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Don’t Get Ripped Off At A Vape Store

When it comes to purchasing any vape products/accessories, figuring out whether or not you are getting the best deal can be tricky. When at your local Vape Shop, you’ll be interacting with a sales person who can be there looking out for your best interest, or the best interests of their profits.

So how can you be sure that you are not getting ripped off at your local Vape Shop?

Got A Phone?  Use It!
These days, it couldn’t be any easier to compare prices of products you see at the Vape Shop with the ones you can buy online. Just about everyone has a phone and can jump onto these sites to see exactly what the price difference would be.   Most of the time, you will notice slightly lower prices online. (When looking at these prices, the cost of shipping and the time it takes to arrive must be taking in account.) If you see a significant difference, that should signal a red flag.

The Personal Touch
One glaring difference between going to a Vape Shop and shopping online is the personal interaction. The salesperson should be able to help direct you to exactly what you need/are looking for. Online, you are limited to user reviews. A few dollars extra might be worth it to you to have this one-on-one advantage. But, unfortunately, at times, the salesperson can be the very reason you are getting ripped off.

Too Many Boxes In The Back
Another red flag you should be looking out for at your Vape Shop, is when your salesperson is strongly leaning you towards specific products. There are times when the shops have too much inventory for one product due to the fact they are selling out of something else. Naturally, they want you to buy the product they have too much of.  A good test to figure out if this is happening to you is to come in with some knowledge of your own.  With some research, you can easily determine which products are comparable or better than the one the salesperson is trying to push on you.guy vaping in a vape store If you show attention to that product and the salesperson clearly wants you to stick with what he or she is pushing, then you know it’s more important for them to unload then it is for you to get the best deal.

The Power Of A Decoy
If you want to take your Vape Shop investigation to the next level, you can also have a friend or loved-one go in the store, on another day, looking for similar products. If they get a completely different spiel from the salesperson than you did, then you know they are not very honest and probably don’t care much about your needs…and more about what’s in the cash register.

Knowledge Is Power
There are plenty of ways to get ripped off both online and at your local Vape Shop. The key is having the knowledge of what to look for and the phone to compare prices. With these resources at the palm of your hand, it is much easier these days to make sure you’re not only getting the best products but the best deal.

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