kit Review

The Vaio 80 has conquered one drawback to vaping - the slight mess that refilling your tank can bring. The atomizer is built into the top of tank, leaving you with no obstructions when refilling making this mod truly awesome! Massive power, multiple coil compatibility, and sturdy design help this box stay on our favorites list.

10 Wismec Predator 228w Box Mod Review

Wismec Predator 228w Box Mod Review

The Predator by Wismec is very powerful box mod that offers up not just a ton of power with its 228 watts but an easy-to-find side firing button makes vaping effortless. Upgradeable firmware makes this box mod a device that can last for years.



How To Buy The Perfect Box Mod

For most vapers, a device costing between $40-*80 is going to work just fine. At the price pint, you can get most all the options and features you will ever need or want. For all other users, having more features is the only reason they buy new devices. Either way, make sure you consider the features you need. Start with a simple box mod and work your way up to a more sophisticated mod if you get the desire. Consider buying the best box mod starter kit you can afford, unless you already have a vape tank and batteries. These are all you need to get vaping and usually cost less than buying the components separately. Easier and cheaper! Nothing wrong with that.

Take a look at the box mods listed above and read the reviews. These devices are the recommendations of Vaper City as well as everyday users like yourself. The ratings are compiled from both our editors and user reviews, so trust that these devices are reputable and will give you the most bang for your buck!

Things to Consider When Buying a Box Mod

Box Mods are the upper echelon of vape devices. These vaping devices were meant to give you the most control over almost every aspect possible over your device. From dialing in the perfect amount of power and temperature to maximizing the most life out of your battery, the Box Mod is the ultimate when looking for a device that gives you this control.

With so many box mods available, the choices can be overwhelming. To help you find the best box mod for your needs, consider the following attributes and situations:


Modern vapers demand not only performance, but convenience. Many vape styles, such as tube mods and vape pens, are great devices that will satisfy and do the job. But their size and shape are awkward to say the least. Tube mods and vape pens don’t travel well in tight spots. Putting one of these devices in a tight pocket and bending over can break the tank off from the main body. Snapping off your tank can not only break you tank, but also damage the threads on your vape, damaging both beyond repair.

Box mods on the other hand, are shorter and wider. Having a stockier body means that the chance of breaking something while it is in you pocket or purse is less likely. Not only that, but if your tank does break, the threading of the box mod usually is undamaged. The body of the box tends to protect the threading so the damage is likely to be higher up on the tank, rather than lower where the threads are.

You might want a smaller, more compact box mod to take with you on the road or out on the town. The smaller the mod, the quicker the battery will die. So if you are gearing up for a night out and you have a smaller mod, you might consider having some extra batteries to swap out.

Some box mods travel better than others. If you are constantly on the move, consider how the size and shape will influence your traveling habits. Do you have a place in your car that you keep your vape? Will your new vape fit there? How about in your pocket or purse?

If you are looking for a smaller box mod, or mini vape mod, check out our section on mini vape mods. 

Speeder 200w box modsComfort

There is something to be said about a good solid feel to a vape. A box mod’s shape gives vapers a more secure grip that reduces the chances of dropping it. Wrapping your whole hand around a vape to hold it is much better that holding it with just your fingertips, as in the case with vape pens or some vape mods. Another added plus is that a box mod is less likely to fall between the couch cushions or your car seats.

Box mods can be carried in a pocket easier and with more comfort than some of the other style vapes. In the pocket or purse, box mods (depending on the size) don’t feel as awkward as a taller device. The compact form helps keep it contained and in place while in transport.

A well balanced feel is also another characstic of box mods. Because they are short and stocky, they are better balanced in the hand and are less prone to droppage. They are a bit on the heavier side, but with two oversized batteries and a glass tank full of e-juice, they are going to weigh a few ounces.


Consider the what material the body is made of when you buy. Do you drop everything? Does gravity hate you? You should know what you need as far as durability goes. If your box mod does fall, the chances of breaking it is pretty low, depending on the height. Most box mods bodies are made with high-strength aluminum and are designed to survive minor drops. A simple fall off a table or from a purse is most likely going to result only in minor cosmetic damage. Most box mods are fairly durable, some more than other. These guys are tough and can take a few bumps.

Most drops are more likely to damage the glass tank instead of the box body, so make sure you have replacement glass for your favorite tank.


Box mods have a narrow range of price tags Depending on the features, performance, and looks you want, box mods are an economical investment in the long run. Most of the devices will be in the $40-$80 range for a good quality box mod starter kit. I recommend this price range for most people. Of course, basic models are cheaper and can be just as durable as the more expensive versions.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the more you pay, the more you will enjoy your vape. Many of the most satisfying devices are cheap. What you pay more for is the style, looks, and features. If you can sacrifice some of that, you can find a good kit for less than the price of a carton of smokes!


multiple vape batteries

Most box mods have removable 18650 batteries that you can swap quickly. The latest mods double as a battery charger that will charge the batteries simply by plugging them in using a micro USB cable. This type of vape is convenient for overnight charging, like charging your cell phone. If you do run out of power, having an extra set of charged batteries is also very handy. So if you are interested in using more than one set of batteries, make sure you consider how to charge that extra set. Usually a separate battery charger is the solution.

On the other side are the internal, non-removable battery types of box mods. These device have no access to the batteries and can’t be replaced. They are handy because you don’t have the extra cost of extra batteries and are easy to charge with a micro USB cable. They can hold just as much power as the removable types and tend to be made more for ease of use. The only downside to these types of box mods is that once the battery slowly loses the ability to hold a charge, you will need to replace the whole unit. Most cell phones nowadays have non removable batteries and we have adapted just fine.


different sub-ohm vaping tanksSince 510 threading is pretty much the vape industry standard, there are a tons of options to choose from regarding e-juice tanks. Box mods almost exclusivity use 510 threads. If the tank you got when you bought your box mod is not working well for you, simply buy another tank without replacing you vape.

The only exclusion to this is if your vape surrounds the tank (vs sitting on top of the body). These models can only use a tank that fits inside the vape body. These smaller box mods usually only use one 18650 battery and are so small they are most likely categorized as a mini vape.

The right tank can make all the difference for a good vaping experience, and the box gives you the freedom to use practically any tank you want. So find a good vape tank that not only performs well, but also looks good on top of your vape. Just be careful that your tank isn’t so wide that the edges of it stick over the side of the body of the mod.

Vapor Production

Box mods power ratings can vary from 25 watts to 300 watts. The more power, the more vapor production you can get. Now this all depends on the type of tank you are using. So don’t go buy a 200 watt device and expect your cheap tank to be able to handle all 200 watts. Most users vaping at these high wattages are building their own atomizers or buying specialized coils.

For most users, 100 watts and under will give them big, thick clouds of vapor. If you are new to vaping, and want to use a box mod with adjustable settings, try something around 75 watts. You can always reduce the wattage if needed.

smok majesty review

Fashion Vs Function

Yes there are many styles of box mods. From brick-looking beasts, to elegant works of art. Think about how you are going to hold it and carry it. Do you want something that makes a statement?

Want a box mod in your favorite color? Sure! Find a device you can be proud of. There are so many choices out there that you should have no problem finding the right color. I like bright colors so I can find my vape when I lose it!

If looks are not a concern to you, having a bigger box mod is handy. Longer battery life and a bigger tank makes it more convenient to use. Bigger mods probably won’t fit in your pocket as well as a smaller device, but if you don’t carry it in a pocket or purse, a larger device might be the way to go.

Final Word

There are many choice to make when buy the best box mod. Looks, size, price, batteries, durability, power, and overall function all need to be considered. Once you understand how and where you are going to be vaping, these choices are much easier and you will enjoy your new box mod much more than just buying the first vape you see.

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