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Cigavette Disposable Cuvana E-Cigar Review

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Review Summary

10 Total Score
The Cuvana is the ultimate when it comes to mirroring the real deal.

When dealing with taste, looks and overall experience - this is it. If you're looking for the closest thing to a Cuban this is a must try. The Cuvana comes thru with highest marks, 1800+ puffs per cigar is a huge bonus as this one can make it through any poker tourney. Awesome price for an e-cigar that should cost a lot more - easy 5 stars.

Overall Score
  • Authentic Cigar Taste
  • 1800 Puffs
  • Ring Size 46-48
  • Disposable
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The Cuvana is the closest e-cigar to a real Cuban we have ever tried. With a very distinct cigar taste and awesome vapor output, this one makes our list with flying colors!

 With a massive 1800+ puff battery this one will last for many poker tournaments. The Cuvana is one of the few e-cigars that offers three different levels of nicotine to choose from.

Cigavette has been around for many years and this e-cigar has been one of the reasons why they are still one of the best vendors out there.

The Cuvana E-Cigar Specs:

Signature ‘CUBAN' flavor
1,800 puff capacity
2+ year shelf life
Ring size 46-48
18mg, 12mg, or 0mg (nicotine content)
Authentic hand-rolled look and feel
Realistic LED flame tip
100% disposable / No battery to charge
Use almost anywhere!

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Comes in Single E-Cigar or 10 Pack Option

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