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VapeBox Review

It seems like subscription-based surprise bundles are all the rage these days. From Humble Bundle's monthly package's of quality video games all the way down to baby bundles to expecting mothers. The trend has taken off at practically light speed so it's no surprise that the vaping business is following suit.

Enter VapeBox's monthly subscription plan which promises to deliver a surprise box full of high quality vaping related goodies to your doorstep every month. From their wide variety of e-liquids, atomizers, and even box mods, the possibilities are touted to be endless and provide a great alternative for hardcore vapers and newbies alike to expand their vaping horizons. While all that sounds good on paper, the question that remains is does VapeBox actually deliver on these promises? Let's find out.Vapebox products in box

Choose What You Get

Unlike most monthly bundle subscription services that tend to deliver a random mishmash of items that you have control or say over, VapeBox actually gives you a pretty good amount of choice. For starters, there are 4 available plans to choose from. The Sampler subscription which goes for $20 a month promises at least 90ml of premium quality e-liquids. This gives you an average price of $6.60 per 30ml of e-liquid which is quite a steal considering most premium e-liquid brands tend to charge around $20-$30 for a single 30ml bottle.

The bundles start to get more interesting with the higher-end bundles. The Juice Lovers subscription costs only $32 a month for at least 180ml of choice e-liquid while the most popular Enthusiast bundle (according to their website at least) charges a cool $60 per month for an awesome 210ml of e-liquid as well as some authentic hardware such as box mods and your preference of atomizer. That brings the average cost of e-liquid down to just $4.50 per 30ml of e-liquid not to mention the gear you'll be getting that's included in the bundle which is easily valued at a higher price point than the $60 monthly fee.

The best part about these bundles is that they're not totally random. VapeBox understands that every vaper has his or her own preference when it comes to e-liquid flavor and nicotine strength. This is why each and every bundle allows you to select your flavor preferences as well as preferred nicotine level. There's a good variety of flavor categories to choose from including but not limited to candy, fruits, custards, menthol, and of course tobacco e-liquids. The website even has an option which lets you note if there are any flavors in particular that you dislike just so you don't end up with a bottle of e-liquid that you'll never end up vaping.

Nicotine offerings are generous as well, giving you the ability to choose zero nic e-liquids, all the way up to 6mg strength e-liquids. Unfortunately, nicotine salts aren't offered in the Sampler, Juice Lovers, or Enthusiast packages. Instead, a separate bundle is available for ordering which offers at least 90ml of nicotine salts per month at only $35/month. Considering how expensive premium nicotine salt e-liquids can get, that's quite a steal especially when considering VapeBox is including a Suorin device for the first month of subscription.

No Lock-In Period. Cancel Anytime

When it comes to most subscription services that often promise high-quality products at massively discounted prices, most consumers tend to expect a catch, usually in the form of a lock-in period which forces you to maintain the subscription for a predetermined amount of time. The good news is that there's no catch when it comes to ordering from VapeBox. If by any chance you're not happy with the items you receive in your bundle or have already determined that you're already satisfied with the amount of e-liquid and gear you have, you can cancel your subscription anytime, even if its just right after the first month.

Reasonable Shipping Costs

Despite the massive discounts already offered by VapeBox, shipping for orders above $65 is free of charge within the US. While international shipping rates have the tendency to hike up the price to the point that savings are minimal to non-existent, VapeBox offers reasonable international shipping rates for customers around the world with rates capping at around $20usd per shipment.Vapebox with juice and wicks

Actual Box Review: Our take on what VapeBox sent us

We tried out VapeBox for a month, deciding to go all out with the $60 Enthusiast plan and to be perfectly honest we were more than pleased in what we got. Here's a list of the contents included with our first-month subscription with VapeBox:

AugVape V200 Box Mod

A mod that's relatively not as well known as the ones released by Smok, Joyetech, Vaporesso, or any of the major companies out there. It's generally well received and is known to be a good performer. A quick search online shows that the V200 retails for around $50, not bad considering the bundle only cost $60.

Geekvape Tsunami RDA

While we received the original 22mm version of this RDA which is by no means a recent edition, the 22mm version of the Tsunami RDA is considered to be one of if not the best versions of the Tsunami ever released thanks to its smaller chamber and more condensed and robust flavor production.

Sweet Dream by Charlies Chalk Dust

An underrated flavor by a well-known maker of e-liquid. The simple Cream and Vanilla flavors used with this blend are spot on yet tend to be overshadowed by the more exotic options that CCD offers. Our bottle of Sweet Dream came in 6mg nic strength and 70VG/30PG, just as we requested when filling out the subscription form.

– Bananza by Milkshake E-liquids

– Better Days by Secret Menu

– Prpl Grape by Blvk Unicorn

– Ceramic Tweezers

– Staple Staggered Fused Clapton

Overall the package sent to us by VapeBox was highly satisfactory. We were definitely surprised to receive such a high-quality mod in the form of the AugVape V200 and premium e-liquids such as Sweet Dream by Charlie's Chalk Dust (Just the retail cost of these two items already cost more than the $60 price of the Enthusiast package. Packaging wasn't anything special or eye-catching, but its good to note that all items arrived in perfect condition without any signs of defects or prior use.

At this point, VapeBox gets a strong thumbs up especially if you're the type of vaper who wants to branch out and try new and different e-liquids, tanks, RDAs, and even mods available for purchase in the vaping market, but at a heavily discounted price. VapeBox has been going strong for close to 3 years now and with the way we've seen them deliver on their promise to provide high-quality vape gear at low prices, its a safe to assume that they'll be sticking around for a long time.

5/5 (1 Review)

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