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Researchers Backing Electronic Cigarette Usage

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

Dr Riccardo Polosa

Dr Riccardo Polosa

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and Dr Riccardo Polosa, two world renowned cardiologists, published an article last month defending the usage of electronic cigarettes. This is of course exciting news as most professionals in the medical field have given nothing but negativity towards electronic cigarettes. Farsalinos and Polosa however not only backs up electronic cigarettes but goes as far as to state “not enough evidence” is a weak argument against electronic cigarettes. Claiming that by stating there isn't sufficient evidence alone lacks any real proof that electronic cigarettes actually do any harm to an individual; whereas there is considerable evidence that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Farsalinos and Polosa go in depth in their research by debunking many myths that have been spread recently and actually research to back up their claims. Farsalinos and Polosa also states many of the research done that shines electronic cigarettes in a negative light is outdated and often misguided to show electronic cigarettes purposely in a negative light. This was in a d

irect retaliation to the BMA (British Medical Association) Occupational Committee’s article that was published recently where they not only condemn electronic cigarettes but to go as far as demanding it be quarantined until more research can be done.

Farsalinos and Polosa questions the BMA on this demand as they have always allowed medication to be used even if it was in a research state. BMA’s response is especially preposterous considering the actual research that has been done lately that shows electronic cigarettes to be much safer than that of tobacco cigarettes. Not to mention the countless reports of users being able to stop using regular tobacco cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes instead where previous quitting aids have failed miserably.

Their article states that electronic cigarettes should not be a threat to public health, as the initial purpose of electronic cigarettes is for current smokers to switch to a healthier alternative, whereas traditional cigarettes were created for the intention to convert a non-smoker into smoking.

Most of the marketing is geared towards smokers and not that of the adolescents. Children are not being targeted in any of the marketing campaigns and should not be viewed as a public health threat. Most of all E-Juice bottles have child proof caps as well as warnings on the bottle that state it is not a product intended for the adolescent, but only for adults 18 or order.

To say electronic cigarette manufacturers are purposely marketing towards an underage group is a bit of a stretch. Farsalinos and Polosa also states the current nicotine “danger zones” are not up to date. Furthermore, clinical studies and surveys have shown significant improvements of health for smokers with COPD and asthma that switched to electronic cigarettes. This is a huge discovery that should not be swept under the rug and ignored by the medical community.

Make no mistake this is definitely a win for the electronic cigarette community. Two big wig cardiologists going head to head with an organization such as the British Medical Association is huge. More and more research is being done to shine a light for the benefits of electronic cigarettes and it seems more positive articles are being written every day.

Although a win, research for the benefits of electronic cigarettes should not stop here. More heads need to be turned every day. There are still countless of people that are unconvinced and see electronic cigarettes as being no better than regular tobacco cigarettes. I praise Farsalinos and Polosa for their courage.


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