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Kanger TOGO Mini Review

Review Summary

7 Total Score
The TOGO by Kanger offers you and All-in-One in a tiny package

An ergonomic masterpiece, the Kanger TOGO all-in-one mini vape is extremely one of a kind. With its leak-proof tank and tiny stature, this mini vape is just freaking cool. Easy to use and good for intermediate vapers, the TOGO rocks.

Overall score
  • All-In-One design
  • Great in-hand feel
  • Leak-proof
  • Almost too small
  • Unable to adjust wattage
User Rating: 3.5 (2 votes)
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kanger togo tank and modWhen you look at the product improvement team of Kanger, you would understand why they do not sleep. They are so busy adjusting and adapting to the existing items to develop the new products. Sometimes, you might realize that the Kanger gear might look as attractive and beautiful as ever in its existing products and certainly the one that fits the description.

What Is The Use Of The TOGO?

It is the one-stop solution device for vaping purpose for all the smokers worldwide. If you are an ideal smoker, you might have an experience in usin

g the powerful vaping devices. You would be comfortable in changing the coils, and it certainly needs a lot of power to operate.kanger togo filling tank

One-In-All Device For Vaping

Although this device is a small one, it has some space for a tank with 3.8 ml. This one-piece machine of vaping efficiently uses the space as compared to that of the mods with the two-piece. You will get lots of free space inside a usual frame of this Starter Kit. The 3.8 ml space of the tank is according to the European standards which are accepted by the customers of Europe and Canada.

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In the Box

  • 1 x Kanger TOGO Mini
  • 1 x CLOCC NiChrome 1.0ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x Replacement Glass
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
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  • Dimensions: 3″ x 1-11/16″ x 7/8″ (Including Drip Tip)
  • Ultra Portable All-in-One Design
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Simple One-Button Design
  • 1.9ml e-Liquid Capacity
  • 1600mAh Built-in Battery Capacity
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.15ohm
  • Leak Resistant Top Fill Cup Design
  • Replaceable Glass Tank
  • 5 LED Battery Indicator
  • Durable Finish
  • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • Top Adjustable Airflow Valve
  • Charged via Micro USB Port
  • Compatible with CLOCC Atomizer Heads
  • Includes (1) CLOCC NiChrome 1.0ohm Atomizer Head for 7-15W

The Built Quality

All the starter kits from Kanger including this TOGO mini are built with long-lasting and high-quality equipment. The small device is made of metal alloy aluminum zinc to improve the resilience, corrosion, and make it durable and high resistant to rust. Another adding to the user-friendly and problem-free design of this product is the complete structure of leak-free.

The body of this device protects and stores a 3.8ml Pyrex electric juice tank. The decision of the makers of Kanger kits to choose the glass material instead of the plastic ones is a brilliant move as glass does not penetrate to acid, unlike the plastic that is highly vulnerable to acids in the electric juice. The ability of the glass to resist corrosion deters the physical ruining of the tank, and at the same time, it also makes clearer and purer flavors from the e-juices.

The Quality Of The Vapor

The adjustable airflow organizes valve present in the Kanger vaping kits are leak proof and do not disturb the user at all. It also fine tunes the quantity of air that is drawn into Mini TOGO as you suck the vapor.
To increase the intake of air to get tighter and fuller drags accordingly; you need to rotate the wheel surrounding it either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The adaptable air intake helps in reducing the excessive flow that eventually results when you alter or exchange it between the e-juices through varied numbers and levels of glycerin.
You get both the flavor and vapor production quite good no matter where is the airflow organize set. The cotton coils take out the organic and pure flavor. The device is quite comfortable and handy, and its fire button placement is convenient to operate.

kanger togo in hand

Portability Of The Starter Kit

The Kanger Mini kit is amazingly portable and too simple to use. You will fall in love with it from the very first use itself. The device is simple to handle the one hand as well. This is the reason why it is the ideal choice for users worldwide. It is a great device for the ones who have just decided to quit tobacco smoking. You will get the best experience if you have a Mini TOGO Starter Kit to help you with vaping.

This device constitutes the coil system of top-down which means that an electric juice tank is placed over the cup – like storage or tank which relieves you from the stress of leaking juices.

You will find the adaptable airflow control on the top head of this device. Through rotating the wheel in the clockwise or anticlockwise direction, you can decrease or increase the volume level of air.

The Versatility

The development teams are so full of activity with adapting and adjusting the existing stuff to the new one. The company occasionally tries to portray a beautiful blend of the available items and the latest device the Kanger mini kit is something worth trying.
It is the one-stop solution device for vaping purpose for all the smokers worldwide. For the ideal smoker, you might have an experience in using the powerful vaping devices.
Some Pros and cons of this product are:

• The device has an extremely small mod.
• It has the built-in tank.
• It also portable and easy to travel

• The device is too small for some people to handle.
• a few learning curves

The device is an amazing and affordable new vaping product from Kanger and is a one-stop solution for all the vape lovers. It is all in one kit that has a 1.9 ml tank capacity. It is easy to operate and is compact in every way. All you need to do is fill the tanks with your favorite e- juices and wait until the coil saturates and voila!  It is easy to operate vape mod that you can fit in one hand.
It is simply the best for the beginners who have just quit smoking tobacco and are looking for some alternatives to tobacco once and for all. It is highly portable, and you can carry it anywhere with you.

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Final Word

The kit as a whole offers you the streamlined and ultra-portable vaping experience.  The TOGO vaping starter kit is indeed a small vape planned to meet all the needs of vaping for the beginners and also for the experts. If you are intrigued by this device's features and specifications, thanks to the cost, it would be a small price to pay to potentially find a vape you truly enjoy.

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Last update was on: August 15, 2019 12:45 pm
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