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Aspire Athos Tank Review

Review Summary

8 Total Score
The Athos by Aspire is their heaviest hitter yet!

Aspire continues to impress us and the vaping community in general. Their latest sub-ohm tank - the Athos - delivers on all levels that heavy vapers look for. Big clouds, impressive flavor results and extremely to take apart for cleaning, this tank has very few flaws.

Overall Score
  • Airflow controls on top and bottom
  • Penta-coil head - five coils built-in
  • Great for 80watts and over
  • Size - a tad on the larger side
User Rating: 4 (1 votes)
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The Aspire Athos sub-ohm tank has quite a reputation behind it. Besides being the bundled atomizer of choice when purchasing the Aspire Speeder kit, it’s surprisingly popular as a standalone tank mainly due to its remarkable cloud-chasing performance. The uses a 25mm diameter base meaning that its got plenty of chamber space for maximum vapor production making it a solid go-to choice for competitions where cloud chasing is king. But that doesn’t mean that the Aspire Athos produces sub-par flavor. Let’s take a closer look at this much talked about piece of kit, see what makes it tick and conclude why it might be the perfect choice for your next upgrade.

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Aesthetics and Build Quality

Just based on a single glance, it’s not difficult to conclude that the Aspire Athos is one hell of a looker. It’s streamlined design featuring a beautifully polished and finished stainless steel encasing the Pyrex glass chamber puts it a cut above the rest of the competition where looks are concerned. The tank holds a good amount of e-liquid with 4ml as the rated maximum so it’s definitely not falling short in that regard.

The design isn’t just a pretty face either as it serves a vital and invaluable function: protecting the glass chamber for drops and falls. Where most tanks fail is that a single drop is usually enough to shatter the fragile glass used to hold the e-liquid. The sturdy stainless steel acts as a rock-solid protective sleeve around the actual glass sheltering it from any possible impact and the glass is properly recessed inside the steel exterior making it even less prone to accidental shattering when dropped.

The top of the tank uses a threaded top fill design where the knurling on the top cap feels comfortable to the touch and can be easily gripped and twisted open with just two fingers. The bottom of the Aspire Athos features an impressive triple channel adjustable airflow which is one of the secrets to the tank’s superior cloud production. Airflow feels reasonably smooth especially when adjusted to wide open and even when closed down doesn’t produce much turbulence or annoying whistling. The airflow can be fully closed as well, which can be a godsend for avoiding those nasty leaks which happen when the tank is stored in a non-upright position.

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Vapor Production and Flavor Quality

The Aspire Athos comes packaged with a single A3 and A5 coil head rated at 0.3 and an impossibly low 0.16 ohms respectively. While the A3 coil head uses a smaller triple coil setup it still holds a massive advantage over the most typical dual coil and single coil setups commonly seen in competing kits in terms of overall cloud production. Flavor Production falls around the ballpark of “adequate” to “intense” depending on how hard you ramp up the coils on your setup of choice.

The A5 coil head, however, is a different beast altogether. Using an impressive penta-coil setup, it easily outstrips the competition when it comes to vapor production making it the ideal weapon of choice for vapers when cloud chasing is the main priority. Using this coil usually requires the airflow to be opened up all the way otherwise the heat output and vapor becomes too intense for casual vapers but your mileage may vary depending on how hot you really want your vape to be.

The Aspire Athos kit also comes with a clear 12mm wide bore drip tip as well as a 14mm black Delrin drip tip indicating that this is a cloud chasing tank first. But that doesn’t mean that flavor production is sub-par. It’s quite excellent considering the massive amounts of airflow being pulled through the tanks triple channel airflow system.

Athos Vape Tank review

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In the Box

    • 1 Aspire Athos Vape Tank
    • 1 A3 Athos Coil (0.3 ohms)
    • 1 A5 Athos Coil (0.16 ohm)
    • 1 Clear Wide Bore Drip Tip
    • 1 Black Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip
    • Set of Spare Parts


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Final Word

The Aspire Athos is a big boy tank for lack of a better term. Despite its reasonable pricing, it offers unparalleled vapor production with a satisfactory flavor that should definitely please even the most hardcore vapers out there.

Casual vapers aren’t left out of the loop though, as the Aspire Athos also supports single coil setups although the A1 coil head isn’t an included option in the kit. Just take note that the Aspire Athos needs a lot of power to reach its full potential and it’s highly unlikely that a single battery mod will be able to power this monster sufficiently. Double or triple battery mod users will be hard-pressed to find a better performing sub-ohm tank at this price point, performance, and quality.

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1 year ago

has no one had trouble opening the tank to put the coil in? i managed the first time, but this last time it just wont budge. so i ended up buying another one as i liked the tank and thought it may just be a dud.

any ideas on how to open it?
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