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E-cigs. An Alternative, Not A Cure

E-cigarettes are not a cure for smoking, they are an alternative to smoking.Electronic cigarette with e-liquid

The FDA has not authorized electronic cigarettes as a smoking sensation device, and they cannot be marketed as such, however this has not prevented smokers to use them to reduce or completely eliminate the act of smoking tobacco and the harm caused by it.

We all know smoking is one of the most addicting habits in the world. It certainly does not help that tobacco companies add 601 Cigarette Additives to tobacco, and these chemicals make cigarettes EVEN MORE ADDICTIVE! It would seem that the odds are stacked against smokers.

All of this boils down to a simple fact: smokers care about their health, but also want to smoke because they enjoy it and many are addicted to nicotine. Are Electronic Cigarettes safe?

Smoker looking to quit need as many options as possible to overcome the harmful effects of tobacco addiction. Electronic cigarettes may not be as safe as quitting smoking, but more millions of smokers, e-cigarette are considered a better alternative for those of us who have not been able to quit. There are many opinions and theories about whether e-cigarettes are safe, however the simple fact remains that there is not enough information about them to answer such a closed-ended statement with a simple yes or no. While the amount of chemicals and harmful ingredients are lower and they have no smoke or tar in them, there is just no long-term data that will prove the safety of electronic cigarettes, or the harm they may cause.

For this reason, I choose to use electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. I feel that the lack of dangerous chemicals and byproducts make e-cigarettes a better choice than smoking tobacco. My lungs feel better and my breathing is much better, however, I do not claim electronic cigarettes will make your lungs feel better, I claim stopping smoking will make your lungs feel better. It is up to us on how you use them.


E-cigarettes are:

  • cleaner than smoking. No ash, ashtray, smoke..
  • practically odorless.
  • considered less dangerous by many smokers and health professionals.
  • cheaper than smoking.
  • more convenient than smoking. Smoke indoors again.
  • more socially acceptable than smoking.


Just like changing your brand of cigarettes will taste different at first, the same goes for an e-cig. It will take some time to adjust, but your odds of a tobacco-free life are incredibly good. If you can find the right e-cig, it can be a life-changing decision that will have many benefits. All you will need to do is find the right device, the right flavor, and stick with it! You can do it!


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