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Top Juul-Comparable Pods on the Market

Are you looking for a better vape pod than the Juul provides? Just because Juul is the most popular vape currently, doesn’t mean it is the best or the cheapest! 

Juul e-cig devices are popular for one reason. They are simple to use.

Juul uses nic salt e-juice that is very common and a popular type of nicotine used in many pod-style vapes. You don’t have to pay the outrageous prices that Juul charges for their vape device or their replacement pods. You can get the same great taste and throat hit without jumping through hoops or paying an arm and a leg!

PLUS, you can get many more flavor choices that Juul doesn’t even offer!!!

If you like the convenience and ease of use that Juul pods deliver, you will want to check out disposable vape pods from our friends at Vapor4Life. These pods do not require you to refill the pods and are perfect for any vaper who wants a strong vape, but without the fuss of refilling.



Juul-comparable Pods On The Market#1 Eon STIK Disposable Pods $5.99

If you want a high nicotine salt content in a Juul-like pod, Eon STIK is your best bet. At 6.8% nicotine content, these are some of the most satisfying disposable pods out there. Vapers can choose between 13 different flavors that leave Juul in the dust.

Best for heavy smokers who want high nicotine content and more flavor choices!

CucumberGreen AppleCitrusStrawberryCubanoPomegranateBerry GelatoBlueberryPink LemonadePineappleMangoWatermelonLush Ice




Top Juul-comparable Pods On The Market#2 MOJO Disposable Pods $6.99

MOJO is another popular choice for a quality disposable vape pod. Easy to use and no juice to worry about refilling, MOJO is sure to impress former Juul customers. Each pod is pre-filled with 1.2ml of nic salt at a nicotine content of 5% for a smooth hit with tons of flavors. One MOJO disposable pod is roughly equal to a pack of cigarettes.

With 7 unique flavors to choose from, MOJO is great for vapers who want a stronger flavor. 

StrawberryMangoGrapeClassic TobaccoLemon DessertPinapple IceMenthol




Top Juul-comparable Pods On The Market#3 Mr. Vapor Pods $7.99

If there is anyone who loves the look and feel of a Juul pod, these are the best alternative! With a slim design, 1.3ml of nic salt in the pod, and and a hearty 5% nicotine content, these are a perfect grab and go vape. With 10 yummy flavors and a competitive price point, Mr. Vapor disposable pods is an easy choice over Juul pods.

Ideal for vapers who enjoy the Juul design and want more flavor choices.

Passion FruitBlueberry MentholMangoWatermelonPineapple OrangeOrange Mango GuavaStrawberryBlue RasberryStrawberry KiwiPeach

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