World Health Organization Calls for E-Cig Ban Indoors

The World Health Organization or WHO on Tuesday August 26th 2014 issued a report calling for the ban of indoor usage of electronic cigarettes claiming yet again there isn't enough research done on these devices for it to be considered safe to use as well as being a potential gateway for children into nicotine addiction.

For those out there that are unfamiliar with WHO, the World Health Organization is the directing and coordination authority for health in the United Nations. They are responsible for any and all health related matters around the world, setting standards, streamlining health agendas, supporting and monitoring countries in health related matters, and articulating evidence-based policy options. WHO counters all new and emerging health threats around the globe it is strange as well as concerning that they take an interest in e-cigs at all especially since their basis for this ban is the lack of research and evidence on e-cigs rather than having research and evidence to support their assessment.

I am not going to beat a dead horse and get into why the lack of evidence should not be a reason for supporting an outright ban. Especially since there already has been a study that has shown second-hand vapor is a hazard to others that are not using electronic cigarettes. Instead, I am concerned with how the United Nations Organization that’s sole purpose is to battle emerging and current health crises.

The usage of e-cigs is not a pandemic nor is the vapor being produced. The ejuices are made from PG, VG, flavoring, and nicotine. All of which have been deemed safe by officials across the world. In fact, we already know PG is used in most medications and VG is found in most of our foods already. The current regulation hurdles we as vapers have faced having been local or state governments (aside from the FDA). With the WHO backing the same reasons to ban indoor E-Cig usage, opens doors for  larger government regulation where often times the citizens often have no say in the matter.

This opens a Pandora Box of misinformation larger governing bodies will use to attempt to ban E-Cig usage. Forcing the average joe to go back to regular cigarettes rather than the alternative we so love and enjoy. Definitely a huge step back from all the work and research that we have done.

Using children cannot be a reason either. Yes, I agree some regulation is needed for advertising done and the bottles need to be properly labeled and child proof. However, there have been so little cases of nicotine poisoning and deaths that it seems absurd to use this as a justifiable reason. Not to mention most (I’m saying 99%) of all vendors do not advertise to children.

Yes, fruity and sweet flavors are used, but it is not used to entice children. Many adults prefer a sweet E-Juice over the bitter tobacco flavors. To say fruity and sweet flavors are marketing towards children is an incorrect assessment. In fact, I only like sweet and fruit E-Juices and I am not a child by any means. Vendors and vape shops have strict rules in selling to children. In fact, most stores won’t even allow children to enter the building let alone purchase an E-Cig.

An organization such as WHO issuing such a report is absurd in my opinion. WHO should not concern themselves with such as a small matter as it is not a current or emerging health issue around the world. Using children and “not sufficient research” as their basis for their argument is weak at best and would be more damaging for new and current vapers alike. Lobbyists and large governments will most likely use this report as a basis to push their own agenda rather than for the greater good of the smokers out there currently. I see this as a slap in the face and I shed a tear for all my fellow vapers out there in the community. Today is indeed a sad day for us all.

The World Health Organization Report can be found below:

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