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ZC Aristo Disposable E-Cigar Review

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ZC Aristo is one of our favorite e-cigars to date. The "Cuban Gold" hits the mark with taste and vapor production.

With almost a over a year in development, the creators of the ZC were aiming towards perfecting, and they came extremely close. Their Cuban Gold Bold is in a class all its own with its distinct flavor and overall look. Thanks to its new and improved battery, this beast will last well over 900-1000 puffs.

Overall Score
  • Good Price
  • Great Flavor
  • 3 Nicotine Options
  • Only 900-100 Puffs
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Aristo is one of the few dedicated e-cigar manufacturers in the vape game today. Their ZC is the epitome of what a great e-cigar should look like, taste like, and deliver a spectacular ecigar vaping experience.

The taste hits the mark with a “golden glaze” approach. Very smooth draw and a slightly sweet aftertaste, this ecigar tastes amazing.  This is disposable so once the battery is dead or the taste starts to fade – its time to toss it. Thankfully these solo e-cigars only cost $20 each and as mentioned, last a long time. Having an extra is always recommended and Aristo gives you a great discount on two or more when checking out.

Unlike most ecigars on the market – Aristo gives you the options of different nicotine strengths. Strengths: 0mg (Light) , 12mg (mild).18mg (bold) – most cigar smokers will opt for the 18mg to achieve optimal resemblance to the traditional stoogie.

Nothing difficult here, the only thing in the box is the one ecigar – unwrap it and start vaping. Nice and easy and a crowd favorite, this e-cigar will impress you and your friends at that next social setting – or relax session after work.  If you are looking to take your ecigar vaping to the next level, definitely check out their Aristo V2 rechargeable ecigar – allowing you to replace the battery and refill the tank – getting much more out of your purchase.

If you simply need a great tasting e-cigar for a night out this is highly recommended.


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  1. Purchased the aristo e cigar and have been very very pleased.
    Great review!

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