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The Rocket 3 Review

Review Summary

8.5 Total Score
The versatility of the Rocket 3 makes it an easy top choice. Sub-ohm vaping for beginners hasn't been easier.

Vaporfi makes our list a second time due to the overall power that this vaporizer delivers, all while maintaining a vape pen design and size. The Rocket tank that comes with this kit is one our favorites thanks to the adjustable airflow. This little feature is a game changer when it comes to controlling the throat hit.

Overall Score
  • Great throat hit
  • Top-fill tank
  • Sturdy build
  • Small vape tank
  • Warms with heavy use
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VaporFi recently released another e-cig in the vape pen category, but this one comes with a variable voltage battery that allows you to crank up the power. So we should be able to toss this device in the basic personal vaporizer group as well. With the higher levels of power and technology, this e-cig should be a great step up from a disposable style and lower-end vaporizers. After reviewing their smaller model – the Pro – and having a solid experience with it, I went into this one with the mentality that since its more in price, the quality would be equivalent. Coming in at around $49.99, the expectation of delivering a large vapor output should be extremely high.

VaporFi overall has a solid vaping reputation, and the Rocket continues this legacy and stays consistent with the rest of their vaporizer lineup.

This device is compatible with most tanks out there (non-sub-ohm) thanks to the 510 threads. The overall size is roughly six inches with the tank attached and is very lightweight. The voltage dial
is located at the bottom of the device. Even with it being at the bottom it rarely turned itself from setting it down or bumping it.

Set the dial – fill your tank – screw it on and that's it! You are set for vaping for at least the rest of day and into the next.

The button is flush with the battery so even in your pocket, or purse, the odds of accidentally setting it off are slim. If you do, the device has a 15-second cutoff to protect from overheating.

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In The Box

  • 1 2300 mAh Rocket 3 Battery
  • 1 Rocket 3 Tank with one Dual Coil and fully adjustable Airflow Control
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Wall Charging Adaptor
  • 1 Additional Dual Coil ( 0.5ohm) Atomizer
  • 1 User Manual
  • 2 styles of “beauty rings” (space filler from the battery to tank)
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  • Tank Capacity 3.5ml
  • Battery Capacity 2500mah
  • Atomizer Resistance .10 – 0.5 ohm
  • Comes in Black -Purple-Red-Blue-White-Steel

Typically Starter kit here – equipping you with everything you need to get going, except your ejuice.  The battery comes out of the box with a slight charge, so you get to use it asap.  The additional atomizer that comes with this kit is helpful by giving you peace of mind knowing you won't have to buy anything else for this device (minus your e-juice of course). For at least a few months. The “rocket tank” this comes with could definitely be bigger in my opinion (its 3.5ml and most tanks are at least 3.5 or more). But surprising it got me through the day, into the next with normal usage.

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Final Word

different colored Rocket 3'sOut of the box, it looks like your standard vape pen with a tank and variable voltage battery (1600mAh), and it comes with multiple power options (USB charger and wall adapter ).
A powerful battery of that size should last you easily through the day to the next. I found myself only charging the device about three times a week, with heavy use.

I went with the stainless steel design that looks very sleek, and it feels durable and simply a well-built device with almost the perfect amount of weight when in your hand.

The Rocket 3 comes with the Rocket Tank; this tank is a dual coil design that is easy to unscrew and wide enough that filling it wasn't a hassle. Another great feature with this tank is the adjustable airflow tank. This little feature gives you control of how much air is allowed in the tank while vaping and with five vent holes to adjust though. The difference from one hole exposed to five holes exposed changed the taste and throat drastically, making this a truly customizable experience, I found myself swapping this tank onto other devices because of this.

The build, as mentioned, is solid with nothing rattling around. The button is flush with the battery, which can lead you to look for the button – a small downside to the design but cosmetically that was the only hangup. More importantly, the throat hit – vapor output and flavor of the e-juice. Smooth is the best way to describe it – you feel the e-juice heat up nicely, and the delivery is as thick as you want due to the tank and the smoothness is spot-on. This is definitely one of the stronger hitting devices in this category, I wasn't expecting the output to be as thick as it was based on the size of the device being on the small side. The voltage ranges from 2.7 to 4.2 – I kept my setting at 3.2 to get more out of my battery without losing vapor output. At 4.2 the cloud was massive and easily surpassed other devices in this category, but the handoff was shorter times between charges.

Overall, another solid VaporFi device. The vapor throat hit is heavy enough for the heaviest smoker trying to make the switch. The tank is easy to fill and since the atomizer goes all the way through the tank, if the device gets tipped over your e-liquid doesn't leak -a big plus. With the battery carrying me through the whole day and the USB charging abilities provided, keeping this one going was a breeze. The adjustable power options and the Rocket Tank makes this one a five-star kit and an easily recommendable vape device.

The new $49.99 price tag is alot better than the $120 it originally tagged with. A little higher than we would like but knowing if something does go wrong with your device, Vaporfi has a rock-solid customer support team and you are in very good hands.

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