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Is Second-Hand Vapor Dangerous?

Second-hand vapor has been a widely debated topic when it comes to vaping and society in general.  As vaping continues to grow in popularity, it’s important that more research is done to educate not just vapers, but those around them. This awesome infographic from our friends at VapeIcon...

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What goes into my e-liquid?

You’ve probably wondered how e-juice is made, what components go into manufacturing the e-cigarette liquid, and how it affects you. Liquid nicotine is fairly easy to understand, but what else is in the liquid? E-liquid begins with a base ingredient, and the two main ingredients found in...

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Are E-Cigs a Cessation Device?

Since e-cigarettes are still fairly new, their long-term success rate is yet to be determined. These unknown statistics help keep the debate relevant for both sides. However, the latest research does seem to suggest that there is a link between stopping smoking and the e-cig. Supporters hope that...