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Finding The Best Herbal Vape For 2017

best herbal vape


An herbal vaporizer is the best option for vaporizing medicinal or recreational marijuana, dried leaf herb, and essential oils. As the name implies, herbal vapes are for non e-liquids and dried leafage materials. When it comes to finding the best herbal vape, reading reviews is critical as most of these devices can range into the hundreds of dollars.

When used properly, these vaporizers deliver far fewer carcinogens and tar than sticking a flame to your material.

They do this by heating the material up to a temperature that is below combustion levels, but hot enough to vaporize the desired ingredients into an inhalable vapor.

Essential oil and herbal vaporizers are available in a wide variety of styles which range from small portable types to very large desktop styles.

Modern vaporizers blend science and elegant aesthetics offering aromatherapy and medicinal benefits way beyond the common combustion delivery methods. Most vaporizers available today can use both, essential oils and dried herbal products.

Large numbers of people are using tobacco or dried herbs in these vaporizers, allowing a clean delivery of the medical or enjoyable characteristics of the essential oils and herbs.

Herbal vaporizers are popular because of the recent end to prohibition of marijuana in some states and the fact that many smokers want a better delivery of the material.

Portable Vapes

portable herbal vapes for 2017

These smaller devices are specially made with mobile vaporizing in mind. This handheld vape does not require electricity but runs with rechargeable batteries making it discrete and compact.

They often appear similar to vape mods (although some varieties of mods have the ability to vape herbs, oils and e-liquids. Note V2 Pro Series 7) making them perfect in the case of needing to be stealthy while vaping.

The portable vaporizers have become very affordable especially when compared with the desktop styles.

Because of the high temperatures needed for vaporizing dried leaf herbals and/or essential oils, the portable styles normally have much smaller heat chambers as opposed to the desktop style, making them especially useful for short-term use for a single person or perhaps two people, but the size requires the need for frequent refilling.

For anyone seeking a quality ve which is available for an on the go lifestyle, portable vapes are top of the list in choices.

Desktop Vapes

best desktop herbal vapeThe larger of the two popular styles of vaporizers.

The biggest difference – besides the size – is the amount of electricity that is used for heating the element to the desired temperature.

The desktop style of units have the ability to deliver vapor using AC for providing a powerful delivery right in the home.

For those wanting to make use of their vaporizer in the home often and without a mess, these are the best vape choices.

Normally, the desktop vape has a plastic tube or “whip” for drawing directly from the mouthpiece, or in some cases, a balloon for vapor delivery.

Another advantage in using the whip is the fact that inhaling from a distance from the actual machine is now possible.

By placing the device on a table, one may relax in a comfortable chair or couch. A direct draw with your mouth – or near your mouth – is a bit uncommon but is an option if you choose to use it that way.

Using the balloon method is a fine way to enjoy vaping from a distance and does not require that the vape run continually.

Some people fill the balloon and within ten to twenty minutes they are inhaling their favorite herbal choice. Both of these methods, balloon, and whip allow vapor to lower in temperature and are thus much less irritating on the lungs and throat than traditional hot vapor.

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