E-Cigs on the Go – Tips for Vaping & Driving

Most smokers know that the sanctuary of their car is one of the few places they can smoke without glares and snarls… so it seems only natural that once a smoker switches to e-cigs one of the places they will do a lot of vaping is in the car. Let’s face it– it’s a habit. But the truth is, without the smell and toxicity of cigarettes, the car is a great place to vape… if you are ready and prepared.

Here are a few great tips to help you enjoy vaping on the go to its fullest extent.

Be Prepared

Vaping and driving isn’t a danger, but filling your tank or dripping e-liquid while operating a vehicle is not a very safe task. In the same token, fumbling around for your  charger isn’t that safe either. so If you are commuting make sure you have a fully charged and fully filled device. Consider bringing a back-up battery and a pre-filled cartridge whenever possible too.

Keep Organized

A good amount of starter kits come with excellent travel cases, and you will want to use these to keep your device safe in transit. However, you may opt for something that is a little bit easier to get to, so you don’t find yourself fumbling with your case while you should be paying attention to the road. A good idea is to have a car organizer, to keep your e-cigarette at your fingertips.

Consider investing in a cup holder organizer (preferably the foam, flexible kind), they are generally made for cell phones, but often will hold a device, as well as a charger and e-liquid all in one neat place. Just remember, don’t leave your devices and liquids in the car, especially on a hot day!

I’ve also seen people use a cut up pool noodle that they place in their cup holder, it is a great idea for some of the bigger devices and MODs.

Clean Your Windows

A lot of vapers report a film build up over time from the vapor when they use their e-cigarettes in the car. Especially if you have a MOD and produce large vapor clouds, you will want to add a regular cleaning to your routine. Window film build up, especially over time, can be a real safety hazard.

To keep film build up down, you can also keep your windows cracked or use your car’s defroster.

Don’t Throw Anything Out the Window

So many smokers have the habit of throwing cigarette butts out of moving vehicles, and while it may seem like an obvious point to make, you absolutely do not want to throw any used e-cig parts out the window. Used tanks or empty e-juice containers have no place on the road where they can pop someone’s tire, or be found by someone’s curious dog. Dispose of all of your e-cig trash responsibly.

Vaping is enjoyable no matter where you do it, but with so much of us spending hours in our cars commuting regularly, it is natural to enjoy the experience in your own car. A few simple steps and precautions will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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