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Vaping 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Vaping

Vaping is a growing trend on the market – it’s no wonder that people are interested in it! It is a much safer alternative to smoking and provides a ton of customization options with flavors, equipment, and strength for people to get the experience they want.

If you are new to this entire vaping thing – you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, you will get the ultimate user guide and an interesting history lesson. If someone dares to tell you that vaping is a trend and will soon become a thing of past – well, they didn’t read this. History always repeats itself, and smoking habits are no exception.

person holding a vape

A short history lesson on vaping

Did you know that vaping originates from ancient Egypt? Good ole King Tutankhamon really knew what was good and how to throw a party. The Ancient Egyptians used hot stones and different combinations of herbs for inhalation to get a clear mind and cure or guard certain diseases. Vaping always played an important part in the religious traditions of different sects in the Middle East and India for thousands of years. It naturally follows that it’s still a religious tradition of many people today.

Now, let’s jump little bit closer to modern age to get a better understanding of how vaping as we know it now came to be. All that shisha vaping took its toll over the years. The first idea for an electric cigarette was conceived somewhere in 1927 – but it was never commercialized. Joseph Robinson never had a chance to gain popularity with it although he was granted a patent. A little bit later the same fate happened in 1963 to Herbert A. Gilbert. The world was not ready for this new invention, obviously because investors thought that it didn’t have commercial potential. Oh boy, they were wrong.

The magical word ‘’vape’’ was used for the first time in the year 1979 by the duo of inventors Phil Ray & physician Norman Jacobson. Their research is regarded as the first in the world on vaping for nicotine delivery. This device was sold by major retailers, but it couldn’t overcome the popularity of cigarettes. Vaping became increasingly popular in the early 1990s in Europe for cannabis use primarily. In Amsterdam where cannabis was legal, people practiced vaping as we know it today.

Finally in the year 2003 a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik gave the world this precious present. His father’s unfortunate death caused by lung cancer two years prior inspired him to bring this new guilty – free pleasure to the world. Popularity started increasing and now, here we are.

Vaping dictionary for dummies

Entering the world of vaping shouldn’t be a complicated task. You are leaving the aromatic world of tobacco but you don’t need to give up on your daily nicotine fix. Lucky for you we created this one of the kind Vaping 101 dictionary of the most important terms in the world of vaping. Remember, you are not smoking, you are creating tasty white clouds. So buckle up, we will clear the fog surrounding your mind – before you start feeling like you're on the cloud 9.

Anatomy of vaping

THE BATTERY – Life force of your vaporizer. Your new best friend and sometimes the worst enemy. It is rechargeable and they could be internal (built in) and external. Also, there is a term

vaping terms

MOD – something like a battery, but on steroids. Stronger and more durable.

THE TANK – best friend and partner to your battery. This little guy has an incredibly important task – it contains liquid and an atomizer. This part is literally where your mouth is going :).

This is the component that has the mouthpiece you will inhale on.

THE ATOMIZER – The spark that sets everything in motion, the heating element of your vape. When you press the battery button this little guy physically vaporize the E-liquid – and that is how the magic happens.

THE E-LIQUID -The most important and the tastiest ingredient of your vape. You can choose your new personal favorite based on your favorite flavors or nicotine strength. You can stick to classics like Menthol, Tobacco or you can, for example, try what Unicorn Poop tastes like. Be creative but you can treat yourself with various tastes and the premium vape juice. You are now vaping royalty – act like it.

VAPE – refers to your device, also known by many names such as Electronic Cigarette, E-Cig, Vaporizer or Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). Find your perfect partner and enrich your daily routine with a unique taste.

VAPOR – as we mentioned before – you will create tasty and rich white clouds. The term vapor refers to it.

DRY HIT/COTTON HIT – the least favorite term of all vapers in the world. It refers to a hit from an atomizer with insufficient E-liquid. It will happen at least once, it will have a cotton taste and it will be pretty harsh sometimes. So keep your supplies near, always.

PRIMING – prevents dry hits. It refers to saturating a new coil in E-Liquid to prevent cotton taste.

Common mistakes when you are starting your vaping adventure

Now when you know some things we can teach you how to avoid some rookie mistakes and become a vaper level pro.
Getting a cheap device and choosing the wrong e-liquid.

Combination of these two is simply the worst. If you are tempted to buy a cheap device – your experience will be horrible and you won’t meet the real beauty of vaping. Treat yourself with class A experience – shop by most famous brands. When it comes to choosing a vape juice things could also be tricky. If you pick e-liquid only by the looks -it can end up bad. You can experience a sore throat or simply not get a sufficient amount of vapor. Best advice? Explore and find your match made in heaven.

Proper maintenance, what is that?

Burnt taste and dry inhale are the most common problems among new vapers. People tend to forget that atomizer coils and e-liquid needs changing every once in a while. So be good to your vape, take a good care of it and you will get the ultimate taste – stress-free.

Vaping like a smoker

We know that old habits die hard but smoking is a pretty much different story than vaping. You need to take things a little bit slower. Don’t take hard and quick puffs. Things need to go smoother and softer for you now – because vaping is enjoying.

So basically, what can I do?

First and foremost, explore. Be curious – you took a step to improve your health and the world of vaping is like a candy store. There is something for everyone and you can enjoy all the possibilities. We collected this helpful guide just to show you that vaping is not something that would be around for some time and then disappear. Vaping is here to stay and we couldn’t be more thankful for it.

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