Best E-Liquid Sample Packs

Sometime the best way to try new e-juice flavors is to sample the flavors you think you might enjoy. Instead of buying a big bottle of juice, buy several smaller bottles of different flavors. This way, you are not out a bunch of money on juice you don't like.

Most e-juice samples are 5ml-10ml in size and can usually be purchased in packs that have several flavors in the same group. Simply fill you vape tank with the liquid and vape a whole tank to see if the taste grows on you. If it does, you can buy a bigger bottle. This saves a ton on money and also exposes your taste buds to new and exciting flavors you might not otherwise try!


Kai's Virgin Vapor Sample Packs

Kai's Virgin Vapor is well know as one of the best quality e-juice companies out there. Using organic ingredients, no ...

2 Halo Sampler 6-Packs

Halo Sampler 6-Packs

Can't decide on an E-liquid flavor? Why not try six of them? Halo samplers are a great way to test several delicious ...



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