The New Laws of the TPD

TPD Rules and Regs for Vaping

The New Laws of the TPD: Bad News for the Vape Industry?

As May rolls in, with it, comes the new TPD laws…

In as little as 2 weeks (May 20th) the vape industry will bear witness to the new TPD laws. This is always a testing time for e-cigarette vendors and consumers alike. For those who don’t know, the TDP (Tobacco Products Directive) is a regulatory body created by the EU by un-elected officials voted into power through MEP’s and alongside pharmaceutical industries.

Due to the changes the TPD has enforced, businesses like myself have had to swiftly.

Side note: Brexit will not affect the current TPD legislation
What is the TPD and What Does it Do?

TPD stands for Tobacco Product Directive, it’s an EU directive that informs the current members of governing states within the EU on how to control tobacco distribution, marketing, and everything in between. The TPD is essentially a strict rulebook on what e-cigarette vendors can, and cannot do.

For those who are aware of the changes that the TPD brings, they’ll know that they need to check the TPD updates as soon as they’re announced in order to legally abide by the new guidelines. I myself have had to slash the prices of many of my products, most notably my e-liquid section, mainly because the TPD has targeted e-liquids, hard.
So, What Are the New Rules?

The first rule that is bound to turn some heads is that the maximum nicotine strength is now 20mg.

This is by far one of the subtle, and arguably clever changes, as it’s quite obvious that the TPD regulations have our health in mind. Cutting down the maximum nicotine strength is an attempt to persuade high nicotine users to cut down their nicotine intake, and while the TPD’s intentions are mostly good, this particular rule could actually have the opposite effect.

Think of it this way, if vapers cannot get their desired nicotine hit from the 20mg bottle, one might argue that they’ll simply go back to smoking regular cigarettes and tobacco.
10ml Size for All E-Liquids

Now we’re starting to get to the more questionable laws, why have they decided to lower the maximum e-liquid size to 10ml? Easy – money.

The costs of e-liquids are guaranteed to increase due to the increased packaging costs, and the fact that the new volume limit is so criminally low. For the people that buy e-liquids in bulk (i.e., 100ml) this will hit you the hardest. The only saving grace is that companies such as Mist have cleverly offered to sell packs of 10×10 multipacks at a discounted price to avoid any legal backlash.
Maximum Tank Capacity Lowered to 2ml

Again, another new law that is sure to aggravate some of the more competitive vapers. By restricting the tank capacity, vapers who enjoy blowing big clouds may have to seek new pastures, as this rule will mean cloud chasing will be more like… well, smaller cloud chasing. Sub-ohm tanks will also take a massive hit because of this, as these tanks fall within the ‘bespoke’ category and usually pack some pretty power tanks.

This is one of the changes that truly does annoy me, as many people now see vaping as a fantastic way to socialize and arrange big gatherings and even events across the world. Many of the events across the UK such as Vaper Expo UK and Vape Jam UK will surely be devastated at this news, as the TPD has essentially restricted the creativity that surrounds the vaping industry.


Is the TPD Making a Positive Impact?

This is a question that is sure to split some sides.

While the law is set in place to safely regulate the use and distribution of e-cigarettes, I personally think that they’ve used ‘safety’ as an excuse to bump up the prices of vaping, and remove much of the creativity – and therefore fun – of the concept.

2017 is sure to be a year in which vape shop owners and vendors need to be on their toes in order to not be found guilty of neglecting the new rules. While many e-cigarette businesses will simply get on with it, the rules do threaten to shut down the smaller e-cigarette companies that simply won’t be able to sell their products due to the restrictions the new TPD laws bring.

So, if you find yourself wondering if your business abides by the new TPD laws, be sure to educate yourself on the official rules changes.


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