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SubHerb Target Mini Kit Review

Review Summary

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The smallest herbal vape to date - the Subherb Target is a top device for Stealth

This compact powerhouse delivers 40watts along with advanced temp control settings - gets the most out of your herbs. The "Black" herb tank that comes included gets maximum flavor out of your herbs and concentrates. A lighting fast 3.8-second heat up rivals devices three times its price.

Overall Score
  • Size Size Size
  • Versatile "Black" herb tank
  • Digital screen
  • Short battery life
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If you' re into vaping dry herb (pretty much a given if you're reading this) and have always wondered if a pocket-friendly and stealth capable vaporizer actually exists then today just me be your lucky day. The SubHerb Target Mini by MigVape is definitely smaller than your average vaporizer. Size is no determining factor when it comes to its potential vaping power though as the SubHerb Target Mini reaches a maximum of 40 watts.

Packaged with an easy to use interface, this little device just might be the pocket vaporizer you need. Let's take a closer look at the SubHerb Target Mini, see how it vapes, and decide if it's worth picking up.

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Aesthetics & Build Quality


If you're taking a close look at the SubHerb Target Mini and are thinking to yourself that the device looks really familiar, there's a good reason for that: The main body of the mod is actually the exact same device released by Vaporesso. The only one difference exists between the kits released by MigVape and Vaporesso and that's the atomizer that's bundled with the mod. The kit by Vaporesso functions as an electronic cigarette and includes a Guardian sub-ohm tank designed for vaping e-liquid. The MigVape kit, on the other hand, includes MigVape's own Black Sub-Herb tank which allows for vaporization of dry herbs. That's pretty much it!

The body of the kit comes in an attractive black and red colorway with the mod itself using a jet black finish with red accents in the form of the firing button, and menu/+/- buttons for making needed changes to the device's settings. The back of the device features a carbon fiber inlay which further adds to the stealthy appeal of the kit. The main body is one of the smallest we've seen as far as portable vaporizers go and its one of the easiest devices to conceal with the palm of your hand.

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Flavor Quality & Vaping Performance

One big advantage that comes with conduction-style vaporizers is that they're a lot easier to use and maintain when compared to their convection counterparts. The same holds true for the SubHerb Target Mini, simply load up the ceramic bowl with your ground-up herb of choice, place the glass chimney on top and make sure the o-rings form a good seal, turn on the device with a simple five clicks on the firing button and you're ready to vape!r

The flavor when vaping on the SubHerb Target Mini can be quite intense depending on what wattage setting you're using. 40 watts tends to be a bit overkill, especially when vaping a fresh bowl so its recommended to start low then work your way up and slowly extract all compounds from your herb. Vapor production is on point as well and you definitely get a good measure of how much you're actually vaping with each puff when vaping on the SubHerb Target Mini. Just be careful not to pack the bowl too full and grind the herb properly as conduction type vapes aren't as efficient when it comes to distributing heat evenly throughout the bowl.

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In the Box

  • Black Sub-herb tank Kit complete
  • Dab Tool
  • New heat sensitive air-flow-base
  • Rubber tank protector
  • User Manual
  • Gold plated 510 connectors
  • A Pretty Gift Box
  • 1400 Mah VW /TC mod
  • 1 USB Cable
  • OFFER *Buy a coil for 50% off with this kit
  • DOA Day Warranty Factory defect
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Final Word

The bottom line with our experience vaping on the SubHerb Target Mini is that we've yet to experience any combustion which what anyone would expect from a quality device. The strong flavor and vapor output make it a compelling choice when matched up against other kits in its price range. But what seals the deal is sheer stealth factor that the SubHerb Target Mini offers. It's one of the most discreet portable vaporizers you can get your hands on these days and makes the kit a must-buy for any vaper who tends to bring their vaporizer with them at all times.

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