Best Tobacco Flavor E-Liquids

Many smokers and former smokers enjoy the flavor of tobacco. It has a familiar taste and is often the first flavor many vapers start vaping with. The problem is that the tobacco flavor from cigarettes that smokers are used, to is produced by burning dried plants, while the tobacco flavor in e-juice is made by adding different flavors together to simulate a tobacco taste. This has resulted in many different variations of tobacco flavors. Many of them coming way short of the baseline taste we are all used to.

Thankfully, there are several vendors who understand this and have perfected the art of mixing the best tobacco flavored e-juice. Many of these vendors have tried and tested different e-liquid flavoring for months, sometimes years, in order to bring you the best-flavored e-juice available. If you want the best tobacco flavor, any one of the following flavors is sure to please.


#1 Vapor4Life “WOW” E-Juice

For the most authentic tobacco flavor, Vapor4Life is handsdown the best we have ever tried! A company built by former smokers, V4L has a personal vendetta against cigarettes. However, they know how important it is to make switching to vaping easy and enjoyable. For that reason, V4L has perfected the art of tobacco flavored vape juice. Try some and you will see what we mean!

Vapor4Life Tobacco flavored e-liquid


  • Choose From Several Unique Tobacco Flavors
  • WOW Label is Regular Flavor Strength, PREMIUM Has More Intense Flavor
  • 0mg-36mg Nicotine Content
  • Prices Start at $13.99 for 30ml Bottles

#2 American Red Tobacco

Another great choice for a tobacco flavor coming our of Vaporfi's labs. This bold flavor is a favorite among vapers wanting the taste they crave. This flavor recreates a popular analog cigarette brand that many will find familiar. You are able to add extra shots of flavor to your order so you can control the flavor! Check out their other flavors while you are there.

American Red Tobacco Flavored vape juice


  • Pick Your PG/VG Ratio
  • 5 Nicotine Levels, Including No Nic
  • Single, Double, Or Triple Flavor Shots
  • 30ml For $15.99

#3 Tribeca

This popular tobacco flavor is perfect for anyone wanting a bit of sweet with their tobacco. Blending a strong tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla and caramel. The result is what many other vendors refer to RY4. RY4 is a Turkish flavor that has become a hit with vapers over the years. Treat yourself to something special!

Tribeca Tobacco e-juice from Halo


  • Smooth Taste, Strong Tobacco Flavor
  • Hint Of Vanilla and Carmel
  • 10ml to 100ml Bottles
  • Price Starts at $21.99 for 30ml Bottle

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