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Top Juul-Compatible Pods on the Market

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Ever since the Juul device burst onto the vape market, companies have been churning out Juul-inspired vape systems for nic salts and Juul-compatible pods to keep up with the trend. With the ever-growing selection on the market, it can get easy for vapers and smokers to get overwhelmed with options. This list of the top Juul-compatible pods will help you learn a little bit more about each of the biggest brands so you can narrow down your selection and find the pods that are the best fit for your needs.

viv pods for juul#1 ViV Pods

The Juul-compatible ViV pods are the latest creation from Vapor4Life, a company that’s been in the thick of the vaping world for more than a decade. ViV pods stay true to Vapor4Life’s mission to help smokers by offering a solid throat hit coupled with a strong 5% nic salt hit. Combine all that with pod’s filled with some of the company’s best-selling ejuice flavors — peppermint, orange mango, blueberry lemonade — and you’ve got a Juul-compatible pod that will stand the test of time.



ziip pod flavors#2 Ziip Pods

Ziip pods are another Juul-compatible pod that is easy to get behind. We rank them among the best in the industry because they offer such a diverse variety of flavors and strengths. Whether you’re craving cappuccino or searching for strawberry milk, you’ll find a Ziip vape pod that fits the bill. Ziip pods come in a variety of nic strengths, from the milder 1.8% to the more intense 5%, which is the go-to option for many smokers.




eon pods compatible with juul#3 Eon Pods

Eon Smoke’s Juul-compatible vape pods are designed to couple intense nicotine salt fruit flavors with a no-nonsense 6% nicotine content. The flavor variety of Eon Pods is more limited than that of ViV or Ziip pods, but the heightened nic content adds an edge that many new vapers find preferable after they’ve shifted from smoking.

These three Juul-compatible pod brands stand out in an industry that is quickly becoming inundated with variety. If you’re looking for a reliable Juul-compatible pod for your needs, start with the ViV pods, Ziip pods, or Eon pods. We think you’ll find them all just as satisfying as we do.

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