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Pax 3 Review

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Review Summary

9.5 Total Score
A Legend In It's Own Time.

The Pax lineup of herbal vapes has been the pinnacle over the last decade and the Pax 3 is their latest of impressive models. Extremely versatile with its ability to vape concentrates and its newly designed tank makes it one of the most efficient herbal vapes on the market. This kit comes with tons of extras - multiple mouthpieces - cleaning tools - and replacement screens just to name a few. The Pax 3 is easily one of the best portable vapes out there.

Overall Score
  • Small and Compact
  • Easy To Fill
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • One Button to Use All Settings
  • Complex UI
  • Fingerprint Magnet
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The legalization of recreational marijuana across the United States has created a massive demand for devices that lets people vaporize weed. It all started in the year 2007, when the original PAX was developed as the weapon of choice for weed smokers who were in search of a portable herbal vaporizer. The PAX has come a long way since taking the cannabis world by storm nearly a decade ago. The device has now evolved into the PAX 3 which has been described by many as the iPhone of vaporizers.

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In the Box?

The PAX 3 comes in a pretty decent kit that comes with the following items:

One PAX 3 Vaporizer
• One Concentrates Insert
• One Charging Cable plus a Dock
• One Multi-Tool
• Two Mouthpieces
• Two Oven Lids (full and half pack)
• Three Replacement Screens
• One Replacement O-ring (this is for the concentrates insert)
• One Maintenance Kit


reviewing the pax 3

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  • Temp Settings on Device: 4
  • Temp Settings on App: 60+
  • Dynamic Heat Modes: Yes
  • Temp Controls: App + Device
  • Vibration Notifications: Yes
  • Works with Loose Leaf: Yes
  • Works with Concentrates: Yes
  • Battery Size: 3500 mAh
  • Sessions Per Charge: 8-10
  • Charge Time: 90+ Minutes
  • Device Size: 4″h X 1″w X 1″d
  • Temperature Range: 360-420F
  • Oven Size (with Full Pack oven lid): 0.3g
  • Average Heat Time (room to 400F): 20 Seconds
  • App Support: Yes via Bluetooth
  • BlueTooth Range: 10 Feet
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  •  It works with flowers and concentrates  
  • It provides haptic feedback (the device vibrates to let you know that the vapor is ready when you are entering standby mode and when the device is turned off)
  •  The device has a highly polished anodized aluminum steel shell
  •  It takes approximately 15 seconds to heat up (this is twice as fast as the PAX 2)
  •  4 different temperature settings
  •  Full color LED interface that shows you the battery life, temperature and other important bits of information
  •  Equipped with internal accelerometer to conserve energy and restrict the consumption of material
  •  3500 mAh battery (16% bigger than the one in PAX 2)
  •  It has twice the oven power of the PAX 2
  •  Built it Bluetooth connection; compatible with the PAX Vapor app
  •  Dimensions of 98.5 x 30.6 x 21.4 make it conveniently portable
  •  The product comes with a 10-year warranty
  •  It is currently available on the market in 4 different colors including Black, Gold, Silver and the limited edition Rose Gold.


The price is a huge factor for buyers when it comes to making important purchases. The PAX 3 is being sold on the market for $274.99. Some may say that this is a very hefty price to pay for a vaporizer. However, given the quality of the product and the brand value attached to it, most reviewers believe that it is a reasonable price tag.

What’s New?

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of the PAX 3. It comes in a beautiful box that resembles Apple’s wonderful packaging and contains a bunch of new features that any user would look forward to. The most notable new feature is the ability to vape concentrates.

As mentioned before, there is a dedicated app to track your activity with the PAX 3. In addition to that, you can use the app to customize the temperature at which you want to vape. Connecting the device to a smartphone makes vaping a lot more convenient for users, even for those who are not tech savvy.

You can also expect the PAX 3 to surprise you with a collection of new games that can be easily accessed through the app. This adds to the overall appeal of the product and tells you that the manufacturers are going out of their way to create a one of a kind vaping experience for the users.

The Half-Pack Oven

One of the biggest problems that users had with the PAX 2 was its inability to provide a satisfying session without being stuffed with a large amount of herb. This is not the case with the PAX 3 thanks to the half-pack oven. The chamber size has been reduced significantly but there has been no decline in the effectiveness of the product. It works just as well with only half the material making it a great portable vaporizer.

Vape Quality

The flavor that you get from the PAX 3 is fantastic. It may not be significantly better than the one the PAX 2 musters up, but it is certainly on point. You can literally taste the flower’s terpene profiles in your mouth. The vape knows when to heat the chamber so the lack of burnt, or wasted hits are a huge plus. The vapor comes through extremely smooth and delivers the most flavor from a portable herb vape than we can remember from past devices. Harsh tokes are non-existent thanks to the efficiency of the device overall. Easy to draw from with a simple 2-3 second pull to get a very satisfying hit.

Dry Herb

The one thing you will notice about the PAX 3 when you are using it with the dry herb is that it gives you much greater control over the temperature. Not to mention, it also requires a considerably small amount of herb to pack a punch. You will be enjoying a smooth and steady stream of vapor as long as the herb lasts.


The PAX 3 vaporizes the concentrates much like it does with the dry herb. You are not going to get enormous clouds of vapor right off the bat like the ones you get from Kandypen or any wax vape pen equipped with coils. However, the flavor that the device extracts from the concentrates is quite extraordinary, to say the least.

It is tasty – it is satisfying, and it gives you a kick without knocking you off of your senses. You are not going to get a burning sensation from your throat which is a very common problem with even some of the best vape pens out there. You are also going to be relieved of the trouble of getting any of the annoying baby or ghost hits. It is as though the manufacturers have focused all their efforts on making you concentrate on nothing other than the flavor.

What’s undoubtedly impressive about the vape quality of the PAX 3 is that it does not really matter if you have dry herb or concentrates in the chamber. The device is designed to work equally well with both ingredients. Not only that, the way in which it works with the herb or the concentrate is of a very similar nature. Regardless of what you put inside the chamber, you can expect more or less the same vaping experience every time you heat up the PAX 3.

A small amount of concentrate can last for a lengthy period of time in the PAX 3. With a vape pen, a tiny piece of wax would get you three to four hits at the most whereas the PAX 3 provides you with at least 15 minutes of vaping bliss at a stretch.


Cleaning the wax chamber is not a difficult task with the PAX 3. All you have to do is remove the chamber from the rubber base, soak it in alcohol and rinse it with water. The wise thing to do is use up as much wax as you can from the chamber before you decide to remove it and clean the container.

It is worth noting that stop-and-go sessions are not the ideal way of using the PAX 3. This is because the herb gets quite sticky when left unused in the chamber for a few hours. You are unlikely to face this problem if you are using the PAX 3 to vape concentrates.

The PAX Vapor App

As mentioned before, the PAX 3 is equipped with Bluetooth technology that connects it to the PAX Vapor app which you can download on your smartphone. Once you have paired your phone with the device, the app takes over and provides you with information that has been recorded on the PAX 3. If you want, you can even name your device using the PAX Vapor app.

The following are some modes that may come in handy once you start getting the hang of using the app:

a) Boost: This mode reduces auto-cooling (Don’t keep this mode on for too long because the device can get extremely hot)

b) Stealth: As the name suggests, the lights go dim and the cooling is increased. This is practically the energy saver mode.

c) Efficiency: This mode ensures that the temperature continues to rise steadily over time.

d) Flavor: You turn this mode on to take the heating up a notch and provide maximum flavor.
Pros and Cons

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Final Thoughts

If you are in the habit of buying vaporizers in excess of $200, then the price of the PAX 3 should not bother you. It is not an overhyped, overrated and overpriced product by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, if you haven’t purchased a lot of vaporizers before and if you are just starting out, then it would be wise to keep your hands off the PAX 3 before the manufacturers decide to lower its price sometime in the near future.

One of the main reasons why the PAX 3 is likely to do well in the market is the app integration that it brings to the table. Vapers loved advanced technology and all the excitement that surrounds it. Besides, the PAX Vapor app is actually useful and not a mere gimmick that is intended to entice you into buying the product.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there aren’t much better highly portable vaporizers out there than the PAX 3. If you want to spend big, then you might as well spend it on the product that is known as the iPhone of vaporizers. I loved the Pax 2 and thankfully they simply didn't come out with a new device just for the purpose of bringing out something new, but have listened to their customers and focused on the little things we wanted to see improved.

The Good:

• It has a remarkable battery life – almost 90 minutes between charges.

• The Half-Pack option takes the efficiency of the device to the next level

• Equally good at vaporizing dry herbs and waxy concentrates

• It is extremely portable and lets you smoke weed discretely

• It is connected to a helpful app via Bluetooth

• You can apply multiple modes for a more flexible vaping experience

• The product has a 10-year warranty

• It is easy to maintain and clean

The Bad:

• It does not have a pass-through charging function

• The concentrates chamber can only hold a small amount of material and gets extremely hot after long periods of use

• The device cannot be used on the highest setting for too long

• The product does not look much different from its predecessor the PAX 2

• The fingerprint magnet finishing is not appealing

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