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Growing Popularity of Pod Vapes

If you have seen someone sucking on something that looks like a USB stick, chances are it’s a Juul. It’s starting to become more and more popular than regular e-cigarettes.

In general, Juul is part of a wider family of e-cig pod systems. They are e-cigs but brought up to date with modern technology. They are simple to use and have been marketed to smokers looking for a no-fuss alternative.

Pod systems have been upgraded to provide a bigger battery for longer use than regular c-cigarettes. This has always been one of their downsides; unless you had a spare, they would need recharging or replace regularly.

Here are some of the most popular pod systems available right now:


In the vaping world, the Juul is like the iPhone; they are really cool and are popular with the younger generation. It has become the dominant e-cig of choice. In fact, 54% of all e-cigarettes in use are Juuls.

The reason is that of the ‘Juul Wave’. This is when a particular Juul goes viral. They can be customized, and they can be popularised on social media (just search for #Juul on Instagram and you can see it for yourself).

It is an extremely simple device to use as there are no buttons. It’s just a stick with an LED that lights up when you inhale. As soon as you take it in, the coil activates straight away, giving you an immediate shot.

Aspire Breeze 2

aspire breeze vape pod

This is another easy-to-use pod system but has undertaken significant modifications from the first Aspire model. In particular, the battery is bigger and has a lot more fire power to keep the vape flowing a lot longer.

Also, they seem to have fixed one of the main problems with the original. The Breeze 2 now houses the e-liquid with a pod, which holds up to 3ml of juice. There is also an option to play around with air flow. The first version couldn’t be altered whereas the Breeze 2 is adjustable.

A final note: The Breeze 2 is very efficient in terms of both usage of power and the rate at which e-liquids are used up.


This sub-ohm device provides a vaper with a comfortable vaping experience. Each cartridge can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. The cartridge system itself is unique to make them easy to refill.
The Penguin caters to both MTL and DL vapers; it comes with variants for each so it’s possible to discover the preferred way to vape.atopack penquin vape pod

The makers of Penguin have also given the device a special coil system, allowing it to be used at 0.6 ohms or 0.25 ohm. These can be changed depending on how strong a blast is wanted.

Reason For Concern?

However, with all the hype around the Juul and other pod systems, there is one big topic that must be talked about.
A single Juul pod contains 59mg of nicotine. To put this into context, the average e-liquid bottle contains 16mg of nicotine. Further still, 59mg is the equivalent of smoking an entire packet of regular tobacco cigarettes.

Regular vaping allows for full customization and control over the nicotine content, which is why they are great tools to help people quit smoking. However, because of the high concentration of nicotine in a Juul pod, the chances of remaining or becoming addicted to them are high.

However, the potential for the pod system to get better in the future is not looking too bright. This is largely because of their simplicity. There is not much room for customization or modification; they are what they are. Experienced vapers are going to stay away from the Juul.

With this being said, pod systems are making more and more people aware of vaping and are switching from tobacco. With proper guidance and hopefully refreshed takes on the amount of nicotine, pod systems like the Juul can actually be used as a method to quit smoking.

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