Summertime Guide to Happy Vaping

Summertime is one of the best times to get outside and relax. Enjoying you summer as a vaper, rather than a smoker, is something that all e-cig users should be able to experience. That being said, there are a few measures and precautions you can take to make summertime vaping the best and most enjoyable experience possible.

E-Cig Summer Care

Keep it Cool – We all love summertime because of the warm weather, but warm conditions aren't the best for your e-cigarettes or e-liquid. Be careful where you leave your device. Avoid leaving it in the sun, and especially in your warm car where temperatures can reach well over 150 degrees on a hot summer day.

Keep The E-Juice Cool too – A cool, dry place is always the best to store all your e-cig gear, but especially your e-liquid. Resist the urge, however, to store your e-liquid in the fridge. While it’s a cool and dark place to store many things, the cooler temperature can affect the flavor and effectiveness of your e-liquid.

Stay Charged – In a lot of places in America summer doesn’t just mean warm weather, it means  weather and thunderstorms. Be prepared for power outages by having a backup battery charged and at your disposal.

Watch Out for Water – Your regular cigarette never got along all that well with water, either, and the e-cigarette should be kept even further away from water as it can damage or short out the devices. Choose your vaping spots carefully and store when not in use.

Be Careful Outdoors – Dirt and sand are natural enemies of e-cigarette devices, but enjoying an e-cigarette on the beach or at your campsite is not a something you should deprive yourself of. I recommend purchasing a carrying case if you don’t have one already, and make sure to keep your device save and properly stored throughout your outdoors excursions.


Traveling with Your E-Cig

Whether you are road tripping or hopping on a plane, there are a few common procedures you’ll want to practice to continue using your e-cigarettes smoothly through the busy season.

  • Purchase a Back-up Battery
  • Purchase a Travel Charger
  • Carry a Back-up Cartomizer or Tank
  • Keep Device in Case When Not in Use

If you’re traveling by air you may make a few extra considerations:

Pack Extra – You’ll want to have back-ups of just about everything. When traveling via air, delays can happen, luggage can be lost or misplaced, and you never know what sort of things are going to happen. I actually recommend buying a whole other e-cig kit, that way you have a back up of all the accessories you need, extremely handy when traveling! Prepare for the unexpected so you are not left out in the cold.

Carry On – There’s no reason to risk letting your e-cigarette get lost in luggage limbo. You would be far better off packing it with your carry on. E-liquids, usually being in small sizes are well below the 3 oz limit for carry on liquid containers. The devices and e-liquids are usually lightweight, easy to carry on and they will not be lost or discarded haphazardly if your luggage is searched by security.

Watch Where you Vape – Vaping is still not accepted everywhere, so be careful to pay attention to signs and warnings before you just beginning vaping anywhere. Always follow the rules and procedures of the airport and aircraft you are traveling in.


Summer time is often fast paced and exciting, and you wouldn’t want dead batteries or damaged devices to damper your fun or slow you down. Take care of your e-cig and make sure you’ve got all the supplies you need to have the best summer around. You might also want to take the opportunity to try some new summertime flavors, like Halo's tropical Malibu e-liquid or VaporBoost's Watermelon Chill, and really soak in the season. Whatever you do, don't let a dead battery or empty tank slow you down!

Enjoy that sunny summer and happy vaping!

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