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Vapor 2, or V2, is a company that requires no introduction for experienced vapers. Their Pro Series 3 line includes some of the best vape pens on the market today, and they have recently released successful products such as the V2 Vertx and XEO Void as well. Their latest offering is the Trinity Box Mod, a machine claiming to deliver serious cloud production in a portable package. V2 is known more for multi-functional vaporizers and smaller devices, so a performance-driven box mod is a new market for them. Does V2 still deserve to be regarded as one of the pioneers of the vaping industry? We tested the Trinity starter kit to see if it could live up to the hype that always surrounds a V2 product.

Getting Started

Our first reactions were positive. The Trinity starter kit delivers on the clouds promised while also keeping the experience intuitive, allowing new vapers to get started or upgrade from a less powerful device such as a cig-a-like. The included tank is an excellent example of this, as its top-fill design is far easier and less messy to fill than many alternatives currently on the market. The machine is also small, ensuring that it is easy to carry with you as you go about your day. This portability is rare for a device that delivers on cloud production, a major selling point for the V2 Trinity. It also feels good in the hand, which seems mandatory until you try a device that lacks this feature.

The kit itself includes everything needed to start vaping, save for e-juice. The product comes in a white box with a picture of the mod on the front and a list of contents on the back. This means that the first thing you see is Trinity’s stylish design, which you will have no problem pulling out in public. Of course, it is also small enough for more discreet use if you would prefer it. When you open it up, you discover the mod, tank, and spare coil protected in three separate compartments of a block of foam. A user’s manual, two atomizers (including one for sub-ohm vaping), and a USB charging cable are also included in the box. The package is available for under $70 on their website, which is pretty par for the course when doing price comparisons with other vape kits in this category. Just remember to add e-juice to your order so you can actually use it.

Does It Perform?

The first thing we looked at was the cloud quality, as this is what much of the hype surrounding the product focused on. We are pleased to report that the V2 Trinity performs very well. The vapor clouds remained thick even with continual use, providing more power than expected from such a tiny package. Better yet, this was accomplished without sacrificing the flavor of the chosen e-juice in any way. Wattage options range from 5 to 40, giving this machine enough oomph behind it to satisfy most vapers, especially beginners.

The included tank is called the Vapor 2 Trinity Tank and is constructed of durable Pyrex material. Its small size also serves as a worthy aesthetic complement to the small box mod that it comes with. The tank’s 2ml capacity is only around the industry standard, but should last at least a full day for most people. There is also a metal ring on the bottom of the tank that allows you to adjust the airflow to your liking with a simple twist. As previously mentioned, the top-fill design is easy to use. Simply unscrew the top of the tank and pour your preferred e-juice in. Honestly, I’m not sure why anyone makes a device without this feature anymore, it is just so much easier than the alternatives! The holes for refilling the tank are fairly large, but you should still be careful to avoid spillage when using a larger e-juice dropper.

While many devices function best with either PG or VG e-juice, the Trinity handles both with aplomb. This is a great option for experienced vapers who keep a variety of options on hand to fit their ever changing moods, as one device will be capable of satisfying their every craving. It also allows new users to experiment freely, discovering what they like without switching devices in order to do so. Figuring out exactly what you like is one of the hardest things for novice vapers, so anything that helps on this front is always welcome.

Ease of Use

Much like the easy to fill tank, the entire device seems to be designed with ease of use in mind. Pressing the fire button five times in succession activates the device, making it easy to turn on. The main menu is accessible by holding down both the fire button and minus button simultaneously, allowing you to conveniently change your current settings. The LED display clearly depicts information such as remaining battery life, temperature, and wattage, so you will always know what is going on with your device. The plus and minus buttons are used to navigate the main menu, making it a breeze to locate and change your settings on the LED screen. Two buttons on the top of the screen can be manipulated by your index finger while actively using the device, allowing you to experience the changed settings as you adjust them. This handy feature makes it as simple as possible for novices to discover the vape that satisfies them, improving their vaping experience.

Battery Life

The included 1200 mAh battery is good for approximately 450 draws, giving it more lasting power than initially expected from a tiny machine. This translates to about two hours of use between charges for most users. It will also turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity, ensuring that you never inadvertently drain the battery when the Trinity is not in use. Overall, the battery is not exceptional but gets the job done.

Versatile Capabilities

The Trinity is capable of temperature controls and sub-ohm vaping, though the coils required are not included in the starter kit we reviewed. It heats up quickly, but continues to produce thick, satisfying clouds even when the chosen temperature is just being maintained rather than reached. Veterans will appreciate the Trinity’s performance in TC mode, but rookies will lack the coils necessary to utilize it. This feature seems intended more for experienced vapers using it as a travel vape than beginners just starting out, but could help beginners too as they become more experienced.

Speaking of coils, the Trinity starter kit comes with two: a 1.2 MTL coil ideal for heavy PG e-juice blends and a 0.8ohm coil that works better for VG blends. The 1.2 MTL coil works best with more power, in the 20-40 watt range. The 0.8ohm coil requires less, with optimal performance in the 15-35 watt range. V2 also offers a 0.5ohm coil for the Trinity that must be purchased separately on the company’s website. It performs best with 10-30 watts of power and allows the use of the sub-ohm option mentioned above. The multiple coils should help new users know what to look for in future vape purchases while also giving them valuable experience in switching coils and atomizers.

V2 is widely considered to be on the cutting edge of the vaping industry, and as such it is no surprise to see a full array of modern safety features on the V2 Trinity. It includes low voltage protection, an overtime vaping warning, overheating protection, and over current protection to name a few. These features allow users to vape with confidence, knowing that they will not be harmed by any malfunctions.

Disadvantages of the Trinity

We had a few quibbles with the Trinity Starter Kit, but none of them overwhelmed our generally positive reaction. The first is that this is a starter kit that does not actually include everything needed to get started. Not only does this sub-ohm compatible machine not include everything you need for sub-ohm vaping, it lacks the e-juice required for any kind of vaping. This is especially egregious when it is considered that V2 produces a variety of quality e-juices, with enough flavors to satisfy every palette. Why not include some and convert Trinity users into consistent V2 e-juice customers, especially since new vapers seem to be a large portion of this product’s intended market? Most starter kits lack e-juice, so V2 is merely following an established trend by excluding it here. Still, a sample pack could have given newcomers some idea of what they wish to buy in the future.

The size of the device will also be a downside for some. While its vapor production is impressive for a small box mod, it still pales in comparison to devices with a maximum output of 100 watts or more. The small size also limits the size of the included battery, reducing the battery life compared to some other models. This is particularly problematic because there is no option to vape as the device charges, forcing you to either wait it out or invest in a backup vape. The 2ml tank is not too bad but does limit how long it can be used on the go to an extent. When one of your major selling points is portability, anything that limits it can be challenging to deal with.


The concerns above do not mean that we dislike the device, as we like it very much. In fact, we have it listed as a “best box mod”! Its small size allows for maximum portability, and it is comfortable enough in the hand for everyday use. Its cloud production is sufficient to satisfy all but the most ardent of cloud chasers, while its interface is easy enough to use to get more people into vaping. Beginners will benefit from the multiple included coils, which serve as a crash course in Vaping 101. The option to start sub-ohm vaping on the same mod also allows it to grow with its user to an extent, making it both an appealing mod for beginners and a good travel model for those with more experience. Its affordable price point makes this a starter kit worth investing in.

Here is what you get in the box:

  • One V2 Trinity Vaporizer
  • One V2 Trinity Tank
  • One Standard Atomizer (1.2 Ω)
  • One Sub Ohm Atomizer (0.8 Ω)
  • One USB Charging Cord
  • One V2 Trinity User ManualVapor2 Trinity description








Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Compact mod is ideal for “on the go” usage.
  • In-built 1,200 mAh battery provides adequate power for most.
  • Supports temperature control (sub-ohm) vaping.
  • Wattage ranges from 5 to 40 W available.
  • Easy to use interface serves as a nice starting point for novices.
  • Stylish design.
  • Sub-ohm compatible tank included.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Excellent performance and cloud production for its size.
  • Affordable price (less than $90 for everything).
  • Produced by a well-respected company (v2 vape mod).


  • Maximum wattage may be too low for some.
  • Tank’s 2mL capacity may not last very long on the go.
  • No option to vape while the device is charging.
  • Limited battery life.
  • E-juice not included.
  • Temp control coils not included.


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