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SMOK Majesty 225W Review

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Review Summary

7.5 Total Score
Price, Power. and Function Meets Beauty

The SMOK Majesty kit is easily one of the best priced (for now) box mod kits for heavy vapors. This box fires up to a massive 225 and comes with one of the best tanks in the game. Easy on the eyes, the Majesty looks amazing. Battery efficiency is a drawback.

Overall Score
  • Great Colors and Looks
  • Fast scroll – Easy to use
  • Resin Body
  • Awesomely priced kit
  • On the heavy side
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If you are after a more grown-up looking vape mod without the flashing lights, then the SMOK Majesty 225W kit might be the perfect setup for you. It’s more of a simple looking mod compared to the procolor which reminds you of a disco. You will find that the Majesty Kit is geared towards a simpler look, with a large screen and a good performing tank. The SMOK TFV8X tank supplied with this kit is the upgraded version of the SMOK TFV8 baby beast. The air flow has been relocated from the bottom all the way up to the top. SMOK state that this provides a leak-proof design and the flavor is far more significant.

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Build Quality

The build quality is far better than the quality I have seen in the past from SMOK. The SMOK alien 200W mod was a great dual 18650 battery device, however, the paint started to wear its way off from general use, even without placing it the same pocket with other items. Nevertheless, SMOK has stepped up their game with the Majesty kit. The quality is very high end with both the resin and carbon fiber editions that are available. Both have a great feel in your hand, the edges are nicely smoothed off and there are no sharp points.

In the box, you get the new SMOK TFV8X tank, the SMOK Majesty 225W mod, a pack of spare parts and two coils included. You will have to purchase separate batteries, my recommendation is the Samsung 25r batteries each rated 2500 mAh. This will provide you with a great combination of battery life and amperage for high wattage.smok majesty screen and buttons

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Looks and Feel

The looks are very eye-catching, the SMOK majesty is available in multiple color options. Different styles for different people. You have the option for resin or you can go for the carbon fiber look. I find that the carbon fiber edition is coated in some sort of shiny plastic, which makes it look slightly less premium than the resin one. The screen itself is a large size and the contrast is very bright, you won’t have trouble reading any kind of vaping data in sunny environments with this mod.

Due to being a new SMOK device, it is also integrating the new user interface the same one used on the procolor mod. The batteries are easy to remove, thanks to the simple design of the bottom hinged open and close style door. All the buttons feel firm and click as they should. They only concern that I have is that if you overtighten the tank onto a black color mod a few times, you can potentially scratch the paint on the 510 connectors. However, this was not the case with the silver version of the Majesty 225W.

In terms of its size, it’s not really a small device, measuring 85.1 mm height, 46.1mm width and 30.6mm of depth. It does stick out of your pocket and can be found bulky as it does weight 161.9 grams and that’s without the batteries.

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Being a 225W rated device lets test its performance. Most mods are usually the same apart from the outer design. However, the SMOK Majesty 225W has three preheat settings which allow you to change how hard it hits when you press the fire button. You are presented with three different options to suit your needs soft, normal and hard. I personally found that setting it on hard really does set you off to blowing huge clouds, its similar how launch control works on a car. I really find this feature cool and brings something different to the vaping scene.

Temperature controls work as it should, you also get your usual pre-sets for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium. For each mode, you can select the different TCT values. The SMOK Majesty mod provides coverage for the usual temperature range of 200 to 600F or 100 to 315C.

Now let’s get to how the new TFV8X tank vapes. In the box you get two coils, the Q2 at 0.4 Ohms and the T6 at 0.2 Ohms. I find that the Q2 is the better coil if you want more flavor from your e-juice, but if you want big clouds the T6 coil is more ideal. The optimal wattage range that I found for the Q2 was exactly at 55 watts and for best clouds without any dry hits on the other T6 coil, 90 watts was the best range. Overall, the TFV8X is a good performing tank and doesn’t leak regardless of the position you leave it in your pocket.

There is even an RBA deck that allows you to build your own coils, which is cheaper in the long term. To make use of the full 225 watts the Majesty can provide, you will need to use a more powerful tank such as the TFV12 prince, as the TFV8X can’t handle high wattages. But, thanks to the 510 threaded connection, you always have the option to upgrade and switch over to bigger tanks.


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Battery Life

The battery life is mostly dependable on the batteries you use and the ohm resistance of the coil. Due to no fancy lighting used in this version of SMOK’S dual 18650 battery mod, you will notice a slight improvement of battery life against the Venom and the Procolor. This is because the mod is not robbing power from the batteries to light up the fancy display. Tested on Samsung 25Rs, vaping around 80 watts you can expect a half a day if you chain vape. With using higher capacity batteries such as the LG HG2 batteries, I could squeeze a day and a half out of it. Being a dual battery mod, it still supports USB charging, so you don’ have to spend more money purchasing an external charger. Tested on a regular 2 amp USB charger, it takes around 90 minutes for a full charge.

smok tfv8 tank

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Living with the Majesty 225 Mod is very easy to adapt to in most cases. The top filling design of the vape tank is easy, all you need to do is flick the hatch open and squeeze in your bottle of e-juice to fill. The life span of the coils tend to wear out quick if you vape at higher wattages, I found that the Q2 coils lasted a few days extra compared to the power-hungry T6 coil. Coils only come in a pack of three are more expensive than the regular TFV8 baby beast coils. Vendors will carry TFV8X coils, however as it is a newer tank the coils will be priced accordingly. Price of the coils may go down as the tank ages. Cleaning like with all SMOK tanks is easy, all parts are removable and is made of stainless steel are easily washable.


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Final Word

Overall, if you want to play no games and straight get into vaping the SMOK Majesty 225W kit provides everything you need. No fancy lights, just straight to the point. If you are planning to try the new TFV8X tank, you might as well get a new mod with it for a few extra bucks. This kit is well worth it for the money and you will have lots of fun using the new user interface.

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