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Desktop Herbal Vapes

Desktop vaporizers have been around for longer than any other style of herbal vapes. They are too big to pack in a pocket like the herbal vape styles, but then again, these are some of the most powerful and effective vaporizing devices on the planet. Their size is not the only thing that is big, they also have the biggest pricetag in the bunch, rarely coming in under $100. These units usually use tubes (whips) or balloons to distribute their vapor and are ideal for medical users, but also fun to use with a group of friends. You won't be disappointed in the effects!

Tip: Grinding your dry herb will allow a smoother and more efficient draw.

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- 6% Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

$104.99 - $149.994 Offers
Best deal at: Vapornation
Da Buddha Vaporizer By 7th Floor

Da Buddha Vaporizer By 7th Floor

$199.951 Offers
Best deal at: Vaporizerchief
Hyer Big E-Rig

Hyer Big E-Rig

$299.00 - $299.993 Offers
Best deal at: Vapeworld
- 25% The Extreme Q By Arizer

The Extreme Q By Arizer

$149.99 - $199.954 Offers
Best deal at: Namastevaporizers
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