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The Express Starter Kit Review

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Review Summary

9 Total Score
One of the most creditable vendors to date - Vaporfi makes one of the best starter kits

The Express comes with two powerful 4.5 batteries, resulting in massive vapor output. Incredible build quality - backed by a money back guarantee, the Express is not only one of our favorites but the reviews from others only backup the claim of being "one of the best".

Overall Score
  • Two batteries
  • Two chargers
  • Great taste
  • Easy to use
  • Limited flavors
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The EXPRESS rechargeable starter kit from VaporFi (formerly known as Vapor Zone) is designed to satisfy and impress any light-to-medium-smoker. With it's simple design and sleek looks, the Express starter kit is easy to use and maintain. There is no need to refill the cartridges with e-liquid as the Express comes with prefilled cartridges, ready to use. Many smokers who are first getting into electronic cigs find the two-piece body (battery + cartridge) to be easier to use than a more advanced and powerful e-cig like a vape pen or a vape mod.

The battery used in the Express is an advanced lithium-ion battery that delivers just the right amount of power to each puff. These types of batteries are the best for a high-drain devices, as they are stable, and you can recharge them hundreds of times before the power starts to fade. These batteries are set to crank out 4.5 volts to the cartridges, so they are more powerful than most of the other rechargeable kits out on the market. That results in better vapor production, throat hit, and ultimately a tobacco-free lifestyle!

There are two batteries in the kit so you can charge one while using the other one, a must for any smoker worried about being stranded without their e-cig charged up. They also have two charging options for you to charge your device with, a USB charger and a wall charger.

When getting started with this kit make sure to pick up some “pre-filled” cartridges (5-pack). There are five different flavors to choose from, or if you wish you can purchase refillable cartridges and then pick a few e-juices from VaporFi's massive catalog and fill the cartridges yourself. If adding the ejuice yourself sounds complicated, it's actually quite the opposite. The video at the bottom of this reviews shows you how easy it is.


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In The Box

  • 1 Standard Express Batteryvaporfi express batteries
  • 1 High-Capacity Express Battery
  • 1 Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Membership Card
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  • Rechargeable Standard Battery 180Mah (810 D2 threading ) 2.5 Inches in length
  • Rechargeable High Capacity Battery 280Mah (810 D2 threading ) 3.25 inches in length
  • USB Charger Model KR808D-2 Input: DC 4.5V Output: DC 4.5V
  • USB Wall Charger Adaptor 100-240V
  • Output Charger Model :WRP08U-050050u
  • Prefilled Cartridge 1 ml (purchased separately)
  • Refillable Cartridge Capacity 1 ml (purchased separately)
  • Clear Mini Cartomizer Capacity .9 ml (purchased separately)

The additional battery this kit comes with is very handy – this is a huge plus. The wall charger charges incredibly fast, I never had an issue of not having a battery readily available. For heavy smokers, it might be a good idea to grab an extra battery to keep in the car or office. You can, if you wish, use the Clear Mini Cartomizer instead of the standard cartridges to gain more e-liquid capacity and save money by buying e-liquid in the bottle vs. buying the prefilled cartridges. These are refillable and allow you to use whatever e-liquid you wish. I suggest getting a few of these if you are a heavy smoker or want to try several different liquids out.

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Final Word

Vaporfi Ecigs


The Express Starter Kit from Vaporfi is a go-to choice for someone wanting a better-built device, compared to any disposable e-cig out there, and that both satisfies your nicotine cravings and looks stylish. Personally, I didn't care what my first cig-a-like looked like as I simply wanted it to keep me from grabbing a smoke, thankfully I got both with the Express kit; good looks and a reduced temptation to smoke. With the option to use a refillable cartomizer or a prefilled cartridge, you will have the ability to change your setup when you need to.Using the refillable clearomizer will also save you money in the long run by doing it yourself instead of constantly buying prefilled cartridges.

Overall this is a great starter kit and is highly recommended for anyone looking to move into vaping. This kit comes with everything you need except the cartridges. You can go two ways with your choices; one way is with the pre-filled options (6 flavors to choose from) or you can grab some refillable cartridges and then you have access to Vaporfi's massive 30,000 flavor lineup of e-juice to choose from! Thankfully the site is very is to navigate and the whole process is very straightforward.

For $29.99, a money back guarantee, two powerful batteries, and most importantly, the close resemblance of a traditional cigarette this is one kit that is tough to beat. Grab an Express Starter Kit and see what a good e-cigarette tastes like. Don't forget to check out their gift cards that you can use to give to another smoker. An electronic cigarette is one of the best gifts you can give anyone who smokes.

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