The Cost Comparison of Vaping and Smoking

why ecigs are cheaper than smoking

E-cigs are engineered to give the same sensation as you were actually smoking. There are two major categories of e-cigarettes: disposable and rechargeable. They include some nicotine without the unpleasant odor and won’t dry your mouth like traditional cigarettes do.

Disposable e-cigs have a built-in battery that comes as a single piece while rechargeable e-cigs have cartridges, chargers, e-liquids, batteries and an atomizer. A few brands combine the atomizer and the cartridge into one part, called a clearomizer or cartomizer. The liquid is often combined with the cartridge or the battery.cost breakdown of ecig starter kits

It is interesting to note that all kinds of e-cigs are inexpensive than conventional cigarettes. There are 20 cigarettes in a regular pack and a conventional cigarette delivers from eight to ten puffs in roughly less than 10 minutes.

However, puffs taken with an electronic cigarette vary since different vaping cartridges offer around 100 to 200 puffs. This is equivalent to nearly a pack of conventional cigarettes. This implies that e-cigarettes costs less than conventional cigarettes, but depending on how long and how much you smoke. Moreover, the kind of e-cigarette users buy from a vaping store online also has a notable effect on its cost.

Electronic cigarettes achieved steady growth since they were launched in the American markets in 2007. They are also popularly known as e-smokes, vapes or e-cigarettes. There are several findings that suggest e-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes. Moreover, there is plenty of research available that will identify all the ways a vape or e-cigarettes are a healthier option to traditional smoking.

In America, a regular cigarette pack costs $7.04 on average. That’s more than $2,500 every year for a smoker who finishes a pack every day. Although disposable vapes are charged per cartridge, there is no e-liquid, battery or charger to buy and refill. They cost about $9-$10 for every e-cigarette. This makes it $9.50 per piece and comparable to two and a half cigarette packs costing around $1,387 every year.

Generally speaking, the amount you spend on vaping greatly varies every year. The type of device you choose also has a role to play in determining the cost of vaping as compared to smoking. Buyers can either buy a tank that is filled with e-liquid prior to use or an e-cigarette with disposable cartridges that attach to the e-cigarette to offer a nicotine hit.

Cartridge-based e-cigarettes can be easily purchased online and are also found at gas stations and supermarkets. They are a starting point for amateur smokers looking to quit smoking.

There are hundreds of reputed vaping stores online that offer the most affordable and functional vaping and their accessories at budget-friendly and incredible rates. With such a wide range of e-cigarette for everyone, smokers can save a huge amount of money spend on conventional smokes every year. Your body will also thank you for being away from hazardous conventional cigarette smoke and the people around you will not be exposed to second-hand smoke.

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My name is Cooper and I finally stopped smoking cigarettes a few years back thanks to vaping. It took multiple tries of course, but as bigger and better devices came out the more I found myself smoking less. I want to try to help as many I as can in the fight against tobacco!

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