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Best Online Vape Shops

Why Buy From an Online Store?

Finding a good online vape shop is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, there are plenty of good vendors online, but not all of them are the same. Have you ever ordered something off a website and realized too late that the product you ordered is shipping directly from China? Nothing like waiting 6 weeks for your vape! By researching different vape shops, you can easily avoid frustrations and wasting your time and money.

Many vapers enjoy the convenience of shopping for their vapes and e-juice online. It may be because buying online is cheaper, or maybe the local vape shop is too far away, or you don’t like the vapeholes who run it. Whatever the reason, many vapers are choosing to buy their vape gear online more than ever.

No matter the size of the store you buy from, there is one attribute that matters more than any other. Honestly. Treating customers honestly is a frame of mind that any good retailer must have in order to compete. With online reviews and social media presence a key advertising channel for many online retailers, one bad experience can cause major damage to a brand name or company. For this reason, many of the top vendors value their online reputation above all else, and often will go above and beyond for customers if an issue arises.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Online?

The short answer, yes. Buying online is generally cheaper than buying from a brick and mortar store. Low overhead, wholesale discounts, buying agreements, and automation allows online companies to deliver directly to the end user, avoiding the middlemen and markup that retail stores present.

This price cut comes at a cost however. When you buy from a website, there is no one to directly ask questions to, or show you how to use your device. You are left to search the internet for info and figure it out yourself. If you are willing to give up the in person tech support, buying vaping gear online can be much cheaper than buying from a retail shop.

There are thousands of vape shops online. Many small-time vendors are flooding the market with competition. There are so many websites selling vaping gear, some even popping up overnight, that bad experiences are far too common. Avoiding these scenarios is just as important as avoiding a bad vaping device or e-juice. So how to you find the best vape store to buy from?

How to Find a Reputable Online Store

The best way to find a good vendor is to read reviews and recommendations from a trusted vape review site. There you will see the vendors that have the best reputation from real customers. Most of these sites will list many vape shops that they work with or have a good relationship with. Choosing one of these vendors is a good way to make sure you get what you pay for.

Buying from a reputable vape vendor is not only important to your consumer satisfaction, but to your commitment to vaping instead of smoking. If you run out of e-juice or coils, there is a higher chance you might revert back to smoking while you wait for your vapemail. This is a fear many vapers have, and for good reason! A good supplier is vital to staying off the analogue cigs.

For that reason we are listing the best and most popular vape shop websites so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. Any of the top vape shop sites below have built trust and a reputation with vapers that is worthy of recommending to a friend.

Best Online Vape Stores


Vapor4life logo
Most vape stores online simply resell their products, not Vapor4Life out of Chicago. These guys have spent years designing their own line of superior e-cigs!

V4L Founder Steve Milin smoked 4 packs a day and watched his parents die from smoking related cancer before he decided to do something about his killer addiction. He set out on a quest to invent the best e-cig devices to give smoker a better option. This quest took him to Asia, where he spent four years developing the world best and most technically advanced e-cig line. Once he brought his re-engineered e-cig line back to the States he realized he was on to something.

Millions of dollars spent, years of research, and a obsession to his work has made Vapor4Life a true founder of the online vaping culture. The e-cigs he helped develop are available exclusively from V4L website as well as a retail store in the Chicago area. He calls his customers family and treats them as such. If you want a true pioneer and advocate behind the company you are sporting, V4L is the place to go.

Why Shop V4L

  • Personal Integrity and Commitment to Helping Others 
  • Exclusive line of e-cigs, vapes, and disposables + Major Brands and Mods
  • Exclusive line of e-juice (WOW) With Authentic Tobacco and Menthol flavors
  • Great Deals and Offers to Returning Customers
  • “No RISK! 100% money back guarantee with free return shipping on all Vapor4Life proprietary kits for all new customers”
  • “World’s Fastest Same Day Shipping”

v4l online store screenshot


Halo ecigs logo
As the story goes, three Jersey guys meet for lunch one day at local restaurant to discuss how to design and mix the world’s best vape juices. They saw that the market was saturated with low quality e-juice and wanted to rise above the rest with their own designer flavors. The rest is history. Now Halo is one of the most respected vaping companies in the world. Their commitment to quality without sacrificing integrity is the foundation of their success. If you want the highest standards and quality control without paying an arm and a leg, Halo is your goto online vape store.

While Halo is best known for their e-juice flavors, they also have some of the coolest vape devices and gear online. The Reactor series vapes are a favorite at Vaper City. From basic cig-a-likes to powerful vape mods, Halo has plenty of choices in their store for all vapers.

Why Shop Halo

  • Commitment to Quality and Higher Standards
  • Delicious Custom Blended E-Juice Flavors
  • They Only Sell Selected Devices. Only the Best E-Cigs and Mods
  • 3 Vape Juice Labels. One For Every budget
  • Up to 100 ml E-juice Bottles
  • Independently Lab Tested E-Juice
  • American Made!

Halo online shop screenshot


vaporfi online vape store

Vaporfi is like the mega warehouse of online vape stores! If you can’t find something here, you probably never will. From the 30,000 + flavor combinations to their auto delivery program, Vaporfi has changed the way vapers shop for vaping gear online. They are serious about your shopping experience and your satisfaction in the long term.

Kosher grade e-juice ingredients, FDA registered labs, Diacetyl-free, and child-proof bottles are just some of the quality control efforts VF puts into their e-juice. They are fanatical about getting it right the first time, without cutting corners. On top of all that, they allow you to mix your perfect e-juice flavor right on the website then they ship your creation to you just the way you like it.

The Vaporfi branded vaping devices are made with “above industry standards” and they have some of the most advanced tech. Recently, Vaporfi has started selling all the top brand vapes and vaping gear. This makes them a one-stop-shop for everything vaping related.

Why Shop Vaporfi

  • Huge Selection of Vape Gear
  • Over 30,000 Flavors to Choose From With the Vapetenders® Custom Mixer
  • Free Shipping
  • Reward Points for Shopping Online
  • Free Device Upgrade Program
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

vaporfi online vape shop screenshot

Direct Vapor

direct vapor logo

Another great vape supplier is Direct Vapor. We love Direct Vapor because of they are committed to give their customers the best product at the best value. Period. With one of the biggest selections of vaping gear, e-juice, and accessories online, Direct Vapor is the juggernaut of vape stores. With free shipping, 60 day warranty, 15 day return policy, and the lowest price guarantee, you simply can’t go wrong with these guys.

Direct Vapor is like Amazon of online vape stores. They have the largest selection of products at wholesale prices. With the large volume of vaping products they buy, they get the big discounts directly from the manufactures. They pass these discounts on to their customers by providing the best prices and free shipping so you know you are getting the best deal online. They dare you to find a better deal!

Why Shop Direct Vapor

  • Free Shipping No Minimums 
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • 15 day Return Policy
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • No Clone Zone, Only Authentic Mods
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Biggest Selection

direct vapor online store screenshot

Vapor DNA

vapor dna store logo
Another mega vape store is Vapordna. There website is clean, easy to use, and packed full of vaping devices and e-juice. With free shipping and a super extended 45 return policy, Vapordna is as trustable as they come.

If you are looking for the latest gear and hottest vapes, Vapordna is a good place to start. They carry the most popular devices as well as many less known vapes. We like that they offer a huge line up of accessories, tanks, and rebuildable products that are perfect for the hard-core vapers out there.

Looking for herbal vapes? They also have a large selection of concentrate, oil, and dry vaporizers for the herbal enthusiasts.

Why Shop Vapor DNA

  • Free Shipping on Domestic and International Orders
  • Huge Website Of Every Vaping Device Imaginable
  • Extensive Line of Herbal Vaporizers
  • 45 Day Return Policy
  • Rewards Program

vapordna website screenshot

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