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VaporFi Review 2018: A Vaping Giant Comes of Age

VaporFi earned its initial burst of fame by rebranding Chinese-made vaping devices – products with notoriously obtuse or nonexistent user manuals – and making them friendlier for mainstream vapers by including clearly written English manuals, compatible tanks, and smartly selected accessories.

Sure, you’d pay more if you bought from VaporFi rather than going through a barebones importer, but many people didn’t mind the expense. They were willing to pay a little more for a better e-commerce experience and more user-friendly vaping products.

As it always has, though, the vaping industry continued to evolve. The Chinese vaping product manufacturers definitely aren’t ones to rest on their laurels, and Chinese-branded vaping devices gradually became the complete and highly usable packages that they are today. Suddenly, paying premium prices for VaporFi-branded mods didn’t make as much sense as it used to. Increasingly, people were completely happy paying less for Chinese-branded devices. To remain relevant, VaporFi had to evolve and find other ways to add value. Have they been successful? Let’s dig in.

Vapetender: VaporFi’s Claim to Fame

With more than a dozen pages of different flavors, VaporFi is something of an e-liquid superstore. The company’s real claim to fame, though, is the fact that VaporFi gives its customers the ability to invent their own e-liquid flavors through its Vapetender service. DIY e-liquid mixing is nothing new, but some people simply don’t feel comfortable calculating nicotine strengths and flavor percentages while maintaining a sanitary mixing environment. With Vapetender, you can customize your own e-liquid flavor and have it mixed to perfection in an FDA-registered clean room laboratory. In all, the Vapetender service offers about 30,000 possible flavor combinations.

Solid Customer Service Policies

The VaporFi e-commerce experience remains as friendly as ever. Companies in the vaping industry have become increasingly consumer friendly over the years, and we largely have companies such as VaporFi to thank for that. With all of the industry-wide customer service improvements, though, VaporFi remains a leader. The company offers free shipping on all retail orders, but that’s just the beginning. If you buy a VaporFi-branded device, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day warranty. VaporFi also offers a 30-day warranty on third-party vaping devices. Vaporfi device, juice and accessoriesThe best part is that the premium price on VaporFi-branded mods is now nearly nonexistent. VaporFi-branded products are now priced very competitively compared to Chinese-branded mods, and it’s hard to argue with a money-back guarantee. Don’t like a device? Send it back!

Tip: Save Money With Auto Delivery

One often overlooked feature of the VaporFi website is that you can greatly reduce your ongoing vaping expenses by signing up for the company’s automatic delivery program. It’s a great way to save money on recurring costs like e-liquid and coils. When checking out, simply select the auto delivery option to receive automatic shipments of the same order in the future. You’ll get a 10 percent discount on your first automatic shipment, and VaporFi will apply a 5 percent discount to all future shipments. You can cancel or skip an automatic shipment through the VaporFi website whenever you like; there’s no need to call customer service.

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