Halo Vape Juice Review

halo vape juice review
Among the elite when creating vape juice, Halo is atop of many review lists for one reason - they make great juice! Made in the USA along with being some of the purest ejuice we've ever tried helps put these guys on our favorites list.
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Halo has been making some of the best vape juice since vaping began. If you haven't tried them yet, fix this problem asap! Menthol fans HAVE to try their "Sub-Zero" and Fruity-Gourment fans have to try their "Mailbu" - these are just a few of the awesome creations Halo delivers.

$8.49+ per 10ml


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The e-liquid manufacturer Halo has been around since the start of the vaping movement. Considered by many to be the best vape juice on the market they have thrived by keeping the range simple and high quality.

However, of late, Halo has added some great new flavors to appeal to a wider, more sophisticated market. Some of the new flavors should help respond to criticism of a too-narrow range.

New fruit flavors, desserts, and drink themed juice has been added to the range under the “EVO” label. Alongside the new higher voltage Halo V-Type collection, arguably the best vape juice range just got a little bit better.

The high VG V-Type line makes big clouds and is suitable for the higher wattage devices. Despite its quality, at 70%VG and 30%PG it’s not offering much different from the rest of the market but offers another option for vapers.

Halo offers their range over five categories, each with several flavors to choose from. Each one undergoes independent testing (for Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl) and is steeped to ensure the best possible flavor.

Halo's EVO ejuice lineup

The obsession with quality and safety is what makes Halo’s among the best vape juice manufacturers. They want to keep customers safe as well as satisfied with the flavors and taste offered by their range.

The current line-up includes Tobacco, Menthol, Gourmet, and Fruit, in a variety of different nicotine options, from 1.5mg right up to 24mg.

Currently, the Halo range has three sizes (7ml, 10ml, and 30ml) priced at $5.99, $8.49 and $19.99 respectively. This price point puts them in the quality section of the marketplace and emphasizes a brand that has made considerable investments in their product.

With the new flavors, alongside the new higher VG options and the range of nicotine contents, it is clear that Halo has answered their critics and are aiming to keep their place in the market.

Coupled with the independent testing, and continuing efforts to improve quality and safety, consumers can be sure that they are getting the best vape juice on the market. The narrow range just means that all of Halo’s considerable vaping expertise is concentrated in an excellent collection rather than spread over thousands of unnecessary flavor combinations.

Halo Classics

Halo Classics High VG

Halo EVO Line

Halo EVO High VG

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