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Eleaf iCare Mini Review

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Review Summary

4.5 Total Score
The iCare Mini by eLeaf is about as small as it gets. Ideal for those lite vapers.

This newer version of the popular eLeaf iCare is a bit smaller and gives us multiple charging options compared to the older model. Extremely quiet and indiscrete!

Overall Score
  • Extremely small
  • No Buttons
  • Fast Charging
  • Battery capacity
  • Not easy to fill
  • Small clouds
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icare mini in handThis newer version of the popular eLeaf iCare is a bit smaller and gives us multiple charging options compared to the older model. Anyone who has been vaping for more than a few years will recall those old cigs a likes that were activated without a button for firing up the battery. In place, these devices had a switch automatically activated by drawing the vapor. In its day, this was considered a big improvement, making e-cigarettes more appealing to smokers who wanted to switch. However, as the technology was improved, most devices switched to button operation for turning on the battery. Inspired by new FDA regulations, the Eleaf is reintroducing the automatic battery switch on the Eleaf iCare Mini vaporizer. This super-compact mini vape device is about the size of a USB drive. The tank is built-in, and the product is specially designed for people who are looking for a tobacco replacement but without packing around a huge vape mod.

Eleaf has taken that a step further with the Mini by removing the fire button altogether – allowing you to add your juice of choice ( less than 80% VG is recommended to prevent clogging) and added way more power than any disposable or cig-a-like. 15 watts to be exact and when you take a pull, the output is sure to surprise did me anyway.

A few features that I loved was the multiple USB ports – one on the device itself allowing for pass-through vaping – and one on the charging station it sits in and also acts as a portable charger when you are away from any sort of USB power outlets. I typically get about 3 hours of solid vaping between full charges. I also enjoyed the lack of noise this thing makes when you’re hitting it. It is extremely quiet -a perfect addition to its size!

A few drawbacks would be when filling it and having a visible indicator when your vaping to see how much battery is left. When filling it, it took me a few times to get good at not over-filling it, since the reservoir is so small, a little goes a long way. And since it’s so small, you have to tilt your head a bit to see what color light is illumination to tell what level of the battery is left, not a huge deal but something to good to know.

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Inside the Box

1 Eleaf iCare vaporizer
2 1.1 ohm coils
1 USB charging cable
1 User manual.

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* Rechargeable 320 mAh, 15Watt batteryeleaf icare mini review
* 1.1-ohm coil
* Size 75 x 14 x 30 mm
* Window for checking e-liquid level

Size: 75x14x30 mm
Tank Capacity: 1.8 ml
Wattage max. 15W
Resistance: 1.0 ohms
Firing mechanism: Draw activated
Fill style: Top loaded
Battery monitoring: LED battery indicator
Charging: 1 amp micro USB charge port

The battery capacity of 320 mAh and the 1.8 ml tank are small – make no mistake about it. It does not hold alot of juice, and by itself, the battery will go about 2-3 hours. This is not for a heavy vaper to be holding on to it all day.  Light smokers and light vapers will love this, and its perfect for those situations when you need to be discreet.  I vape all day but I always have this little guy charged up for when I need to make a quick run somewhere. It is easily one of my most reliable mods I own.

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Final Word

Another impressive feature with the Eleaf iCare Mini is the airflow control feature. This is something that was not available in earlier models of e-cigarettes. Control of the airflow is done by twisting a small shaft at the top of the airflow shaft where it comes out of the tank. By turning this small ring, you can adjust between settings from zero to five, allowing you to choose how tight the draw is. You can also open it all the way up and simply use your finger to cover the airflow when pulling off of it.

It is important to note that before using the Eleaf for the first time, you must prime the coil. See the instruction manual for how to do that.

Overall, thanks to its impressive vapor output, small size, and cool design this is an easy choice for our favorite mini vape list – and coming in around $25 for everything you need to get started (minus juice) is another huge plus!

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