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South Beach Deluxe Kit Review

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Multiple kits options - someone for every type of smoker

SouthBeachSmoke was one of the original cig-a-likes starter kits that has helped thousands of people kick cigarettes. This classic kit is still one of our favorites thanks to its great tasting flavors, ease of use, and its phenomenal price point.

  • Well Priced
  • Multiple Flavors
  • Multiple Chargers
  • Lack of color options
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SouthBeachSmoke Ecig Starter Kit
The Deluxe Kit by SouthBeachSmoke is one of the easiest ways to get started in the e-cig world. This convenient starter kit comes packed with everything needed to enjoy a traditional tobacco alternative along with the ability to use them practically anywhere.

Comprised of the patented 2-piece design  ( battery component + atomizer/cartridge ) this all-in-one combo eliminates any need for maintenance as the nicotine cartridge is simply replaced with a new one. Without the hassle of replacing the atomizer – as this is built into each cartridge.  SouthBeachSmoke has changed the game with their patented SuperMax battery. Most rechargeable e-cigs are good for a few hours – but thanks to their SuperMax running at a slightly higher voltage, getting a whole day between charges is the new standard. With this higher voltage, you get the same amount of vapor from a lesser pull than needed with a smaller voltage battery, thus lasting longer.  Another bonus with this battery is the charge time, in less than an hour you are back up and running.

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Kit Options

With 15+ Flavors and 5 different nicotine strengths to choose from and multiple charging options – this kit is extremely well rounded. The look of the device is easy on the eyes and the tip is a diamond design, which adds a little bling to it. Many e-cig starter kits look vaguely the same and typically come with the same equipment (battery-charger-nicotine) so to decipher what's good from bad you have to actually use for a week or two. After a couple weeks with this e-cig, it was EASY to put these guys on our list of recommended starter kits!

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In The Box

  •  1 Deluxe SuperMax Lithium Ion Standard Batterysouthbeachsmoke e-cig review
  •  1 Deluxe SuperMax Lithium Ion High-Capacity Battery  – equivalent to 500+ puffs!
  •  1 Portable Wall Charger
  •  1 USB Charging Adapter
  •  10 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers (equivalent to 14-16 packs of traditional smokes)
  •  Your choice of Flavor and Nicotine Strength
  •  The Deluxe Starter Kit Guide/Manual


This kit is packed with goodies. Some starter kits only give you a few cartridges to get started with some even offer none at all and require you to purchase them separately. The fact that South Beach Smoke gives you 10 in this kit is a great way to get started with any e-cig kit!
The SuperMax battery is no joke. This battery easily lasts me all day and recharges quickly – two major bonuses here.

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Final Word

This Starter Kit from SouthBeachSmoke has recently upgraded this kit over the last year to include a USB charger, and they add 5 more cartomizers to the kit as well. Also, they kept their price the same – which from a Starter Kit perspective is rare. When dealing with starter kits, this one of heavier throat hits compared to some of the most popular kits out there that we have tested.

I was extremely impressed with the 24mg Tobacco flavor and the battery life of the SuperMax model. When picking a starter kit, don't let the lack of flavor options be a factor. When you started smoking traditional cigarettes you pretty much had two options – tobacco and menthol – so to have over 10+ flavors to choose from is perfect. I recommend picking at least two or three flavors – the typical tobacco or menthol – depending on what you are used to and then a flavor or two that just sounds good.

There are cheaper kits out there. But when you do a comparison to the money spent on traditional smokes over the course of a month, even “light” smokers will quickly surpass the cost of this kit in a week or two. So with this kit coming in at $59.99 is pretty par for the course.  No regrets here – SBS's starter kit options are definitely some of the best on the market. Only real drawbacks with this kit are there's no way to tell when your cartridge is getting low. Because the taste is the same from the first to the last, there is very indication that the cartridge is near the end. So make sure to always keep an extra cartridge handy.

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Starter Kit Options: Deluxe Kit, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Ultimate, Deluxe Couples Kit, or Power Cig. 

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