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Dry Herb Vaporizers

What is a Dry Herbal Vape?

Dry herbal vaporizers are devices designed to administer herbs and herbal medicine to the user in a healthier, smokeless way by turning it into an inhalable vapor. The chosen vaping material is most often marijuana, but these devices can vaporize a variety of dry herbs. With similar technology to traditional e-cigarettes, dry herb vapes create a potent and enjoyable vapor that provides the user a unique and satisfying experience.

How Do They Work?

The most notable difference between a dry herbal vape and a traditional e-cigarette is in the material itself that is used. Rather than using an e-liquid, these vapes, as their name suggests, use dry herb to create the vapor. Most weed vapes feature a controllable temperature gauge to customize your vapor. Depending on the quality and moisture level in your weed, you may need a higher or lower temperature, so an adjustable gauge allows you not only to adjust for your vaping preference but to also change so you are using the best setting for your favorite herbs.

different styles of herbal vaporizers

Kinds of Dry Herbal Vapes

Portable vs. Desktop

There are two main kinds of dry herb vapes – portable and desktop. The portable versions often look similar to traditional e-cigarettes and have a more discreet style that makes them great when you are traveling or on the go. They contain a rechargeable battery and an easy to use push button to administer the vapor to the user.
Desktop vaporizers are much larger, plug-in models that work great when you are settled down at home. Since desktop models have a more stable power source than portable models, they are often equipped to provide stronger and larger amounts of vapor. Their larger chambers also mean they are ideal for multiple users enjoying a vaping session together.

Desktop vaporizers are generally more expensive than portable models because of the power and options they can provide. However, the choice of which kind is right for you is not likely based on price, but more on your lifestyle and preference.
Convection vs. Conduction

Another differentiation is based on how the heat is applied. There are convection vapes, which heat the marijuana up using warm air. These are the most common kind of herbal vapes and usually the most preferred by vapers. There are also conduction vapes, these are ones where the heating coil actually comes into contact with the herb, which can burn it.

Do They Work?

Dry herb vaporizers are extremely effective. In fact, many users experience more potency and an overall more pleasurable experience than they receive with traditional smoking methods. That being said,, there are several ways you can ensure your vaping experience is as effective as possible.
Grind it up well – Resist the urge to just stuff nugs in your chamber – marijuana and other herbs, in general, vaporize better when they are ground up well. Larger chunks make it harder for the vape to produce an even heat distribution.
Don’t over pack it – If the chamber is overpacked, the heat can’t get through all the weed. This can lead to either burning or waste valuable herb.
Don’t overheat it – Sometimes in the efforts to find a stronger hit, you can easily overheat your herb, causing a harsh and unsatisfying hit. Resist the urge.

Why Vaporize Weed Instead of Smoking?

Vapor is Cleaner than Smoke– Since the vapor is generally less intense than smoke, you can inhale your marijuana without the harsh feeling and irritation that can accompany smoking. Vapor cuts down on that toxic tar smoking can create because vaping focuses on extracting the THC rather than burning the whole herb.Discreet Style and Smell – Since the vapor gives off a much less powerful odor than smoke, you can vape without causing your whole room to smell. pax vaporizer with weed

While there may be a smell accompanying the vapor, which can vary depending on your herb, it dissipates rapidly and simply does not linger like smoke does. In addition, most portable models are so discreet and often resemble traditional e-cigarettes, which makes them perfect for on-the-go, inconspicuous use.

Save More Marijuana – Burning weed destroys the active ingredients rapidly, meaning you do not get a chance to extract all the THC before it is all burnt up. Vaping allows you to get more out of each bowl—in the end making your stash last longer.

How to Find the Best Dry Herbal Vaporizer

Research and education are key when you are making any purchase. First, decide what style works best for you and your lifestyle. Are you an on the go user, or do you enjoy your herb at home? Consider how you use now, and incorporate that into your decision-making process. Then begin reading reviews and talking to friends to get the best idea of what device might be best for you.

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