The Vape a Vet Project

Vape a Vet is a non-profit organization geared towards getting veterans and their families away from the habit of smoking and using vaping as an alternative instead. When I say non-profit I mean it is truly a non-profit organization as even the founder, Will Cohen an ex-smoker of 15 years, of the Vape a Vet Project has refused to take a salary which is a very uncommon practice even for non-profit organizations. Vape a Vet is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and officially became a non-profit organization July of 2013. They send everything from E-Juice to hardware to veterans in need. They especially focus on all inclusive starter kits as the group they focus on are often overseas and can’t get to a local store that sells E-Cig accessories.

Vape a Vet’s primary focus is to help Veterans and their families conquer their current tobacco habits by providing free vaping supplies to them. Their motto statement is the following:

“Helping Veterans Conquer Smoking”

The Vape a Vet’s program is actually started with the B.R.V (Bottled Ready to Vape) vendor. B.R.V has pledged to donate 100% of its profits towards the Vape a Vet program. Striving to help veterans “conquer” their habits overseas and even stateside, B.R.V is the first but not the only vendor that support this noble cause. Other programs outside of the vaping community such as the US Vets, numerous military bases, outposts, Legion Halls, and the VFW all would like to see veterans toss away the cigarettes and pick up the ecig alternative. Vape a Vet does not accept used gear and only gives veterans new and ready to go vaporizers. They send monthly care packages around the world at no cost to the veterans.

Many e-cig retailers and vendors have made contributions as well. Fuzion Vapes, for example, donated 50% of their profits towards Vape a Vet for the month of July. Ace e-juice donates 10 bottles per month towards the project. Butt Out E-Cig donates a portion of their profits towards the project as well. Other vendors have helped out by donating free e-juices and hardware towards Vape a Vet’s fundraisers. Many vendors seem to be more than willing to donate, but a lot of vendors don’t know this project exists. If donating isn’t an option, spreading the word about this project would be a tremendous help especially to the local B&Ms who doesn’t know the existence of the project.

If you wish to help the Vape a Vet project you can make a donation, buy E-Juices from B.R.V. (since all profits go towards the Vape a Vet project, or you could donate some of the new, unused gear you may have lying around.

If you are a Vet and would like to apply for a free starter kit:



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