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The 5 Best Box Mods For 2019

Top 5

Best Box Mods

Top Recommendations For 2019

Box mods are the most popular vape mod styles around. They offer the best blend of power, control, features, and portability of any mod. Use almost any tank to customize your perfect setup. Many box mods have removable batteries that may not come with the device, so make sure you get extra batteries and some e-juice while you are shopping. Choose any of the box mods below to get started.

#1 VooPoo VMate 200W

32-bit power and safety in a fashionable, flexible package

Voopoo Vmate Box Mod
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The vaping community is full of VooPoo fans, and the primary reason for that is the GENE.FAN chip that powers the company’s devices. The VooPoo VMate includes the latest revision of that chip. The new 32-bit GENE.FAN has eight built-in safety protection features, and it’s fast enough to monitor every detail without making you wait for your coils to ramp up. One of the hallmarks of every VooPoo GENE.FAN device is that they can fire any coil virtually instantly. In this age of flashy and fashionable vaping devices, you might wonder where you can find a colorful mod that isn’t quite so …loud. You’ve found it right here. The VooPoo VMate has a beautiful selection of interchangeable battery covers, and they all look great – none of the covers are overly flashy or too utilitarian.


  • OLED Screen
  • Dual 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • Single Firing Button & Two Adjustment Buttons
  • Brand Balance Battery Charging
  • Advanced Proprietary GENE.FAN Chip
  • TCR Adjustments Mode
  • Supports Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel Temp Control Coils
  • POWER Mode for Kanthal Coils
  • Output Over-Current Protection-Overcharge Protection-Over Discharge Protection-Short-Circuit Protection
  • Micro USB Port
  • 510 Connection


  • 32-bit GENE.FAN chip is the latest revision of one of the most famous chipsets in vaping
  • Durable, light stainless steel and zinc alloy body
  • Rubberized Hand Hold
  • Balanced charging circuit supports non-matched batteries

  • Some may dislike the top-mounted fire and control buttons
  • Side battery mounts save space but create a tight fit

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#2 Innokin Proton 235W

Innokin recognizes and innovates on recent industry trends

Innokin Proton W Tc Vape Starter Kit
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Manufacture’s Website

From the moment when you first touch the large side-mounted fire bar and look at the color display of the Innokin Proton, it’s obvious that Innokin has been studying its competition closely. Although it might look a little like a SMOK box mod on the surface, the Innokin Proton makes it clear on closer examination that this is a device adhering to much higher quality standards. No rattling or squeaking here; the fire bar of the Innokin Proton is solid and presses with a satisfying “thump.” The Innokin Proton doesn’t only differ from SMOK devices in terms of its build quality. This device also ditches the standard three- or four-button control scheme in favor of a joystick that recognizes four directional inputs and an inward click. Although the joystick may require a bit of getting used to, you’ll find that it makes menu navigation very quick. The Innokin Proton reaches a maximum power of 235 watts – an impressive figure for a device with dual 18650 batteries.


  • Dimensions – 85mm by 44.6mm by 29.6mm
  • Dual High-Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Wattage Output Range: 6-235W
  • Voltage Output Range: 1-7.5V
  • Temperature Control Range: 300-600F
  • Mininum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Comprehensive Temperature Control Suite
  • TCR Adjustments-Curve Mode-BYPASS Mode
  • 1.45″ Full-Color TFT Display
  • Joystick Adjustment Controller
  • MicroUSB Port – 2A Maximum Charge


  • Large, eye-catching 1.45-inch color display with six selectable colors
  • More power than the typical dual-18650 box mod
  • Classy, understated design

  • Some may dislike the offset 510 threading
  • Joystick control scheme isn’t necessarily better than traditional buttons

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#3 Smoant Cylon 218W

Vapor in the blink of an eye

Smoant Cylon Tc W Box Mod X
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Manufacture’s Website

When a box mod has control buttons and a USB port shaped to look like an angry android, you know that mod means business. The Smoant Cylon isn’t a particularly expensive box mod, but the real leather exterior just screams luxury when you hold the device in your hand. Smoant has become arguably the best-loved device maker among hobbyist vapers who prefer high-end devices, and good looks aren’t the only reason for the acclaim. The Smoant Cylon features the new Ant218 V2 chipset, which can fire a coil in just 0.015 of a second after you push the button. If you’ve ever enjoyed the fast response of a mechanical mod, you’ll love the fact that the Smoant Cylon delivers that same type of experience in a regulated device with full safety features.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 47 x 90 (D x W x H)
  • Zinc Alloy with Genuine Leather
  • Ant218 V2 Chip Set
  • Ramp up 0.015 Seconds from Click to Vapor
  • Output mode: Ni / Ti / SS / TCR / VW / Bypass
  • Output Wattage: 1 – 218W
  • Resistance: 0.1 ohm minimum resistance in VW Mode
  • Resistance: 0.05 ohm minimum resistance in TC Mode
  • Temperature range: 100 – 315C / 200 – 600F
  • Customizable Wallpaper


  • Real leather side grips feel very luxurious
  • Full-color screen used to great effect with multiple wallpaper and interface options
  • Updated chipset fires a coil faster than you can blink your eye

  • Appearance might be too utilitarian for some

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#4 Smoant Charon Mini 225W 

High-power vaping in a tiny box

Authentic Smoant Charon Mini Rainbow W Tc Vw Box Mod
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Manufacture’s Website

Like the Cylon, the Smoant Charon Mini features the latest generation of Smoant’s famous proprietary Ant chipset. The Charon Mini doesn’t skimp on safety features, but it’ll still fire your coil the instant you push the fire button. Waiting for a coil to ramp up is no fun; you’ll love being rid of the only drawback of using a regulated mod. If you use a larger tank or atomizer, you’ll also love the fact that the Charon Mini has a centered 510 thread to minimize overhang. The Smoant Charon Mini holds two 18650 batteries, but you wouldn’t think so from looking at the outside of the mod. Much smaller than a typical dual-battery device, the appearance of the Smoant Charon Mini is further enhanced by the fact that the front of the device is almost all screen. The full-color two-inch 300 DPI display is bright and sharp, and you can show it off by downloading and installing your own custom wallpaper. The Charon Mini even has two different user interfaces that change the look of the device completely.


  • Dimensions: 29 x 45 x 89mm (D x W x H)
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy & High Quality Leather
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Ant225 Chipset
  • Output mode: VT-Ni / VT-Ti / VT-SS / TCR / VW
  • Output Wattage: 1 – 225W
  • Output Voltage: 6.8 – 8.4V
  • Resistance Range (TC): 0.1 – 2.0 ohm
  • Resistance Range (VW): 0.1 – 3.0 ohm
  • Temperature range: 200 – 600°F (100 – 300°C)
  • Custom VW / TC Temperature Curve
  • 2.0″ TFT Colorful Display
  • Three Button Interface
  • Customizable Wallpapers


  • Very small and light for a dual-battery device
  • Includes two user interfaces and supports custom wallpaper
  • Rubberized Hand Hold
  • Includes two user interfaces and supports custom wallpaper
  • Balanced charger can handle batteries with different charge levels

  • Tight battery compartment requires very careful installation

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#5 Vaporesso Switcher 220W

User-friendly power that suits your personal style

Buy Vaporesso Switcher Le W Vape Starter Kit
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Manufacture’s Website

The Vaporesso Switcher is a box mod for people who like their devices big, heavy and flashy. The 510 connection at the top of the device is equally big and heavy, allowing the device to support virtually any tank or atomizer with no overhang – and if you don’t like your devices flashy, that’s no problem. The Switcher’s outer casing slides easily on and off, and Vaporesso has nine different case designs available for the device at the time of writing. The Vaporesso Switcher has a black-and-white display, and that might be an annoyance if you’re used to box mods with color screens. The good news, though, is that the Switcher has one of the most intuitive interfaces we’ve yet seen on a box mod. As you navigate the device’s menus, the icons at the bottom of the screen automatically change to show which button you need to press to perform a given function. It’s an interface that combines the no-manual-necessary convenience of a touch screen with the directness of physical buttons.


  • Dimensions: 89mm by 53mm by 31mm
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-220W
  • Temperature Control Range: 200-600F
  • Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm
  • Innovative OMNI Board 2.6 Chipset
  • Support Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • TCR, CCT, CCW Modes
  • Smart VW Mode – Bypass Mode
  • Durable Zinc Alloy Construction


  • Intuitive menu system is very simple and requires no manual
  • Bottom door makes battery installation and removal easy
  • Swappable outer case lets you change colors at will

  • Monochrome display might be a letdown for some

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How To Buy The Perfect Box Mod

Innokin LiftBox Bastion Box Mod

Box mods are the best vape style for heavy users and hobbyists alike. These vaping devices are designed to give you the most control over almost every aspect of your device. From dialing in the perfect amount of power and temperature to customizing the LCD screen, the Box Mod is the ultimate vaping device. In this guide, we will look at several features and options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of owning a box mod so you can find the best mod for your personal needs.

What is a Box Mod?

Box mods are called such because of their shape. They are mostly flat on all sides and are taller than they are wide. Commonalty called “mods”, they are identifiable not only by their shape but their size as well. Box mods are the biggest mods in the vape family and they are also the most powerful, and hold the most battery capacity. Many box mods use two large rechargeable 18650 batteries, but can also use other sizes like 20700 or 21700. Some only have one battery or a permanent internal battery, but these smaller vape styles are usually considered to be mini mods, even if they still have a box shape.

If it is big, heavy, shaped like a box, and takes at least 2 batteries, it’s a box mod!

Things to Consider When Looking For a Good Box Mod

There are a few things to think about when buying a good vape and this guide will help you understand what you should look for in a mod, and the things you should avoid. With so many devices available, the choices can be overwhelming. To help you find the right box mod for your needs, consider the following factors and situations:


One of the best things about box mods is that they can be used by any type of vaper. From beginners to the advanced users, box mods provide the scalability and versatility that all vapers will enjoy. You don’t have to adjust all the options unless you want to. Using the device on the default power output settings is just fine for average users, but you may need to adjust the wattage up or down to your preference. Expert vapers will enjoy the settings and options that a box mod offers. Being able to tweak the device settings to their liking is important to some vapers. Either way, the same device can satisfy all types of users no matter what their vaping experience is.

vape mod and tank


If you want the most power or the longest battery life, box mods are the best device you can get. In terms of power, there are two main measurements, wattage-“W” (power) and milliampere-hour-“mAh” (battery capacity).

Wattage is shown as the “W” in the device specs. Typically, box mods are rated by the maximum wattage they can achieve. Most box mods range from 60W to 200W, with some going as high as 350W+. The higher the watts are set to, the hotter the coils in the tank get. Adjusting the wattage (variable wattage) allows different e-juice and tank combinations to work differently, making it possible to adjust the amount of vapor production as well as the flavor. Understanding where you usually set your wattage to will help you find the right device. Most vapors, in my experience, vape around 40W-100W.

Battery Capacity

Represented as “mAh”, this measurement rating is in regards the batteries and not the mod itself, unless the mod has internal batteries. It describes the mill-amps/hr that the batteries can contain with a full charge. The more mAh rating, the more energy the battery can hold. It is not that important that you fully understand mAh if you are just starting out, but knowing that box mods usually use two high-capacity batteries, giving you more battery life is important.

LCD Screen

One of the major benefits to box mods is the large LCD screen many of them utilize. Having more real estate on the front face of the mod makes for some cool interfaces and display customizations. We are talking about detailed menu displays, clocks, changeable colors and patterns, and even mp3 players and wireless speakers! It is this larger interface that makes box mods so popular and widely adopted.

Not all box mods are going to have a large screen on the front. Many of them have side mounted screens that have a more limited user interface.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W vape mods with tanks


Consider the what material the body is made of when you buy. Do you drop everything? Does gravity hate you? You should know what you need as far as durability goes. If your box mod does fall, the chances of breaking it are pretty low, depending on the height. Most box mods bodies are made with high-strength aluminum and are designed to survive minor drops. A simple fall off a table or from a purse is most likely going to result only in minor cosmetic damage.


The ability to be able to use almost any standardized tank is one of the best features of box mods. All most all the tanks on the market nowadays have 510 threads, making it easy to swap out one tank for another in a few seconds without having to change the device itself. The only thing you should pay attention to is the size of the tank, labeled as “mm”. This is the diameter of the tank, and you want this size to be less than the diameter of the box mod so your tank doesn’t hang over the edge of your mod. Not only does that look bad, but it is the quickest way to shatter your glass vape tank.

You can use all types of tanks on box mods. Sub ohm tanks, rebuildables, or MTL (mouth to lung) tanks. No matter what your preference is, a box mod will be able to handle it.


Box most have some downsides as well. Not every vaper is going to enjoy such a complex vape mod. There are some things you should consider before choosing a box mod.


ijoy diamond pd270 box mod in hand

Full-size box mods are not the most portable or convenient things to carry around. Not only can the size be an issue, but the weight of these devices is not for everyone either. Think about where you are going to carry your vape? What kind of pants do you wear? How big is your purse? If you answered tight pants or small purse, a box mod may not be the best vape for you when you travel. In that case, consider buying a smaller device like a mini mod or pod mod for on the road.


Box mods are heavy compared to other styles of vapes. With two batteries and a glass tank on top, they can get a bit awkward in a pocket or purse. There are other vapes that are not as heavy if this is an issue for you.


Even though box mods can be used by vapers from any experience level, there are some vapers who don’t want to think about temp setting or wattage when they are vaping. Let’s face it, box mods are not the easiest vape device to use. Not that they are difficult, but if you are looking for a very simple vape device and you don’t need a ton of power, buying a smaller, less complex device like a pod mod or vape pen might be your best choice. But if you are into TC mods with a ton of features you may or may not use, box mods are the best device!

Other Considerations

multiple vape batteries


Most box mods have removable 18650 batteries that you can swap quickly. The latest mods double as a battery charger that will charge the batteries simply by plugging them in using a micro USB cable. This type of vape is convenient for overnight charging, like charging your cell phone. If you do run out of power, having an extra set of charged batteries is also very handy. So if you are interested in using more than one set of batteries, make sure you consider how to charge that extra set. Usually, a separate battery charger is a good solution.

Vapor Production

The more power your mod has, the more vapor production you can get. Now, this all depends on the type of tank you are using. So don’t go buy a 200 watt device and expect your cheap tank to be able to handle all 200 watts. Most users vaping at these high wattages are building their own atomizers or buying specialized coils.

For most users, 100 watts and under will give them big, thick clouds of vapor. If you are new to vaping and want to use a box mod with adjustable settings, try something around 75 watts. You can always reduce the wattage if needed.

Innokin Proton

Fashion Vs Function

Yes, there are many styles of box mods. From brick-looking beasts to elegant works of art. Think about how you are going to hold it and carry it. Do you want something that makes a statement?

Want a vape device in your favorite color? Sure! Find a device you can be proud of. There are so many choices out there that you should have no problem finding the right color. I like bright colors so I can find my vape when I lose it!

If looks are not a concern to you, having a bigger box mod is handy. Longer battery life and a bigger tank make them more convenient to use. Bigger mods probably won’t fit in your pocket as well as a smaller device, but if you don’t carry it in a pocket or purse, a larger device might be the way to go.

How to Get The Lowest Price

Since vapes have become so popular among smoker, the price of a high-quality box mod has plummeted. Competition and huge overseas manufacturing facilities have created a buyers market that is helping smokers switch to vaping at alarming rates. Just 5 years ago, a box mod, tank, a few coils, and batteries would set you back over $120. Thankfully a full box mod starter kit averages half that price and you can get the latest and greatest kit for $40-$80.

When buying a box mod there are usually two options, buy it as a standalone mod, or buy it in a starter kit. Some vapers like their tank already and don’t want to change it and choose to buy the standalone option and save some money. Others like switching out their tanks when they get a new mod and choose to buy starter kits. Either way, you want to do, it is worth looking at both options because you can sometimes get the complete starter kit for near the same price as the mod only, so don’t overlook this option.

Money saving tip: Don’t be fooled into thinking the more you pay for a box mod, the more you will enjoy it. Many of the most satisfying devices are cheap. What you pay more for is the style, looks, and newness. You can save a lot of money buying a box mod that was released 1-2 years ago. Many of these older models have the same tech and features as the new versions, just cheaper.

Final Word

There are many choices to make when looking for the best box mod. Looks, size, price, batteries, durability, power, and overall function all need to be considered. If you are in need of a powerful vape that can last all day, a box mod is probably at the top of your list. But if you are just wanting a simple device and are not power hungry, there are other vapes out there that you might prefer. Once you understand how and where you are going to be vaping, these choices are much easier and you will enjoy your new box mod much more than just buying the first vape you see.
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