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E-Pipes. More Than Just a Novelty

E-Pipes, as you might have guessed, are electronic cigarettes shaped in a form of a pipe. I’m going to be honest and say I’m a bit biased. I freaking love e-pipes! I just love the way they look, the way the feel, and the fact you can put a super long drip tip on it! Performance wise it’s not the absolute best but they get the job done a lot better than other e-cigs that I’ve run into.

E-Pipes like any other vaporizer, houses an external battery (normally a smaller one like an IMR/ICR 18350), a tank based atomizer of some kind, and of course, your drip tip. The atomizer screws into your base (where the battery is) which is the large end of the e-pipe and the drip tip goes onto the atomizer. For the most part e-pipes are going to be unregulated, that is there is no screen and no short/low voltage protection either. With that said, generally more advance users carry an e-pipe. But it doesn’t have to be this way with properly handling some simple safety concerns.

The base of the e-pipe is where the battery is housed. There should be a firing button on top that completes the circuitry to the atomizer. Although the circuitry is made out of metal, the housing could be made out of metal, plastic, or even wood to give it a more authentic pipe feel. Because there is no regulation when it comes to e-pipes, the voltage/wattage being outputted will drop over time. Your first pull of your e-pipe in the beginning of the day would be much different than the last pull of the day since as the battery drains, so does the voltage being outputted. This can be easily solved by carrying around an extra battery with you.

Because the E-Pipe’s base is so small compared to other personal vaporizers out there, a smaller battery has to be utilized. This of course isn’t always necessary as a larger battery could be used, but the downside of this is a large base. Something just a tad smaller than a baseball!!!  Now for most an E-Pipe is a novelty item, but most manufactures won’t have these larger base E-Pipes as they try to mimic a real pipe as much as possible. These larger base E-Pipes are custom made and thus a lot more expensive (around the $200 range). Same logic goes for a super long E-Pipe as well if you’re looking for something out of Lord of The Rings!

Some of the E-Pipe kits come with an atomizer and you have to use said atomizer for that specific E-Pipe. It’s really nice to have everything all in one and not having to buy an atomizer separately. These kits generally include a battery as well. However I personally am not a huge fan of these kits. I like to customize as much as possible and can never make up my mind. With that said I like to play around and change up the atomizer. With the E-Pipe kits I am not given that option unfortunately.

If you’re like me, you may be interested in just buying the E-Pipe that does not come with an atomizer (generally not in a kit format) and buying the atomizer separately. These E-Pipes fit a 510 connection so almost all atomizers would fit just fine, however most E-Pipes will have a thinner connection width wise. So putting a larger tank base atomizer would work, but would not have that flush sexy feel to it. A thinner atomizer would be ideal in these situations. But the downside of this would have to refill your tank more often which of course isn’t the end of the world, just a minor inconvenience.

Now because an E-Pipe is used more horizontally rather than vertically, the atomizer would be in a parallel position when compared to the ground, and thus some of the vape juice would pool near the drip tip rather than the bottom like for any other vaporizers. So the user really needs to be mindful of this and not take too long of a pull before inverting the pipe or use a top coil atomizer where the coil and wick rests at the top rather than at the bottom.

As I’ve said previously I’m not a huge fan of the kit as you’ve paid for something you didn’t actually pick. Batteries are another factor in this as the batteries aren’t normally a high grade battery or a decent charger that comes with these kits. A quick lesson is personal vaporizers and battery safety. High drain batteries that are utilized in E-Pipes cannot go below 2.5 volts. At max these batteries have a 4.2 volt when fully charged. As the day goes on and these batteries are discharged as you’re using the E-pipe, the voltage outputted will drop as well. Going below 2.5 volts will kill the battery not to mention going too low will result in the battery venting and leaking. Because there is no regulation, if there is a short within the atomizer, this could also lead to the battery failing and venting as well.  This is why using a decent battery is very important.

I always suggest using IMRs as even when venting, these are the safest and would cause the least amount of harm. As far as the charger is concerned, the chargers that these kits come with aren’t the best either. Overcharging the battery is another safety concern that needs to be addressed. Most decent chargers will shut off after the battery is fully charged, although the chargers in the kit should have this basic safety feature, I can’t say for certain that it does especially from a generic Chinese manufacture!

Lastly I want to speak briefly about the drip tip. This is something that should be interchangeable with or without a kit so I’m speaking to everyone who’s interested in an E-Pipe. If you’re like me and seen some of the pipes in movies like Lord of the Rings or Dances with Wolves, you want a super long drip tip. Now these are really cool ascetically, but be warned! With a longer drip tip your pull with be a lot cooler (as in not warm, not anti-leather jacket) and your vapor production will also decrease. This is because it is taking a longer distance to get from your wick/coil to your mouth.

If you prefer a warmer feeling and more vapor be sure to opt for a shorter drip tip. Although E-Pipes may be a novelty item, I love them and use them quite often especially for special events like weddings and renaissance fair conventions. Be sure to put your internet search engine to good use when looking these bad boys up, there are a ton out there in all shapes and sizes; definitely worth a look!

  1. I’m glad to find a fellow pipe-enthusiast! I much prefer the use of pipes to conventional e-cigs, they seem much more fun and have more options that can be customised.
    Great article for someone new to the e-pipe world!

    Vaper City