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Who Really Owns Your E-Cigarette?

  1. I am glad I read this! It is well known how the big tobacco companies mislead the public for years. Even having there lawyers lie in court saying that nicotine was not habit forming.
    I will never buy a e-cig that is owned by a tobacco company. They (and the government) have already taken my money for 40 years.
    Now I know which e-cig brands to not buy!! I hope that brands like V2 and Halo along with VaporFi do not sell out to big tobacco, because then I would have to stop vaping altogether.

  2. I know many vapers are against all these big tobacco companies but most people knew the risk of smoking before they started. Sure, I can’t say the same for folks who started in the 60’s. Anyway, you can blame big companies for all the health issues their cigarettes cause but you should blame yourself to start smoking them in the first place. I for one used to smoke, now I vape but do I trust these new vaping companies?

    Why should I? Who can guarantee me that the people behind them are any better than from the ones behind large tobacco companies, no one. Especially, considering that most products come from China. A country that is known to have low standards in the products they produce.

    Anyway, I still vape and enjoy it. What I am trying to say is people should always be cautious about what they are inhaling into their lungs. Instead of blinding trusting these new vaping companies. Just because they don’t belong to any big tobacco company, it doesn’t mean they aren’t any better.

    Oh well, I probably went a bit off topic lol. Anyway, thanks for the info graphic, your website has pretty good informations. Keep the good work 🙂

    • Thanks Jordan… you are so right. People need to consider not just what is in their vapor, but where it’s coming from… luckily a lot of the USA companies are making excellent products and being social responsible too, even though it’s not hard to be better than Big Tobacco!

  3. I spend my half an hour to read this web site’s content every day along with a mug of coffee.

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