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Best Pod Mods

Top Recommendations For 2019

Best Recommended Pod Mod Systems for 2019

Are you ready to take your vaping experience to the next level? You’re in luck as the best pod mods are even better than ever this year! With all new designs and technology, these pod mods are the most popular style of vaping device for the second year in a row. We will tell you what devices are the best and show you what to look for when choosing the perfect pod system. We will also touch on why these styles are so well received in the vaping community and explain the advantages and disadvantages to using these tiny vaping devices.

But before we do that, let’s take a look at the top-rated pod mods for this year. We base these listings on popularity, price, features, and satisfaction.


What Are The Best Pod Mod Systems For 2019?


#1 Juul

With Over 70% Of The Entire Vape Market, Juul is King Of Pod Mod Vapes!

Juul Starter Kit X
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Manufacture’s Website

As the most famous/infamous vape device in the US, Juul has the majority of the vaper market. Using nic-salts and a draw activated battery, it is capable of satisfying vapers with a minimal amount of vapor. Its popularity comes from the fact that is one of the easiest vapes to use.

Charge the battery – snap in a pod – and start vaping. Besides the ridiculous small design, the Juul delivers a great tasting vape in a multitude of popular flavors; covering the famous Tobacco and Menthol (mint) options as well, they also offer up a fantastic Vanilla (Creme Brulee) and a Fruit Medley for those who prefer sweeter tasting flavors.

You can refill the pods yourself several times, but it is not designed for refilling so you will have to get creative with opening the pods if you choose to refill with your own e-juice. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new pod every time you are out of juice.


  • There are two kits to choose from
  • Basic Kit – Device Only, No PODS
  • Complete Starter Kit – Device PLUS 2-4 Flavor PODS

  • Size- Easy to carry
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to charge

  • Can be refilled, but not designed for it
  • There are cheaper pod mods
  • Flavor limits using pre-filled pods

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#2 Lost Vape Orion DNA Go

Metal Alloy and Carbon Fiber Body + Easy Of Use + Huge Clouds = Amazing!

The Orion DNA go is unlike any other pod mod out there. Using the DNA Go chipset to control the device, this is a blend between a box mod and a pod mod that truly delivers the best of both worlds. Not only is it advanced on the inside, but the Orion also has an excellent build quality that you must see yourself to believe. It is solid and doesn’t feel like a cheap piece of plastic like so many pod mods do.

The outer shell is made with a durable alloy and carbon fiber, giving this device a leg up on almost any other pod mod. Add all of that with an unheard of 40 watts peak power (for a pod system), three choices of power output levels, and a respectable 950mAh internal battery, and you have the broadest range of options you could ever hope for in a vape pod setup.

The Orion also comes with adjustable airflow, a super-responsive firing button, and a separate power adjustment button for adjusting the flavor and vapor.

This sweet vape is sure to satisfy the most critical user with the features and power options that make this device a one-of-a-kind. One thing to note about this device, it is usually sold without the Orion pod, so make sure you get on when you order. The pods are a bit more expensive than others but last a lot longer.


  • Internal Rechargeable Battery: 950mAh
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 40W
  • Intuitive LED Lights
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml
  • SS316L Orion Pod – 0.25ohm (Vapor-Focused)
  • SS316L Coil Pod – 0.5ohm (Flavor-Focused)
  • MTL Delrin Drip Tip
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Micro USB Port
  • Low/High Resistance Protection


  • Top Notch Build Quality
  • Refillable
  • 40 Watts
  • Stylish Color Options

  • Replacement Pod Cost
  • Not the Cheapest

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#3 Smok Nord Vape System

Mesh Coils, Big Battery, and The Quality Of Smok, The Nord Is Nice!

Smok Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit
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Price history
Price history for SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit
Latest updates:
  • $16.99 - February 28, 2020
  • $15.99 - January 16, 2020
Since: January 16, 2020
  • Highest Price: $16.99 - February 28, 2020
  • Lowest Price: $15.99 - January 16, 2020

Manufacture’s Website

The Nord is the newest pod mod style vape from Smok. Based on the highly successful Novo kit, this kit is everything the average fan could ask for. It is a bit bigger, has a wider mouth opening, and looks even better than the Novo. The Nord uses replaceable coils with a refillable pod, and has a semi-handy e-juice window to monitor your juice levels.

It is really easy to change coils, simply pull the old coils out and push the new coil in and fill with juice, no screwing required. This little guy has a deeper and warmer throat-hit than most mini mods and comes in 6 beautiful colors that makes this vape stand out. At close to half the price as the Juul kit, combined with a refillable pod, and a sub-ohm mesh coil option, the Nord is one of the best mini vape options this year if you want a simple yet beautiful pod system.


  • Size: 94mm x 30mm x 18.8mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Capacity: 3ml
  • Power Range: 10W-15W
  • Input Voltage: 3.3v-4.2v
  • Charging Current:370mA
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Standby Current: <100uA


  • Mesh coils or MTL coil option
  • Larger battery
  • Good looks
  • Refillable tank

  • Push button
  • E-juice window could be bigger

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#4 Aspire Breeze 2

3ml Juice Capacity, Adjustable Air Flow, Bigger Battery, and Your Choice Of Sub-Ohm Coils Or MTL Coils

Aspire Breeze Aio Vape System

Manufacture’s Website

Improving on the original Aspire Breeze pod mod, the Breeze 2 takes it to the next level with several new features that keeps the Breeze lineup on the best-of list for another year. You can use either regular e-juice or a nic salt juice depending on the coil you use.

It comes with two coils, a 1.0 ohm coil and a .6 ohm coil. Using the lower resistance coil (.6) will be better for e-juice, while the higher resistance coil (1 ohm) is perfect for nic salts. Either coil will deliver a flavorful vapor.

A few useful features of the Breeze 2 are the adjustable air-flow as well as the ease of use filling it with e-juice. A transparent tank allows you to see all the juice in the pod, so you don’t run it dry. The only thing I would like to see changed is how hard it is to remove the mouthpiece to replace the coil. But once you remove it a few times, it gets easier.

For the price, this is a must-have pod mod vape system for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much on a device.


  • Dimensions: 96mm by 35mm by 19mm
  • 3mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Integrated 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Single Fire Button Operation
  • Aluminum Body Construction
  • PEPG Material Tank Section
  • Top-Filled Method
  • Drip Tip Plastic Cap
  • 0.6ohm Breeze U-Tech Coil
  • 1.0ohm Breeze U-Tech Coil – caters to Nicotine Salts


  • Simple Design and Use
  • Large E-Juice Capacity
  • Choice Of Coils- 1.0 ohm or .6 ohm
  • Refillable 3ml Tank

  • Difficult to Change Coil
  • Scratches Easily

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#5 Innokin EQ

Sleek Design, Lightweight, Satisfying Vapor Production, and a 800 mAh Internal Battery For Under $25

Innokin Eq Aio Starter Kit
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Manufacture’s Website

This is a great pod mod for beginners or anyone else who just wants simplicity and decent quality in their device. Coming in several colors of matte finishes, the Innokin EQ is as stylish as it is compact and easy to use. Innokin is well known for their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. These guys pay attention to what their customers want in each of their devices they release.

The EQ has a generous 800mAh internal battery that lasts longer than most pod mods. A push button activates the atomizer and also turns the unit on and off. The EQ is designed for nic salts so make sure you grab some if you don’t already have some. It also uses the popular Plexus Mesh coils that provides a very satisfying vapor and flavor production.

One of the unique features of the EQ that we love is how it is refilled. Instead of using a small rubber plug in the pod to refill, the EQ uses a rotating bottom cap that you simply twist to expose the fill port. Great if you are frustrated trying to open the rubber plugs most refillable pods use. For the vaper who wants a cheap, yet good device, this is a great choice.


  • Integrated 800mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Regular Mode – Wattage Output: 13.5W
  • Boost Mode – Wattage Output : 15.5W
  • Single Button Operation
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • 2mL EQ Refillable Cartridge
  • 0.5ohm Plexus EQ Coil – Mesh MTL Design
  • Superior Flavor and Coil Longevity
  • Intuitive Bottom-Fill System – Turn Base 180° to Fill
  • Magnetized Connection


  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Decent Amount of Vapor
  • Cheap Replacement Pods
  • Easy to Fill -Twist, No Plug

  • Can’t See E-Juice Level  Very Well
  • Only Has One Pod in Box

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Pod Mod Buying Guide

Smoant Karat Pod Mod KitThere are several reasons why pod mods have become so widely adopted in the last few years. Their incredible influence on the vaping industry is nothing short of stunning. Starting in 2017, when they first came out, pod mods began as almost a novelty that soon overtook most of the market. Within several months, the idea of using a pod mod vape was widely accepted, and this started a boom in the manufacturing of these types of devices.

Their users love the size and ease of use they provide, and the industry responded by releasing a ton of new devices into the market. Now let’s look at some of the reasons these compact vape devices are so popular.


The size of most vapes has deterred many smokers from using bigger vape devices. These larger vapes were not attractive to many users as they could not be carried easily in a pocket or purse. Pod mods changed that with their super-compact profile and sleek designs. Being able to pack a smaller device seems to be a prerequisite that many smokers were waiting for before jumping onto the vape bandwagon.

With a portable device, vapers can now discreetly vape when and where they want without attracting a lot of attention. For this reason, pod mods are the best vape for portability, or when stealthy vaping is desired.

Cheap and Affordable

Another feature that makes pod mods the best option for many users is their price. Most of these vapes come in well under $50, with a few exceptions. This price point has made it feasible for the budget-minded vaper to have access to these devices without a significant investment.

In comparison to some of the larger, more powerful vapes, this price point could easily be half of the initial cost of a usable vape setup.

Stylish and Functional

Using the ultra-compact frame, manufacturers were able to design these little vapes with more attractive form factors. Elegantly rounded corners and colorful designs soon became a common denominator that most all pod mods shared. Vapers can now enjoy having a vape that is both fun to look at and to use.

Being made out of mainly plastics, the outer-body of these devices could be any color and pattern imaginable. From bright hues of primary colors to iridescent swirling designs, this design flexibility also greatly attributed to their broad adoption among vapers and former smokers.

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The Features and Benefits of Pod Mods

Eleaf Iwu Vape Pod Starter Kit
Besides their great looks and compact form, pod mods have some impressive benefits that have helped them become a permanent staple in the vaping culture. These benefits have more to do with usability than fashion and are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages in detail.

Ease of Use

Smokers have been accustomed to just pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. Most vape devices are not as easy to use, as they require knowledge of power settings such as ohms, watts, or volts. Not to mention the frustration associated with replacing coils, tanks, and batteries when they expired. Pod mods make things easy again with their basic functions.

Just fill the pod with e-juice, and insert it into the mod, and vape. Easy-peasy! There is very little thinking involved, just like smoking. It is a simple task that you really can’t mess up.

Once the flavor of the vapor starts to taste funny, replace the pod or the coil.


While not the most powerful vape style available, pod mods provide a consistent performance that most users are happy with. With most models forgoing the adjustment options, pod mods have very little variables that could cause their performance to fluctuate.

As you probably already know, the smaller the vape, the lower the capacity of stored power, aka battery capacity. Pod mods are not cloud machines that fill up the room with vapor. They are more for casual use, stealth vaping, and vaping discreetly. Some of the higher-end pod systems go up to 40 watts but for the majority of these devices are well under that.

Using such little power allows these small mods to last longer between charges. So for this topic, we are going to be talking about mAh or milliamp hours, the measure of the amount of milliamps the device can store in the battery.

The Juul, for example, has a 200mAh battery. In comparison, the Smok Nord has an 1100 mAh battery, more than five times the capacity. Can you guess which one is bigger? Again, vape size and battery capacity are hand-in-hand with each other, and this is only important if you are vaping all day or don’t have a backup device.

Refillable Or Non-Refillable

Ijoy Diamond Vpc Replacement Pod Pack

There are two types of pods. We are talking about the e-juice reservoir that holds the liquid nicotine, not the device itself. There are non-refillable pods and refillable pods.

The non-refillable types are filled with e-juice in the factory, and when you are out of juice, you buy another pod to replace it. Juul is the most famous of these types of non-refillable types.

This fact goes to show that people love the convenience and ease of use of not refilling pods.

On the other side of the fence, in a much bigger field, is the refillable pod type. Most pod mods are refillable and are simply filled with juice when you run low. They usually have a tiny rubber plug in the bottom or side of the pod that you have to open to refill. That little plug can be frustrating to use if you have issues with grabbing tiny things or your vision is not so good, so consider that when choosing your device.

The refillable types are cheaper to use for heavy vapers and are also relatively easy to refill.

Open System Vs. Closed System

The next thing to consider when buying one of these vapes is how you replace the heating element or coil. True pod mods do not have removable coils and are referred to as a closed system, but in the last few years, the industry has been coming out with pods that you reuse and replace the coil, referred to as an open system. These types are still referred to as pod mods in general, but you might see them labeled as “pod-mod-style” or “pod style” mods.

Closed System

In a closed system, the coil is built into the pod and when you need a new coil, you replace the whole pod, coil and all. These are easier for vapers who find it hard to work with tiny parts or just don’t want to deal with changing out coils, but they are a bit more wasteful and tend to be more expensive to replace than just replacing the coil.

Open System

An open system describes a pod with a removable coil, so you only need to replace the coil and not the whole pod. You remove the spent coil from the pod and replace it with another one. Most open systems make it easy to replace the coil, but again, if you have issues with tiny parts, an open system may not be as convenient for you as a closed system.

In addition, pods with replaceable coils usually have more choices in the types of coils that will work with the device. Some of the higher quality devices out there offer an option between sub-ohm coils for a stronger hit, or the less powerful MTL (mouth-to-lung) coils that are above 1 ohm. Depending on the coils you use, you can use either regular e-juice or nic-salts — more about that in the next section.

Types Of E-Juice You Can Use

Iota E Juice Salt By Alternativ MlAnother one of the great benefits of pod mods is the ability to use different kinds of e-juice. E-juice is, of course, the liquid that contains the nicotine and flavorings that you vaporize. Pod mods have helped to make popular another, newer kind of juice called nic salts.

Nic salts have more concentrated levels of nicotine that is perfect for smaller, less powerful devices like pod mods. Most of these vapes are designed to be used with nic salts, which is too strong to be used the bigger vape devices like box mods.

Nic salts are popular because they still deliver a satisfying nicotine level even without a large amount of vapor. This means that you don’t have to fog out a room with vapor every time you want to enjoy a good vape. This also allows a more discreet way of vaping in places you would rather not be seen vaping.

Nic salts are more expensive and don’t have the same flavor selection as regular e-juice, however for many pod mod users, that’s not as important as the ability to carry around a small device and also reduce the amount of vapor they produce.

Regular e-juice is also an option for most any pod mod. Light users and casual users might prefer the cost saving and lower nicotine levels that are associated with regular e-juice. E-Juice is cheaper and available in more flavors and price points compared to nic salts.

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The Disadvantages

We have talked about the advantages that pod mods delivery on, but they are not for every vaper. There are some things to consider, and now we will take a look at some of the drawbacks to pod mods.

Panda Pod Mod Kit VoopooPower and Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, pod mods are not as powerful as most the other vape devices out there. We also discussed how nic-salts have helped overcome this with a concentrated form of liquid nicotine called nic-salt. But not all users are happy with the low vapor production that these mods deliver.

Part of the hurdles that smokers face when switching from smoking to vaping is adjusting to the throat hit and vapor production they are used to with tobacco. They want to feel the slight burn on their throat and exhale the thick vapor that comes from a cigarette. Pod mods do not satisfy these desires, and therefore, are not the best choice for vapers who craves a big cloud of vapor.

On top of the vapor production being reduced, the battery life is also a concern with pod mods. However, with their reduced power use, they can last just as long or longer between charges. The issue comes from the internal battery that all pod mods use.

With an internal battery, there is no option to replace the battery when your mod runs low on power. Your only option is to recharge the whole device by plugging it into a charger. This boils down to either going without your device while it charges or buying two devices to alternate uses with.

Build Quality

With plastic being the most common building material used in pod mods, they are not as durable as some of the other vape styles that are made with metal or carbon fiber bodies. Granted, because of their weight, dropping a pod mod will not generate the same impact as dropping a box mod., but they are still susceptible to cracks and pressure breaks that can happen with regular use.

Plan on using a pod mod for a few months before it needs to be replaced, as they are not as durable or built with the same quality as some of the more expensive vape devices out there.

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Are Pod Mods For You?

Pod systems are the best choice for smokers or vapers who need a compact device that is super easy to use and provides enough nicotine to satisfy their cravings. They don’t want to mess around with building a tank or having to think about what wattage or temp to set their vape at each time they change their liquid. They just want a simple and convenient device and are willing to give up all the technical mumbo-jumbo for a smaller, less powerful device.

But if you are a big vape mod fan, you might have some issues trying to adapt to using these small, less powerful vapes. Most vapers who are already vaping at higher watts find that pod mods don’t produce the amount of vapor they are used to. However, many of these advanced users are switching to pod mods as they realize the amount of vapor does not always equate to the amount of nicotine.

The added fact that pod mods don’t produce as much vapor also is attractive to users who are concerned about the unknown effect of vaping. The less vapor in the lungs, the less risk right?

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Tips To Buy The Perfect Pod Mod

Shop Price

You might think that there is a wide variety of prices out there for this style of vaping devices, but that is not the case. Even the highest quality pod mod is usually under $50 and the cheaper devices are under $30. So you could easily say there are two price points, the $10-$30 range, and the $30-$50 range. Not much of a difference in price and not worth an elaborate explanation, but the more you pay, the better chance you will be satisfied.

However, there are some unique setups that go over this price range, but most of them are specialty devices that can vape several types of material such as dry herbs and e-liquid.

To sort by price goto the pod mod page and use the “filter products” section to see the prices low-high or vice-versa.

Suorin Edge PodGo For Looks

Colors and looks are probably the most common deciding factor when choosing any vape device. Most vapers want their vape to look nice and have a little personality. There is nothing wrong with shopping by looks as long as you are willing to sacrifice somewhere else for the perfect pod mod. There a ton of colors and styles to choose from so if looks are a priority, head over to this page and sort by color in the “filter products” area and find the device of your fancy.

Research Cost Of Ownership

Look at the cost of the replacement coils or replacement pods before you buy any device. Often times, you might find a sweet deal on a starter kit, only to realize that the coils are twice the price you expected. You don’t want to get suckered into that money pit (think printer ink). Most replacement coils are around $2-3 per coil and usually come in packs of 4-5, and replacement pods are about $3-$8 each and are sold as singles or packs of 2-3.

If you are paying more for your replacement coils than that, they are either premium quality, for a high-end pod mod like the Orion DNA, or your getting ripped off. So do your research on replacement coils/pods before you buy any mod.

Buy The Best Device You Can Afford

Try and buy a quality pod mod with a good capacity battery and better than average build quality. There are many choices to choose from that have both, but you might spend a few extra bucks. Dropping another $10 on a device you use every day is not much in terms of price if it lasts you six months. So if you have the coin, spend a few extra bucks on a reliable and trusted device.

For the most part, if you are a beginner vaper or a light user, you should be happy with any pod mod you choose, once you find the right blend of e-juice or nic salts. As long as you research and understand what the features each device has and how they can benefit you, you should be able to find the right device the first time.

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Picking The Ideal Pod Mod

Now that you are familiar with some of the pros and cons of pod mods, it will be easier for you to find the perfect pod system for your needs. Start by thinking about the features and benefits that pods mods offer. Then compare these features to the disadvantages mentioned above to see if you would be satisfied with less vapor and fewer options. If so, take a look at the best pod mods we have listed above and find one that fits your personality and lifestyle the best.

Don’t be intimidated; these vapes are the easiest devices to use and are the most popular for a reason. They are easy to use and cheap to buy, so pick one that fits your style and fill it with some yummy nic-salt or e-juice and enjoy!

3.9/5 (7 Reviews)
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