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My Local B&M has been doing very well since their inception in 2013. So well, in fact, that they’ve opened up a second store. I was visiting the new store, and I noticed a few things in particular. Most importantly the owner spent a lot of money on non-carpet floors, high gloss paint on the walls, and an industrial filter for their central air. On top of that, he also purchased a dozen air purifiers as well. When I asked him about this, he explained that from the first store he learned that the vapor from electronic cigarettes actually leaves a residue over time. Although its not really noticeable for a recreational user at home or even in the car, within the first month of opening the first store, he learned that the vapor left a clear residue on the walls, ceilings, and carpet from the first store.

The residue did not stain but was incredibly difficult to remove off of carpet and flat painted walls. A wet rag can easily remove this residue but when you have carpet and flat painted walls, you can’t wash it off with water. This residue although non-staining attracts dust, hair, and debris over time. The owner told me he had to purchase an industrial carpet cleaner after the first month at the first store as the carpet was extremely filthy. Their central air was equally horrible as well. Over time the residue started lining the duct system in their central air, I didn’t see this first hand, but the dust accumulation was horrible. So horrible in fact airflow was extremely restricted, the a/c repair guy could not believe it got this bad within the first year of the shop opening. Now the a/c system was not meant for industrial use, it was an a/c system meant for homes only. The owner did not see too big of an issue with it at the time considering how small the store was.

I did a little research on fog machines as fog machines use a similar compound (vegetable glycerin) as E-Juice does. Fog machines dump a huge amount of vapor constantly; nowhere near as much as electronic cigarettes but just something to keep in mind. Speaking to a DJ friend who uses a fog machine at the night club, she does mention to cover electronics and she has to clean items as the fog leaves a thin film (the residue I was talking about) over time. She says it doesn’t stain and easily cleaned off.

Now I know most people may be worried about using their electronic cigarettes at home and their carpets and duct system getting increasingly dirty over time. Keep in mind I’m sharing with you this story about a local vape shop. A place where half a dozen to a dozen people that vape constantly from open to close seven days a week. However, this is something to keep in mind if you (like myself) use electronic cigarettes heavily at home. I’ve noticed dust collecting more heavily since I made the switch as well as my home a/c filter having to be replaced more often than usual. Nothing to get too alarmed about, but more of an annoyance as I have to clean more though. I do have a ceiling fan and plug-in fan in my living room (where I regularly vape ), and I have to clean them monthly now. Since I have the fans constantly running when I vape, dust collects very quickly on it since vapor is running through them several hours out of the day. If you are like me and use electronic cigarettes heavily and regularly and love to blow huge luscious clouds of vapor, check your a/c filter often. It’ll get dirty quick and with a dirty filter, air quality can be compromised not to mention your electric bill going up during the hot summer months since air flow could be compromised.

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Sandra Patterson

Thank you for mentioning that electronic cigarettes can eventually leave a film over time, you just have to be sure to monitor your A/C system. My roommate vapes a lot which I don’t mind, but I have been wondering if I should be concerned about the air system. I will be sure to keep tabs on our air system to avoid getting billed too much later on.
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