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Medicinal Marijuana and Vaping

With the numerous devices that not only allow for vaping ejuice but as an alternative to “smoking” marijuana, it's not surprising that more and more questions are presented concerning medicinal users. Even seasoned vapers are sometimes confused by the topic.

What is the relationship between medicinal marijuana and vaporizers? Is it possible? Is it safe? Is the experience comparable to traditional forms of use? Partaking of marijuana or vaping on their own are one thing, but together?

For many, the prospect seems ridiculous, and the two should remain separate activities. For others, unifying these two is a logical step, one that has enormous benefit to those make use medical cannabis. Today, we'll take a look at the particulars of vaping marijuana and its potential upsides.

How Does It Work?
vaping weed
This is one of the most burning questions most individuals have. There are several methods for making marijuana a compatible agent for vaping. The first method is to vaporize the raw cannabis in its dry form.

This method is simple, direct, and the most popular option for those wishing to inhale marijuana in a vapor form. Preparation is straightforward. All you'll need to do is grind the marijuana (making it easier to burn), then find a vaporizer that can hit the ideal burning temperature (338F). Those that do not wish to use raw cannabis though have other options.

Marijuana waxes, crumbles, shatters, and oils are all concentrated varieties that are quite effective. These require appropriately capable vaporizers, which may incur greater initial costs. The most notable upside to using concentrates though is the fact that just a small amount will usually achieve the desired effects.

Marijuana wax – AKA “ear wax,” or just “wax.” This aptly named substance resembles a waxy residue and is created by extracting THC from marijuana using intense levels of heat.
Marijuana crumble – By altering the extraction process, marijuana artisans can transform the wax into a more delicate substance known as crumble. Crumbles are soft to the touch and often break apart on contact.
Marijuana shatter – These are brittle sheets of marijuana. They usually have a yellow hue. As the name suggests, users shatter them apart to break off an appropriate dose. Shatters are the most powerful of the bunch, according to many. They only require small fragments to experience their potency.
Marijuana oil – You may have heard of various cannabis related oils and their effectiveness in treating different ailments before. Liquids infused with marijuana undergo a unique cooking process, resulting in a strong, multi-use oil.

Medicinale cannabis in de verbrandingskamer van een vaporizer

What Are The Benefits?

The general benefits of medical marijuana use are well known. Vaping marijuana provides several advantages over the traditional method of smoking. Namely, the ability to sustain a precise temperature ideal for inhalation and a vapor that is mostly free of the harmful components of smoke. Marijuana vapor delivers greater comparative strength. This means you don't have to use as much and can inhale less to receive more significant effect.

Studies done on marijuana/vaporizer combinations have shown that they can aid users in achieving the desired positive effects while nullifying the negative ones. Specifically, at least one study has shown that inhaling vaporized marijuana can provide direct THC inhalation with none of the “respiratory disadvantages” associated with smoking.

How To Get Started?

You'll need your preferred marijuana, which you might already have covered. If you plan on growing your own, I suggest getting some high-quality cannabis seeds and heading to the garden. After you have your greens, you will also require a high-quality marijuana vaporizer.  (For vaping wax – we recommend the Saber Vape Pen) There is a wide variety that can achieve the necessary temperatures to convert your marijuana into an inhalable form. Selecting the device you want to use is a personal choice, one influenced by your own stylistic tastes. Your desired form of marijuana will also come into play in this decision. No matter what your preferences, though, the individualistic nature of vape culture will ensure that you can find the device that suits you best.

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