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Local vs. Online Vape Shops: The 4 Reasons Why Local Vape Shops Are Better

In recent years, the vaping industry has undergone a major shift. For some time, it felt as though online vape shops would come to dominate the industry. Online stores have advantages in price and product selection that brick-and-mortar shops simply can’t match. At one point, a clear dividing line began to emerge between the beginning and advanced vaping markets. If you wanted a basic starter kit or refill cartridges, you’d go to the local convenience store. If you wanted an advanced mod or bottled e-liquid, you’d go online. Times have changed, though, and brick-and-mortar vape shops have really gotten their act together. If you live in a city with a reasonable size, you probably have a local vape shop that stocks dozens of e-liquid flavors and all of the vaping hardware and coils that you could possibly want. You might think that the choice between buying vaping gear online or at a local vape shop is simply a matter of deciding whether you’d rather pay less or get your products more quickly – but that’s oversimplifying things.

The purpose of this article isn’t to tell you that you should buy your vaping gear locally rather than online. Rather, this article will simply discuss some aspects of the decision that you may not have considered already. These are the unexpected benefits that you might experience – besides not waiting for shipping – when you buy your vaping gear locally.

Supporting the Local Economy

You’re already aware of the fact that buying locally keeps money in your community, but you may not have stopped to think about the far-reaching effects of keeping your money where you live. The owner of your local vape shop is a real person whose name you know. That person pays local taxes that go toward community improvements and paying for infrastructure and emergency services. He or she also employs staff members who do the same with their paychecks. Do you wish that your city could fix potholes a bit more quickly or find the funds to hire an extra police officer? It all begins with spending your money within your community.

Personalized Product Discovery

When you buy vaping gear locally, you have an opportunity to meet people who are likely as passionate about vaping as you are. Likewise, you give them the opportunity to get to know you and to learn about your preferences. Over time, you’ll give the people at your local vape shop a good idea of what new products you’re likely to enjoy. Few things in vaping are more annoying than spending $20 or more for a bottle of e-liquid that you end up hating. If you listen to the recommendations of local vape shop employees who genuinely want to retain your business and have taken the time to learn about what you like, you’re a lot less likely to waste your money the next time you try a new e-liquid flavor.

Fast Answers

Whether you’re an expert – or you’re completely new to vaping – you’re likely to have some occasional questions. Why does my device keep saying “Check Atomizer” even though a tank is connected? How can I wrap a nickel coil with no hot spots without dry firing the coil? Are there any popular national e-liquid brands that don’t kill coils so quickly? Although you can certainly find answers to your everyday vaping questions by searching online, the quality of the answers might not always be what you’d like it to be. Websites exist to sell or endorse products, and vaping forums are often full of elitists who are quick to jump on anyone with a difference of opinion. A local expert who’s always available to answer your vaping questions and listen to your thoughts can be a valuable resource. Vape shop owners and employees are fellow vapers who enjoy the hobby as much as you. They’re happy to help you with making your vaping experience as great as it can be.

Better Post-Purchase Support

A popular online vape shop might receive dozens of orders every day. Although that business might value your patronage, a purchase from you isn’t essential to the business’s survival. A local vape shop, on the other hand, has limited options for marketing and acquiring new customers. Local vape shops must do everything possible to keep their existing customers happy. If you’re a regular customer, you can often expect your local vape shop to reward your patronage with a slightly more liberal return policy than an online shop would offer. No online vape shop would ever allow you to return a tank or mod simply because you don’t like it – and definitely not without making you pay a hefty restocking fee. Your local vape shop, however, may allow such a return if you’ve developed a good relationship with the owner.

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