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Wax Herbal Vaporizer Buying Guide

Herbal vapes use similar technology to traditional vaporizers, with the primary difference being in the material itself that is being vaporized. While traditional e-cigs and vapes use e-liquid for vaping, herbal vapes either use an herbal, usually THC concentrate or a dry herb, ground up material. The material most commonly used in herbals vapes is marijuana or marijuana-derivative, but there are several other herbs that people enjoy vaping as well.

There are two main kinds of herbal vapes: ones for dry herb and ones for THC concentrates. The more common herbal vape is usually the dry-herb model, however, with different types of concentrates and THC levels out there, people are experimenting more with waxes, dabs, and other concentrates to tap into the medicinal qualities or even just to enjoy the experience more. Nowadays you see dab pens and wax pen more often, which is only opening the world of vaporizing to herbal use even further than it has been in the past.

What is the difference between Wax-Dab-CBD?

There is a lot of slang out there, and because of the nature of the marijuana industry is more clandestine in some regions more than others, has created a lot of confusion on what constitutes a dab or other concentrate. A user can easily get overwhelmed if they are not familiar with the lingo – wax, shatter, peanut butter, oils, cannabinoids, QWISO, ear wax, and the list grows every day. Informed herbal vapers know, however, that a basic understanding of the essentials is all you need to know to enjoy a marijuana vaping experience.

types of waxes oils cbd


Marijuana oil is extracted from marijuana using alcohol, CO2, or really any other solvent for the extraction process. Since it extracts the THC, is provided a higher concentrated material that can be smoked, vaped, or orally consumed. Traditional oils have a more liquid-like consistency than their dab and wax counterparts.
Dab- Dabs is basically a highly concentrated marijuana extract. Sometimes it is used to describe what you are using, sometimes it refers to the way you administer it. This designation may be different depending on your region, however, the bottom line is any kind of clean marijuana concentrate with high levels of THC can generally be referred to as “Dabs.”


Wax is another kind of cannabis extract that is becoming more and more popular. Names for its consistency and appearance, this kind of concentrate has a much different consistency than what we see with oils. Typically, waxes are created with a butane hash oil extraction process. Waxes are extremely potent and can be vaporized or smoked.

Cannabidiol Oil

Known commonly as CBD oil, cannabidiol oil is made from high CBD, low THC hemp. While most concentrates focus on extracting high levels of THC, the CBD process is working to do the opposite. Using hemp oils that have lower THC content, scientists have been able to create an extract that highlights the medicinal properties of the plant family, without delivering high levels of THC. CBD oils are therefore non-psychoactive and can be used for medicinal purposes even for children. CBD oil is often taken orally, but it can also be vaped, which is likely why we are seeing CBD pens popping up on the market these days.

How to Use Your Herbal Vape

Using your herbal vape depends on the style of device you have. Dry herbals vape is extremely simple to use and not much different than packing a bowl to smoke. You simply load your dry Material into the chamber and press the button when it is time. Make sure you adjust the temperature setting if your device has one to get the vapor to be just right for you and the material you are vaping.

filling a weed vape

A vape designed for concentrates will also include a chamber to fill. These can range from small chambers enough for just a few hits or ones that are more like a clearomizer that can last for weeks, or longer depending on the capacity. In states with legalized or medical marijuana, you can often purchase filled cartridges at dispensaries.

One your material is loaded and your temperature set, you basically just hit the button inhale and enjoy.

Do They Work?

Herbal vapes are extremely effective at delivering potent vapor and many vapers tout that they experience a cleaner and stronger hit when they use their vaporizer in comparison to smoking herb. For users who are taking marijuana medicinally, vaporizers are a must, as if offers the best way to administer the medicine without compromising your health to the extent that smoke might.

How to Find the Best Herbal Vaporizer

Whether you are looking for an on the go wax pen or a desktop dry herb vape, being educated is your best bet. Understand the market and what is out there first, before you make a choice. If you have friends in the know don’t be afraid to ask for advice and of course, make sure you read reviews online before you make a purchase.

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