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Using Vapes and Your Body

Most people switch to e-cigarettes for various reasons. They don't like the smell, they can't smoke inside, it stains the walls, etc. But above all else the number one consideration in using an vape over regular tobacco cigarettes is to have a healthier lifestyle. It's a no-brainer that e-cigs do not carry the tar and other carcinogens commonly found in cigarettes. So is this truly the Holy Grail we've been looking for?

Let's start by talking about the heart. Smokers have bad hearts no question about that. The chemicals in cigarette smoke cause atherosclerosis. A disease in which plaque builds up in the arteries. Over time, the arteries narrows and thus your heart does not get the oxygen supply it needs. I direct your attention to this study: where the heart is tested after a short term period where they compare a group of vapers and users smoking regular tobacco.

The results were e-cigs had no immediate effects to the vaping group. Whereas the other group noticed a deterioration of heart function. I would like to point out this is merely a short-term study. The problem still stands that e-cigs are too new to make any long-term conclusions. However, the studies so far show this to be promising in a healthier lifestyle choice when compared to cigarettes.

Now let's hit another sensitive topic: smoker's teeth. We've all seen them, yellow and brown not to mentioned disease. The discoloration is due to the tar and smoke in the cigarettes. Surprisingly nicotine does play a factor in gum disease as nicotine will dry out your gums. Without saliva, your mouth is more prone to diseases and bacteria build up. This negative aspect increases with the more nicotine that is introduced into the body. Both e-cigs and cigarettes contain nicotine there's no way around that. However, you can choose the level of nicotine you want to inhale versus the cigarettes you just get what you get.

There is no such thing an a no nicotine cigarette, there is, however, no nicotine e-juice that can be purchased! Because e-cigs form a white vapor (even with discolored e-juice), your teeth will not be stained. A thin film will be left on your teeth from the vapor. These chemicals know as PG and VG are both found in dental hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouthwash used to keep your mouth from drying out (seriously look it up!).

Lastly, let's not forget about the lungs. We've all seen what smoker's lungs look like from grade school textbooks. Scare tactics that they used on us and failed for the most part that showed blackened diseased lungs. There are numerous arguments on both sides right now on the effects on e-cigs on lungs. I'm not going to bother linking anything like that. Instead I'll link something more entertaining for your eyes instead.

This is a video of a smoker turned vaper and how his lungs have improved through X-Rays in a five year period. But alas there are still many people that refuse lung improvement from switching. However amidst all the arguing on both sides, I have yet to have one honest testimonial where someone switched and had a negative reaction to their lung capacity. Every person I've spoken to over the years have all stated they can breath better, they're no longer trying to catch their breath after climbing the stairs, they wake up in the morning without the feeling of bricks on their chest, etc.

I am not going to sit here and sway you away from the facts. There is currently no hard evidence that vaping is healthier for you, nor is there any hard conclusive evidence with them being as worse as cigarettes. Yes, there's been a few quick studies all of which states more studies need to be done to give a more conclusive answer. I will tell you this though I feel healthier. I can breathe, I can run, I can swim, and I can actually taste my food. Personally the fact that I can do this in my own living room without ruining the value of my property is enough reason for me. The health benefits I have experienced is just the cherry on top of the icing.

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  1. Which of the ECig brands actually manufacture the juice here in the USA and not in China? Although I see ECigs juice as much less a health risk by the very fact that you are not inhaling any components of FIRE and COMBUSTION, most of which are carcinogenic even without tobacco (the by-products of burning just paper alone are a health hazard), I certainly would want to know 1) exactly what is in the juice, 2) who makes it and 3) who has tested it for health risks. After all, it is ingested directly into the lungs.

    Certainly common sense tells me that inhaling water vapor would pose the least risk (if it were a risk, then taking a shower would also be a risk). That said, there still is the question of what about whatever else is added to to the juice to create the flavor — is THAT safe, and who tested it? I am not even talking about nicotine, but the contents of the flavoring itself. And where is it manufactured and under whose supervision?

    As one of my friends said, “I wouldn’t trust the safety of inhaling ANYTHING that is imported from China.” I agree. I’d like to know which of the eCig distributors actually manufactures the juice and the cartridges and which ones are imported from China. Which are made in the USA and which aren’t.

    Also, do any of the manufacturers list the ingredients in the juice as you find on all food products? It would make me feel a lot better if they would post the ingredients on the package just the same way as we can see listed on all food so we can see what we are ingesting before we ingest it. If this industry would voluntarily make this information available, it would go a long way to avoiding a backlash against eCigs that comes out of fear of what is new, especially with a product such as cigarettes where there has been such a long history of deceit and deception by the manufactures which has created the general perception that ANYTHING that is being called “safe” with regard to cigarette smoking is de facto a lie.

    Public skepticism here is probably warranted indeed, so let’s put all the cards on the table FIRST without allowing mistrust of the product fester.

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