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Finding The Best Box Mod

best box mod


If you want the flexibility and control of a mod, but don’t want to put up with the safety problems, the box mod may be ideal for you.

Some of the best box mods today gives you the same control over your vaporizer as you may have enjoyed with the unregulated mech mods.  The biggest bonus with box mods comes in the form of safety.

The box mod is a major improvement on these mech mods, partly because it is safer to use and partly because you now have the convenience of being able to press a button and control the wattage and voltage settings. The box mod also has the advantage of being smaller, more portable and easier to carry around with you.

However,  safety is still one of the most important issues for many vapers, and the new box mods on the market are much safer, ensuring a safe experience even when using a heavier and more powerful device.

With the circuitry and battery being housed in a smaller “box” style, helps make them much more convenient than the older style devices. However, vapers still have control over their device and are able to adjust and customize it despite the smaller size.

Finding the best box mod can be a challenge with new ones being introduced on a regular basis. Reading reviews are important as improvements in safety and technology have also helped to see a surge in popularity of these new and smaller devices.

The Best Box Mods Features

box mod reviewsSize

The appearance of having a large weapon has been eliminated with these new and smaller box mods, and you can hold most of them in your hand easily. They are not as tall as a vape mod, but wider and more compact. The fact that they fit in the hand well is another reason that box mods are becoming so popular. They are perfect for a pocket or purse and are durable and solidly built.


Many vapors appreciate being able to do sub-ohm vaping, and along with being able to adjust the wattage and voltage and sometimes the temperature, this is a big plus for the new box mods. Most box mods come with a built-in battery that, in some devices is removable, allowing you to plug in a charger directly to the box mod to charge.


best vape box modsAlthough most of today’s box mods are best used with sub-ohm tanks, you can often use any tank you want to, depending on the available wattage.

Most vapers say that compatibility and ease of use are some of the most important factors when choosing their first (or second) vape mod.

The 510 threading that is a feature of today’s newer box mods makes them extremely compatible with most vape tanks out there.  As this 510 threading standard is the most popular, it only increases their position at the top of the most wanted vaporizer list.

It is surely only a matter of time before the mech mod is a thing of the past, which is hardly surprising given the convenience and flexibility of box mod devices. The popular devices are easy to use and don’t require the user to be an expert in electronics or especially savvy with gadgets, and this adds to their overall appeal and popularity.

You can also download new software updates at no charge with some of the newer box mods, and this extra level of convenience has also helped to make the older mech style devices almost obsolete.

The general consensus in the vaping industry is that the box mod style is here to come and will be around for at least the next few years. Check out our reviews to help narrow down – what can be a daunting search – for the best box mods on the market.


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