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Guest Posting Guidelines

E-Cig Guest PostingWe are happy to take guest posts from fellow vapers, vendors, and critics. Guest posting brings new ideas and information and that is exactly what our readers love and we welcome high-quality content that engages and informs. Many of our readers are first-time vapers or relatively new to the world of vaping. The information they read here may help them switch to e-cigs for good, and we take this seriously, so we have a few guidelines for guest posters to follow.

  • Content must be 100% unique, high-quality, and not published anywhere else online. We will not use spun content, and you risk your account being terminated if you submit spun content. Please submit 800+ words for articles and 100-600 words for reviews and rants.
  • Linking to other e-cigs sites is allowed, but limited to 1 link per article to avoid spammy profiles. Linking to authority sites like Wikipedia, news sites, research docs, and other info reference sites should be done but limited to no more than 5 authority links per article.
  • Vendors may submit product related articles such as product launch info, general promotional content, and comparisons, but must not submit misleading reviews. We love small e-cig companies and understand their importance to this industry. Please tell us about your cool devices and tasty liquids. Vendor posts will need to use the vendor's name as the author and will need to verify the account using a company email address.
  • Reviews must be from actual users. NO FAKE REVIEWS! Please keep reviews on topic and use a professional demeanor. Talk about what you like and what you don't like but please don't come here to simply slam a product. Our readers want to find a product that suits them, so please focus on the positives. If you can't find anything good about a product, please don't waste time or server space talking about.
  • Rants are okay if they are professional. We want our readers to know about bad vendors and products, but it must be civil and on topic. We will not publish hateful or disrespectful rants that bring nothing to the conversation, our readers want to read a story. Tell us about your issue and how you went about getting it resolved and what the outcome was. Don't tell us “these guys suck and you should never buy their product!!!!!!”
  • E-Liquid Reviews are generally shorter and more opinionated than device reviews. Please focus on the quality, packaging, customer service, etc.
  • Each article will be proofed by our Editor, and the final say is up to him whether it gets published. We reserve the right to edit grammar and sentence structure if needed.
  • Abuse or spam will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate accounts and posts from violators.

If you agree to the above and would like to post, please register here.


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