Black Note Juice Review

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It’s no secret to every vaper out there that the tobacco flavored vape juices we’ve come to be familiar with have all fallen flat when it comes to faithfully recreating the same aroma and taste that we associate with tobacco.

Usually, they end up tasting too sweet, bitter, or mostly just plain flat-out wrong. It’s for this reason that Blacknote, a vape juice company hailing from the sunny regions of Irvine, California have sought to painstakingly produce the most accurate and highest quality line up of tobacco flavors, solely for your vaping pleasure.

In keeping with Black Notes pledge to create the highest quality eliquids, their entire line up is 100% free of artificial ingredients and sweeteners, deriving it’s flavor purely from natural tobacco extracts. This means that Black Note’s entire range is 100% free of diacetyl, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, Acetone, and a whole host of other harmful chemicals which are all byproducts of using artificial flavorings and sweeteners in eliquids.

All of Black Note’s eliquids use a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in order to create the perfect balance between throat hit, flavor, and smoothness with every puff. Blacknote also ensures that their VG/PG mix is of the highest possible purity and quality, backing up their claims with extensive laboratory testing, the results of which are easily viewable on their website.

Thanks to Black Note’s dedication to using only the highest quality variants of tobacco for their extracts, they’ve managed to come up with a series of exotic blends which are perfect for all tastes and preferences, and without a doubt help you find the perfect tobacco flavor that resonates with your taste buds.

Utilizing a Latakian blend originating from the plains of Syria, Quartet perfectly captures the smokey and peppery flavor and aroma of this Cypriot favorite resulting in a bold and unforgettable vaping experience.

Using tobacco homegrown from the soil of Virginia, USA, Prelude emanates the natural sweetness of this particular leaf, creating a comfortable and relaxed blend that feels familiar yet out-of-this-world.

Extracted from a strain of Burley leaf grown in Italy, a tobacco recognized for its wonderfully smooth blend that is rich and bursting with flavor. Forte exudes all the great qualities of this exotic tobacco providing a robust and lasting vape that lingers on the taste buds.

Crafted from Dark Virginia tobacco, Sonata provides an intense rush of flavor that plays on the tongue, leaving distinct notes of sweetness with every puff.

Originating from the extracts of real Italian Kentucky tobacco, Legato possesses a pleasant and distinct earthiness when inhaled, finishing off with small hints of nuttiness to cap off this warm and smooth vape.

*My personal favorite* 
For all you Marlboro fans out there – this one comes extremely close.  One of the truest tobacco flavors I have ever had and is always in one of my vapes – for all day vaping. The Legato is a bold – hearty – flavor and for me – comes through great around 40watts.

Created from Real Virginia flue-cured tobacco, Solo expands the rich and robust flavor with a layer of natural mint extracts, forming a refreshing and light all day vape.

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